Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Woh Lamhe Woh Pal....

Hi frens! Writing after a long hiatus. Was just settling down in Chennai. I am sorry to all my blogger frens for missing them for so long.
Its almost a month in Chennai and still has not been able to love the life here. It all feels so different staying in Chennai with just one old friend and totally a new living environment. I am not discussing about the work environment, its good. I am enjoying the work, like the people with whom I am working, but just not have been able to live the social life I am used to. Missing my family very much and the old frens. I know , the family and the old frens are never going to be with you always , but yes till now the places I have stayed, I did had some good old frens settled there and also some members of my extended family. So, never felt that strange.
I was just thinking, how people go and settle down abroad. I always wanted to settle down in US, UK and enjoy the fast and jazzy lifestyle there. But, does one really love it…its a question for me now. I have realized, I don’t want to settle outside India at all. I am ok with spending some brief time, may be a year or two make some money and go for frequent visits, but trying to settle down there, it’s scary.
One of my batchmate, got a 65,000 $ job, but he had to stay in Nigeria. He quit it after 3 months, and came back to India to take a 7 Lakh salary. Living in countries like Nigeria, Uganda etc... Is so difficult, I can imagine. Money takes a backseat, when you don’t really feel happy living there, so much away from Ur country.
Chennai is not a bad city , and I have high regard for it…and I am enjoying my work and am not thinking of leaving it, but just came a thought, that how difficult it is for people who go to African countries for making money and settling there. I don’t criticize their decision, am not entitled to do that, but just a passé...
I am feeling, I enjoy working late in office than going home early and this is giving me more satisfaction than roaming outside. I know, it’s a good thing for my career as well.
But, for me I think I will never be able to settle outside India …
I am not able to write more, on this and just ending the writing with a friend comment.
You can take heart out of an Indian
But, can never take out India from the heart.
The title of this writing sound bit strange, it’s a favorite song of mine and dedicate it to all the people who are staying far from their family and friends to make a life of their own.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Hi! Taking a Break

hi frens,
I am sorry , have not been able to write and read ur blogs. missing it. Well , have moved to Chennai 10 dayz before and still struggling to settle down , as my office is outside the city .most of the IT companies are there. I spent 3 hours in travelling. have not been able to take out time. But soon, shifting to a house near by office. Will definitely come back...sorry to Jema and Saurabh(couldnt complete ur tag).. and miss u all ..keshi, saurav, jema,ekta,archana,uday...and all the bloggers whom I love reading(there are many)

Monday, October 23, 2006

How to manage the relationships ?

Relationships, the bond between persons which makes them interact, make them spend time together, have fun, share sorrows and know each other.
Its not about blood, its not about love, it’s not about friendship. Its about being practical. The moment the relationship looses its practicality, the strain comes. And believe me, its true. The relations based on pure emotions never lives and even if it lives, it hurts, gives pain. The irony is that People dont accept it, until they experience it. And, no moral boosting gyan and fundas by author like Robin Sharma is going to help in this.
Also, what you do, once your relation gets over is very important. Learn from it, but more importantly be ready to forget it. No need, to remember the beautiful past every time. Just move on in life. Yes, I am talking about being practical. I am not ignoring the importance of emotions in a relation, but just being emotional and sensitive is going to ruin your life. I have seen my best friend, who had a very long affair with another of my best friend. They broke up, but they continued being friends, only because they became practical. They did not have a spontaneous breakup; they broke after a long discussion. They both are happy and meet each other. Also, never hurt your family because of that one particular person. Doing that is never going to make the persons being in relationship happy.
I know many people may not agree to this , because they are on a high when they are in relationship, but trust me …be a bit cool minded….ponder over yourself ….think about the people who form the links in that relationship. And you will understand. If one is not able to understand this, than go ahead. I am not advocating that people should not take their relation seriously, but they should not take at the cost of their family, their other friends. Because, if a relationship affects one’s family and other friends, than there is some basic fundamental flaw in the relation with that special one.
I know I am being hard, and will be hated by people who are very sensitive and emotional, but I am being very sincere in this writing. Also, it might be mistaken by being total insensitive towards the emotional part, but that’s not true. I respect emotions, and accept that emotions have been instrumental in keeping my relationship intact with many closed ones, but also there is a lot of practicality involved. And, I have seen relations just based on emotions dying again and again. Experienced many times and observed many times.
Oh my god, I am being repetitive, cant write like Keshi, one of my favorite blogger who write a lot on relationships. But, just wanted to put one message across. Be sensitive, but more importantly be practical. You can have the real fun of relationship then.
This thread is dedicated to one of my best friend, with whom I spent some really wonderful time but could not manage the relationship any more. Hope, we can be practical and be friends again.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

India Awakens: Justice Delayed but Delivered

Living more than 6 long years in Delhi, the hot bed of Indian politics, power, money and the best place in India for getting educated has made me sensitive towards many social issues. I remember how upset we used to get and also charged up, when we used to hear so many crimes against women. I don’t want to repeat the cases, as there are so many and remembering them makes me angry and upset.
But, today I felt a sense of satisfaction, hearing the TV news, that the culprit of Priyadarshini Matto case has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the high court. Priyadarshini was raped and murdered in January 1996 at her residence in the Vasant Kunj, South Delhi by the son of an influential IPS officer. “The people were infact loosing hope in this case, when the trial court acquitted the killer of Priyadarshini. But, the credit goes to the family, the responsible citizens of this nation and the law who left no stone unturned in getting the justice I am thankful to all the youths who made a tremendous effort to keep the struggle alive and contributed in getting the justice delivered, though delayed. There have been communities on Orkut regarding Priyadarshini and Jessica which kept the youths motivated to conduct candle walks and kept the light burning in the minds of the people and the law. Beside, these all the people who used their blogs to write on such issues have definitely contributed in the “Rang de Basanti” effect.
Now, we are eagerly waiting for justice to be delivered in Jessica case and hope the law keeps itself flying high like the Matto case.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Living her son's dream: A story of courage and determination

I came across an article in Times of India, Sunday 15th October on K.Sujata which really caught my attention and I couldnt stop writing about this iron lady.
She is a mother, and like all the other mothers of this world, loved her son very much.
Her son, Venkatesh who is no more in this world was suffering with a rare disease of muscular dystrophy which weakens all the muscles of the body and gradually makes one completely immobile. Venkatesh, who was suffering with this disease, became almost immobile at the age of 11 and died at the age of 25.But, he lived his life with all the strength of his mother, who constantly motivated him to come out of the harsh reality of his life. She made him pass his tenth examination, learn keyboard and used to play chess with him, to keep him busy. And, she did all this as a single parent as she had a divorce with her husband as her husband was unable to cope up with the stress of her son.
Though lost her son, she has still not lost the battle and is living her sons dream by forming
Venkatesh Muscular Dystrophy foundation
for the patients suffering with this rare disease and their families who suffer equally when they see their loved ones in pain.
I respect and admire this only tenth standard pass lady for the grit and determination shown and pray to god for the success of her foundation.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A lot can happen over coffee

One thing which I really enjoy in Hyderabad is sipping coffee, Masala Chai and eating apple pie in Café coffee day with my friends and sometimes even alone. Its not that the café coffee day of Hyderabad is unique or the best among all the coffee chains in other cities, but more because I dont have much hangout options in Hyderabad, other than the EAT Street in Necklace Road.
I generally like going to the café coffee day in S.P Road, near the Pizza Hut. Though, there is a café coffee day in lifestyle mall also, but my friend told me, that its small and very crowded. Well, the one in S.P Road is quite ok in terms of space, but in evening it becomes very crowded. I enjoy going more in the afternoon when I can get a Sofa to sit and have coffee with relaxation as there are not many people around that time. I feel, they should put more Sofas in their outlet and increase their space too.
Hmmm…. My idea of discussing coffee with you all is to share some of the observations that I made during my visits which I found it quite interesting.
It was a lazy afternoon for me, as I was sitting on the Sofa in one of the corner of cafe coffee day, and making calls to property dealers for getting a house in Hyderabad. Somehow, I really like sitting in the corner than in the center as sitting in the center makes me feel like I am sitting in a restaurant and I feel a coffee bar should not give the impression of being a restaurant.
Well, in the other corner a middle aged lady, wearing glasses and going through the in house magazine of café coffee day was sitting and seemed waiting for someone. Soon a college couple arrived and sat near to me with T-scales in their hand. I am sure that they were Architecture students, as I myself have been an Architect and T-scales are used by Architects for drawing purpose. Soon after a man in his 40’s came and sat with the middle aged lady. The man appeared strange in his fashion statement wearing all black with lots of pockets in his pants, but he seemed a rich person as he was wearing a lot of gold and holding a car key in his hand and a flashy Nokia mobile.
Meanwhile, the girl and the boy caught my attention, as they started discussing about some other girl a bit loudly. I think they were suffering with normal college romance syndrome.
The lady was showing some photographs to the man and was giving some numbers from her mobile to the man. The man after few minutes called up from his mobile and was talking like fixing a deal. It all seemed to me suspicious, and I think that I guessed it right, same like you all.
The coffee bar has become a place for discussing romance, making deals, meeting friends, proposing someone, sitting lazily in afternoon like me and making observations rather than having coffee. Infact, the biggest coffee chain of the world STARBUCKS started on the same concept of sitting and meeting people. That is the reason that the coffee bars are not being positioned as a place for having great, tasty, delicious coffee but more as a place for meeting and hanging out, fixing deals and spending idle time as a loner.
I was just thinking , is there a possibility of coming out with a better concept for the coffee bars in terms of positioning or may be a coffee bar with difference . Just a thought……

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lage Raho Munnabhai: Life is beautiful

I have been eagerly waiting for the sequel of Munnabhai MBBS and expected it to be a good movie with nice humor, but the movie turned out to be a complete surprise with complete laugh riot and a great social message.
The movies with social messages are generally serious though entertaining like Rang De Basanti but Lage Raho Munnabhai doesn’t make you serious for any moment and still delivers the message of living beautifully in this stressful world.
The movie focuses on the forgotten idealism of Gandhi and tries to bring it back in the society. It makes you believe that life is not about acrimonies, bitterness with each other, but in living with harmony and enjoying the every moment of life.
The movie revolves around Sanjay Dutt Munnabhai who tries to win his love and save an old age home called second innings from a rich and, greedy builder by following and spreading Gandhi’s philosophies. He not only wins the girl, but wins the heart of many people in the movies through his Gandhian attitude of problem solving. No doubt he has won my heart also.
I would like to give full credit to the director Vidhu Vinod Chopra for making such wonderful movies. The star cast is perfect with excellent acting from Arshad Warsi, Sanjay Dutt and Boman Irani.
I may sound a bit exaggerated but its my honest opinion that it should go for Academy Awards from India and can stand a good chance to may be win a few. After all, delivering such a strong message with excellent humor and entertainment is something very uncommon.
I think all the movie fanatic should watch this movie on DVD or if possible in theater, because this movie is worth watching and will leave its freshness in ones soul and mind for a long time with a strong belief in Life is beautiful

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Malena: A tale of Beauty,Sex and Pain!

I have seen this movie by Giuseppe Torantaro so many times and always thought about writing on this movie but was not able to appreciate the movie completely. The reason I think is I always looked at the beauty of Malena (Monica Belluci)and the sizzling sex scenes. But, I have always tried atleast to look beyond beauty and sex if I am watching such hard hitting and painful movies. And, I am writing about it today , because I have been somewhat succesful in looking it beyond beauty and sex.
The movie is in Italian language and had to watch without subtitles, but still it is one of the best thoughtful movie I have watched in my life.
The brief of the movie is that Malena is a young and most beautiful lady who lives in a war torn village in Italy.She is an object of desire for every male there from teenage to people who have their one feet in grave.At the same time she is also the most hated woman among the jealous females.Some circumstances forces her to take up prostitution and sleep with the German soldiers.The ladies of the village label her as whore and beat up mercilessly in front of the whole crowd.She leaves the village , but then returns back with her lost husband again. This time , she is treated gracefully and the same ladies treat her well . May be they remorse for their behavior or are happy on seeing her with her husband.
The scene where she is mercilessly beaten up reminds me of the old days of World War when women were the victims of atrocrices By the soldiers.But , I dont think the world has changed . I was reading an article by Keshi on her blog about the 573 rape and murder in one year in Guatomalo city and that too in the most heinous manner.
I was reading some other reviews on Malena and they raised points on the character of Malena, but I dont agree with the pain she was subjected to. Well, the movie is good and it leaves with many questions about the situations of women worldwide.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Babies day out!!!

Babies , I think the most cutest word in the world dictionary . I never thought I would be writing about babies on my blog , but I came around a pair of babies(twin)and couldnt stop myself writing.
I was having my dinner with my frens in my company cafeteria and saw a group of people having their dinner on the table in front of me. There was a pretty lady trying to handle the babies , as the babies were very restless.hooo!!! but the most interesting part was that in a span of 5 minutes around 4-5 young ladies sitting on different tables came to the mother and started asking for the babies. the glow on the face of these ladies was so bright , as if the babies had 4-5 mothers. Me and my frens were amazed, that such is the magnetism of babies that it attracts everyone and never repels.
I have always loved watching discovery and NGC showing animals loving their babies and this makes me think that the world is so beautiful. I wish someday that it could have been so good , if "babies remained babies"....
love to all the babies of this world !!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Melodies of Life !!!

Hi frens,

Finally I am writing something ,feeling hard to write as I am trying to regain whatever writing skills I possess .The break saw lot of events , my process of settling in Hyderabad, trying to learn the IT sector, the serial bomb blast in Mumbai which created a lot of rage inside me against terrorism and government inabilities ,watching Krish(the first Bollywood Super Man, worth watching it!)and getting back to listening FM radio.
One thing in life which has consistently kept me alive is the music.I like listening to all kinda music , country,rock,bollywood and surprisingly I have also started appreciating Telgu and Tamil songs. I prefer listening the songs on FM radio than on my laptop , as I like the unpredictability of the song sequence.
In time of stress, in period of joy , the FM channels have remained my companion. My favourate are the FM channels of Mumbai. The energy , the topics the RJs of FM channels in Mumbai discuss is very exciting and the songs selection are the best.However, one programme that is telecast all over India and is best according to me is "love Guru" on Radio city. If , I am not wrong, the RJ is Karan, with a very groovy voice.The callers discuss their interesting love life , which is sometime funny and sometime really sentimental. But , hey I like this programme not because of the discussion on love or personal life , but more so because of the unpredictable best romantic songs it plays from Hindi Music.
I would like to end this with one of my favourate song of Kishore da , dont know the name of the movie though listening it from last 3 years on the same channel , but really like the song !
"raju chal raju, masti mein chal"

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Taking a Break !

Hi all,

I am packing my things and leaving from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I am not really worried about relocating, as I have been staying away from home last 7-8 years and have managed quite well. The only blessing I seek from God and everyone is that I do well wherever I go.
Anyways, I wont be blogging for may be next 7-10 days. I will miss it, but I will miss more reading the unconventional thoughts by Keshi, the interesting stuff posted on WOW by Archana, Uday and other good authors, the inspirational lines from Ekta (Once upon a time). I really like this line as my favorite author Paulo Coelho Starts his book from the line, Once upon a time. I would also miss staring at the delicious cuisines discovered by Anna. Well, talking of food and drinks I recently tasted Bru cappuccino coffee which I really liked. There was no tea, in my home and I had to manage with coffee, which I generally dont prefer. But, I really liked it especially the Mocha flavor, though I had tasted the Cinnamon flavor which somehow didnt suited my taste.
Bru cappuccino Mocha is very easy to prepare, as its more like a readymade coffee. You dont need to add sugar, milk anything. Just put it in hot water and it is prepared.
I really recommend Bru Cappuccino especially the Mocha flavor, and since it is available in single serve packet costing only Rs 6 which is well suited for bachelors.
Well, now I take a pause from blogging for few days sipping the last drop of my Bru Mocha.

Lots of love to everyone,

Is Mumbai the rudest city of the world?

I am watching news channels which are saying that Readers Digest has announced Mumbai as the rudest city of the world. Shocking, isn’t it.
One more shock, Delhi was not included; all those Indians who watch Indian news know about the safety of women in Delhi, the road rages. Anyways, I have no offense to Delhi, as it’s also one of the most active cities of India and I also like this place because of good friends. Well, the government is in maximum fault, which cant manage the law and order.
Lets , go back to the survey. The survey was done on three parameters:
I am picking the following lines directly from Readers Digest website:
We sent out undercover reporters—half of them men, half women—from Reader’s Digest editions in 35 countries to assess the citizens of their biggest cities. (In Canada, we tested the people of our two largest population centers, Toronto and Montreal.) In each location we conducted three tests:
• We walked into public buildings 20 times behind people to see if they would hold the door open for us.
• We bought small items from 20 stores and recorded whether the sales assistants said thank you.
• We dropped a folder full of papers in 20 busy locations to see if anyone would help pick them up.
To allow us to compare cities, we awarded one point for each positive outcome and nothing for a negative one, giving each city a maximum score of 60. We did not attempt a strict scientific survey; it was the world’s biggest real-life test of common courtesy, with more than 2,000 tests of actual behavior.
So, which city emerged as the most polite and which as the rudest? Here’s what we discovered:
The Top Three: New York, Zurich, Toronto
Their views about Mumbai:
Last in our rankings was Mumbai, where courtesy in stores was particularly lacking. When our female reporter bought a pair of plastic hair clips at a convenience store, sales assistant Shivlal Kumavat turned his back on her as soon as she had paid. Asked why, the 31-year-old was unapologetic. “Madam, I am not an educated guy. I hand goods over to the customers, and that’s it.”
In a government-run supermarket, a young female employee lied that she hadn’t seen what had happened when asked why she didn’t help our reporter pick up his papers. Another worker stepped on them. “That’s nothing,” said the store’s security guard. “In Mumbai, they’ll step over a person who has fallen in the street.”
Courtesy : readers digest
Now few suggestions to Readers Digest:
Before taking the survey, understand the cultural context.
Are these the most critical parameters for defining the rudest city?
Don’t they need to take the factors like crime etc. in context?
It takes time to understand a city; one cannot understand a city, until he/she lives in that city for some time. They should have considered participatory survey.I hope they know it.

Anyways, I don’t belong to Mumbai, but stayed there, traveled in heavy rush in locals, fell on stations during my initial traveling in locals, it’s an expensive city.
But, then also I feel it’s the most accepting city in world. It’s a very fast city, so people generally don’t look back, but is it rude. I don’t think so.
Mumbaikars have come together during crisis, such as heavy rainfall last year, bomb blasts. Does Readers digest take all these into account?
I think they should have done their homework properly before doing the survey.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hi all,

I am relocating myself to Hyderabad after spending some wonderful time in my home town Jamalpur, Benaras and Delhi. I made some great friends in my life though few in numbers. We all must have made such frens, or may be fallen in love and then loose them, though not exactly.
I have made an amateurish attempt to convey the feeling of making great frens and loosing touch with them through the words.

Naam Gum jayega ....???

Remember the day we first met,
I asked who you are,
And you said your name.
I dont see you any more,
but your name lives with me forever.
We met once, twice, thrice
Many times,
knowing each other more,
Chasing dreams together,
giving each other a helping hand
while walking together on the rough sand.
The journey changed, the names changed
but still, your name lives with me forever.
Today, I again saw you,
playing colors on the road,
drenched in red, green and black.
I also saw myself,
calling yourname, sitting along the side of the river,
walking hand in hand,
as your name lives with me forever.
The Night has fallen,
the sun has set forever for me
as the days are going to rise never for me.
I am on the journey to my final destination
and I can hear from far and slowly receding,
people recalling my name,
though trying to forget,
but I can never forget you,
as your name lives with me ...

Amit sinha

P.s: ignore grammer mistakes; I never scored high marks in languages. However, suggestions are most welcome, even if it is related to grammer mistakes.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yeh hai Bombay meri Jaan (life@Mumbai)

If there is one thing which has got the biggest sex appeal in a place is the kind of picture it portrays of its daily life, its awakening and its sleep, or may be no sleep at all and Mumbai is one such place. I have been very fond of places and the life it showcases. Though constrained by some reasons, I have not been able to travel much. But Which ever places I visit, I make sure that I get a grasp of the life line of the city.
I was part of the city started during my summer training in Crisil, Mumbai last year. I have been to this fondly called Maya nagri quite a time before, but these three months helped me in feeling the pulse of the city.
Life in Mumbai starts at 7 am in the morning when people start going for work and the local trains are full of men and women fighting for a place to even stand in the trains. The people prefer local trains than road, as it takes less time than going by bus and also the network is very extensive. The same atmosphere can be observed during the evening when people start returning back to their home.
I remember my first day by local train while traveling from Vashi to Andheri for my summer training. I had taken a first class pass, but during peak hour there is absolutely no difference in the crowd between first class and second class. I had to get down at Vadala, and was almost pushed out of the train. Well, there is a simple trick while traveling in crowded Mumbai locals that you should let people board the train first and then get down at the station. Sounds, strange, but this is how it works and the seasoned travelers know it very well.
Well, apart from an extensive train network, which is literally the life line of Mumbai, the city offers host of places to visit. The place like Juhu Chaupati, marine drive, Gateway of India, Bandra is some of the evening hangouts of people and is vibrant till late in the night. This is what makes a Mumbai aamchee Mumbai and different from any other metro. Where else, you can enjoy such pleasures of safely hanging out in the night in India. My favorite hangouts are Bandra Band stand and Marine Drive. Bandra band stand is an area where most of the celluloid public stays such as Shahrukh Khan in Mannat (name of his house), then Rekha, Salman Khan and many other stars, not to forget the small screen actors who mostly stay in the apartments, as they cant afford a Bungalow in Bandra. One can frequently spot some of these actors jogging at Bandra band stand. I equally like Marine drive, and prefer taking a walk around the queen’s necklace .Queens necklace is the stretch of Marine drive along the sea shore which forms like a necklace full of lights and high rise buildings.
Mumbai, the most populated city of India and one of the expensive cities in India is full of riches and rags. The slums can be spotted just adjacent to the posh localities and multi storied complexes and apartments. But, the city is friendly and I would say, that an average earning person can adjust very easily to the city if he can get used to eating Vada Pav (Desi Burger) and traveling in the locals. I would like to quote a sentence I heard from one of the senior manager of a big FMCG company staying in Dubai and belonging to Mumbai “Dubai is like a clean Mumbai”. I haven’t been to Dubai, so I would leave it to people’s discretion, that whether it’s true or not. But one thing is true, that most of the Bhai logs prefer either Mumbai or Dubai, and you have to agree for it, for whatever reasons.
Well, once stricken by the Underworld and several bomb blasts, Mumbaikars are hardcore workaholic and alcoholic and rise very easily from disasters. Infact , this is the reason that it’s the commercial capital as well as hosts a number of nice pubs , discos , lounges, restaurants and once upon a time famous dance bars which are no longer dancing.
Well, we are discussing Mumbai and we can’t forget the apna Bollywood. Similar to Hollywood, Mumbai consists of many film studios such as most famous R.K studio, Filmcity etc. and almost all the film fraternity stays there. Infact, many young guys and gals who arrive the Maya Nagri (City of beautiful Illusion) everyday have dreams of joining the glittering and glamorous Bollywood.
Mumbai is also strong academically and boasts of IIT, and also some prestigious Business schools. Overall, the city is a great place to stay minus the crumbling infrastructure during the rainy season. Infact, I would say that Mumbai rain is not famous, but notorious. It rains and rains and rains!
A last and final word about Mumbai:
“Mumbai doesn’t treat people based on their lineage, the company they keep, the background they possess; it treats people on their capabilities.” This is why, it is known as the city of dreams.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rajdeep Sardesai: The current face of Indian Journalism

I am very tired and it’s around 12.43 am, and my eyes are fixed on the CNN-IBN channel watching Rajdeep commenting on the Income tax deptt troubling Amitabh Bacchan. My eyes are burning because of lack of sleep due to soccer, India tour of West Indies and of course blogging. I am tired, but I am helpless. I am helpless because I just can’t stop myself writing about the fiery and the most talented of the lot of Indian journalists, Rajdeep Sardesai. I am sure all those who have watched Rajdeep, must be highly impressed with him. And, for all those who are missing this action, stay away from home land, Rajdeep is the chief editor of CNN-IBN channel and presently the best Indian TV journalist. Before joining CNN-IBN which is a joint venture between CNN and TV 18, he was hosting one of the most popular programmes of NDTV, “The Big Fight” and was equally impressive in that.
I hail from an economically backward but politically motivated state of India, and I remember watching Rajdeep during the Mandal and Kamandal (Ram Janmbhoomi) era. He was first seen on T.V, covering the Advani Rath Yatra and then the subsequent elections together with Pranoy Roy. I remember him as an average journalist at that point of time, and was more impressed with other journalists such as Pranoy Roy and Vinod Dua. But with the passage of time and wisdom of grey hair, he has become an ace journalist who has got a dynamic screen presence on the T.V medium. His choice of frequent phrases like; somewhere down the line, fair enough etc. keeps the viewers under a tight control and makes them guessing , that he is going to come up with some real exciting and valid argument. His choice of words, catching the politicians and the guilty on the wrong foot, passing witty remarks, believing in journalism with valid arguments rather than creating noises and scandals makes him the current face of emphatic and matured Indian journalism.
He is witty, has got a band of young vibrant team who seems like are following Rajdeep footsteps and all this makes a pleasure to watch the CNN-IBN news which is significantly different from other Indian news channels such as Star News, Zee News, NDTV etc.
Looking in his past, Rajdeep is the son of the former Indian Test cricketer Dilip Sardesai and Nandini Sardesai, an activist in Mumbai and head of the Dept of Sociology, St Xavier's College; He attended the Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, St. Xavier's College, Mumbai and Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. He also worked for the Times of India in various positions before joining television.
All those people , who want to read Rajdeep’s column , can visit the CNN-IBN blog on:
  • CNN-IBN blog
  • Monday, June 12, 2006

    My First interview to a website

    I have always fancied about giving interviews to magazines, Tv , websites and so on. Don't know when these dreams will be transformed into reality. Anyways, I got a mail from a website called HumTum , saying they want to publish my interview. And honestly, I felt really happy about it as I don't have any such significant achievements so far in my life.
    well, this is the link to my interview , hope I get many more chance by God's grace.
    Thanks HT for giving me a chance!

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    eleven minutes…….

    “eleven minutes” is the latest book, I read of my favorite author PAULO COELHO. I am not writing the book review, because I am not qualified enough to assess his books.
    All those who haven’t read the book, I would like to give a brief that the story revolves around a Brazilian prostitute and her journey to real love in this not so beautiful or the most fascinating world.
    However, I was not able to relate myself to the outward subject line of book which revolves around the pleasure of sex and real love (the name eleven minutes is adopted from the pleasure of sex which takes around roughly eleven minutes, as per the author, neways this is not the soul of the book).
    But, the thing which I want to relate myself is the adventures the central character takes, her faith in the fate, her quest for worldly knowledge, and her struggles in life, rising from the constraints and achieving what she deserved. This is what makes it quite similar to “The Alchemist” and makes it worth reading.
    I have always loved philosophy in my life, though never studied in its pure form; but these are the books which helps one understand the cycle of life. And, I don’t mind learning from a shepherd or a prostitute.
    I am not able to write much on this, but would like to share a quote from the prostitute diary in the book which caught my attention and has a great meaning.
    “I am the Soul and Body is my visible part”.

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    The tag's Tag game :8 Things I would look in my partner

    Thanks a lot Anna and Uday both for tagging me with different set of questions.
    This is the tagging I need to complete given to me by Anna.
    Well, here are the rules of the tag:
    -The tagged victim have to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
    -Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
    -Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
    -If you are tagged the second time.There is NO need to do this again.
    -Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.
    Gender of my perfect lover: Female
    The 8 different points (I would like to call it qualities):
    1. Attractive but not neccesarily beautiful
    2. Mature Thinking
    3. Great sense of humor
    4. Love travelling
    5. Should Trust me
    5. Slightly dominating
    6. Loving and caring
    7. Get along well with family and frens
    8. Education
    I now tag these 8 person. Have fun...
  • Keshi

  • 2.
  • Yomi

  • 3.
  • Megha

  • 4.
  • KK

  • 5.
  • Caroline Fong

  • 6.
  • Shai

  • 7.
  • Anthony

  • 8.
  • Rohini
  • Saturday, June 03, 2006

    Hutch TVC on slashing of STD/ISD rates: A simple and beautiful advertisement

    I am sure that all those who like watching TV commercial must have remembered the Pug which follows the kid with the sweet song “in this beautiful world” being played in the background. This TVC for Hutch created a big impact in marketing of Hutch mobile cards. Sadly, the advertising genius V. Mahesh who was crucial in making of this Ad is no more in this world.
    The Hutch though have kept its legacy of good , simple and to the point advertising with its latest TVC on slashing of STD/ISD rates. The ad shows relatives and friends staying in different parts of the world such as “Canada walle Chacha jee,amrica walli mausi, benaras walle mausa jee and so on.. . It clearly satisfies the marketing objective that how the reductions in STD/ISD rates have reduced the distance and the users can connect with their dear ones more often at a much lesser rate. The last line says, “ab rishton ko millon mein napna chod do”. It’s a simple advertisement with no glamour and glitz but yet to the point and effective.
    I rate it as one of the best Indian advertisements seen in recent time, and yes if one has seen the recent advertisement of Trump regarding the slashing of STD/ISD rates, can easily identify that it follows the same Hutch pattern but the way the message is conveyed in Hutch ad is simple and beautifully communicated .
    The link for watching the Hutch ad is:
    Open the Hutch TVC titled “STD/ISD rates dropped”.

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    Sathyam Multiplex in Chennai : A pleasure to watch movie

    I have watched many movies in multiplexes spread across different cities like Delhi’s PVR, Noida’s Waves, and Bangalore’s Inox, Innovative etc. However, my favorite is Sathyam multiplex in Chennai, located near to Mount Road. The difference lies in its simplicity though using latest technology in sound system, (RDX). Real Digital Experience or RDX together with DLP Cinema™ technology from Texas Instruments is for the first time in India to its Chennai complex.
    Unlike other Multiplexes which believe in grandeur and lot of glitz, Sathyam is relatively simple from outside. However, once you enter inside, you feel like you are in a movie world with lots of posters of upcoming movies.
    Sathyam has a total of six theaters named: Sathyam, Santham, Subham, Sree and Studio-5 and Six degrees which host an array of films in Tamil, English, Hindi and, occasionally, other south Indian languages. The sound system with picture quality is excellent and the sitting is comfortable with proper leg space. The crowd is mix of simple and hippest public of Chennai, with maximum rush observed during the evening and night show.
    I would like to mention one thing that the show timing for movies are planned in such a way that people generally get the time of their choice, which I didn’t experienced in any other multiplex than Sathyam. One can also book the tickets online, with their choice of seating. The moviegoers can also mention their choice of seat while booking physically and most of the time it is accommodated. You can do that in Sathyam, through Additional Rs.10 is charged for this. Not just this. There's more you can also order your snacks, even at the time of booking. These food items will be delivered right at your seats, during the interval time. No need to wait in the Queue for that expensive pop-corn.
    Sathyam launches many innovative schemes such as lucky draw for 3 seats in a screen that will get certain gifts such as Airtel Sim card, etc. Apart from this, they show trailers of new coming movies, which bind the audience to their seats. Not to forget the beautiful advertisement of Nalli saris and Gokul Jewelers, this makes the interval enjoyable also.
    I have watched 5 movies in Sathyam till date, and had a good watching experience all the time.
    At last, I would highly recommend this theatre for watching movies in Chennai, so next time you are traveling to Chennai and want to watch a movie, just go to Sathyam multiplex, you are most likely to get the movie of your choice.
    The distance to Sathyam from Spencer Plaza is around 5 minutes from Auto Rickshaw and is close to Mount Road.

    Monday, May 15, 2006

    Tom Dick and Harry: Film review

    Oops, I did it again!!!

    The Friday, 12th May 2006 will go as perhaps the black day in Indian Cinema. This is the day when Deepak Tijori, who earlier also made bad films like Oopss, Khamosh-Khauff ki ek Raat released the worst ever film in Indian cinema. I am worried that this is such a pathetic movie, that its record may not be broken for coming many years, until Deepak produces another such movie.
    I won�t boar you with the story line as the film is loosely scripted. But please bear few lines. Deaf Tom (Dino Morea), blind Dick (Anuj Sawhney) and mute Harry (Jimmy Shergill) stay together as paying guest and keep doing funless, sarcastic comedy between them. They portray the disability in such an insensitive manner, that one feel to literally abuse the director and the actors. They all try to woo Celina jetly, the neighbor and also try to save her from bad man, Gulshan grover who calls Tom,Dick and Harry as defective pieces. Funny, is it; certainly not.
    It would not be fair to say more about this movie, as it doesn�t deserve even a review.
    I would also like to comment on Nikhat Kajmi, the film critic of Times of India, that why she gave 2.5 out of 5 to Tom,Dick and Harry. I have been observing TOI film reviews for some time, and find that it gives a very biased approach and is just ridiculous.
    I will now stop reading the film reviews by Nikhat Kajmi, as it doesn�t reflect an unbiased approach or may be she even doesn�t watch the movies before writing its review. Sorry, no offence meant, but the reviews standard have certainly degraded, I feel.

    Posted by Amit

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Bangalore to Tirupati by KSRTC, APSRTC, ITDC-Detailed Information by a Darshan Visitor

    I recently made a trip to Tirupati from Bangalore few weeks ago. I am writing this to help people get information who want to travel from Bangalore to Tirupati for Darshan.
    There are three major bus services from Bangalore to Tirupati:
    ITDC: 1155 Rs
    KSRTC: 1155 Rs
    APSRTC: 1100 Rs.
    All these buses start from Racecourse Road and are generally around night between 8.30 to 10.30 pm. The buses are Volvo air-conditioned but not that comfortable. The leg space is less and it�s hard to sleep in the bus. The bus will stop at regular intervals of around 2 hr. The total travel time is around 6.30 hrs. My bus started at 9.30 pm and at 3 am it reached Tirupati. The temple is another 30-45 mins. from this place. Once one reaches Tirupati, the Darshan visitors are taken to a guest house. The accommodation will be provided for 1.5 hrs during which one has to take bath and relax if he or she wants to. The accommodation will be one room per family or per group. After that the bus will move to visit the temple of Lord Balaji�s wife and one can pay Darshan in that temple. The ticket will cost 25 Rs.
    After this Darshan, the bus will stop at a hotel and one can take breakfast in that hotel. All those people who want to get their head tonsured are taken into different vehicles to the temple. The head are tonsured free at the public head tonsuring hall inside the temple. It is advised to take an extra set of clothing as one has to take bath after getting his head tonsured.
    After this, they can have their breakfast and submit their belongings at one of the shop which have a tie up with the travel guide. It is advised not to take mobile or cameras, as they are strictly not allowed inside the temple.
    After submitting the belongings, a line will be formed and one has to move in line. The Darshan process will take around 2-3 hrs depending upon the rush level. After the Darshan, the visitors are given one complimentary Ladoo by the travel guide.
    After another 1 hour, the bus will start the journey back to Bangalore. In between the journey they will stop the bus for lunch at a hotel. The special thali is around 55 Rs. , but it�s a buffet system and I tell you , that the lunch is really good.
    The bus will be back to Bangalore by around 7.30 pm.
    This is very good information for people who are willing to go to Balaji�s Darshan from Bangalore by ITDC, KSRTC, APSRTC.
    Going to Tirupati is like rejuvenation and I feel blessed by Lord Balaji.
    Posted by Amit

    Information on Reliance Petroleum IPO Refund and Allotment status

    Hi frens,

    This information is for all those who want to know about their refund process of Reliance Petroleum IPO and also to check their allotment status.

    This is the Link :

    To know more about the refund , refer the website :

    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    Dance Bars: Let the Music Play

    A lot have been said and lot of been showed on all the TV channels, be it Star News, CNN-IBN or AAZ TAK or NDTV. There have been common sentiments among all the media channels that let the dance bars continue.
    Dance Bars, which has been the pulse of Mumbai nightlife, an employment for lakhs of bar girls, waiters, a place for some easy money for the cops, a good amount of revenue for the government and a sore for the Maharashtra government ; more importantly for few of the ministers.
    I think we as Indians are growing up and don’t need moral policing from people who themselves are corrupt and characterless. Before applying ban to these dance bars, they should stop the high class sex racket breeding in the shining suites of five star hotels and cities up market discos. There have been arguments by the government that these bars are more of brothel. I ask that is the government such impotent that they can’t identify the bars which are acting as brothels and cancel their license. The government should understand that not all dance bars, hotels, discos act as brothels. The solution is to strictly identify those places and put a ban on them.
    The government never thought about rehabilitating these bar girls, yes they did gave statement once or two but that was more of because of public pressure. Lately our highest place of justice have been giving some good decision like re-trial in Jessica lal case , but the decision of continued ban on dance bar is bit disappointing. Well, the case may be that the Court is taking its own time to look into the matter in an intricate manner, before lifting up the ban.
    At last, I want to say that I am not advocating the dance bars, but I am being practical and sensitive to the whole issues. The government should make a complete rehabilitation programme for bar girls before even thinking of putting a lock on dance bars.
    Grow up Guys, and Let the Music Play!

    Madhur Bhandarkar and Preeti Jain : Ek Choti Si Page 3 Story

    A sexy sweet model from Delhi reaches the city of dreams, Mumbai with aspirations of “Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti hoon” . She meets a young talented director among the many who asks her “Degi Kya?”. Remember the scene from Page 3 movie. The model is smart and not dumb like Tara sharma of Page 3 movie who refuses to this proposal in the beginning. But, the Director is even smarter; who spends some good time with the model and in lieu of that offers her tit and bit roles in his movies.
    The model turned struggling actress feels betrayed and hence gives birth to scandals. Legal spats starts between the director and the actor with the later accusing the director of rapes. Media finds a masala and so the people. The news flashes in TVs, newspapers and the actor becomes famous, though for wrong reasons.
    The actor also tries to take help of a local goon, but finds herself into more trouble and also spends some time in the Jail. She meets a famous bar girl turned bookie Tabbasum who becomes her friend. The media gets another masala.
    The recent story is that a Delhi based Photographer who once claimed to have nude pics of the model and stated earlier that the model harassed her, has turned to court again and also turned from his statement offering public apology to the model.
    A news channel makes a very good episode of the whole affair and increases its TRP rating.
    We all don’t know what would be its end, but I am sure the media are wishing that this story never ends and only the sequels are made.

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Pug licking ur monitor screen saver link:
    Posted by Amit

    Page 3

    Read Movie review of ' Darna Jaroori Hai ' and '36 China town'

    Thursday, April 27, 2006

    Myself and Deepak at Tankus Dhaba , breeding ground for gossips and placement discussions about IIFT with the comfort of homely food.
    Posted by Amit

    me with my close fren ashish in patna

    Saturday, April 22, 2006

    Page 3 :Indian idol II - Behind the talent

    Indian Idol II: what’s behind the talent hunt?

    I wanted to write about Indian Idol few days back , but its good that I am writing it today after the so called much publicized glamour stricken finale. Well, does it really searches talent, seems a bit cynical.
    I have full confidence in public and if public feel that Sandeep is the Indian Idol, I respect their sentiments though my wishes were with Karunay.
    Without raising any finger on the singers who participated in so called talent search, I feel that there is some fundamental flaw with the talent search process. The Judges seems to look at some other perspective as more important while selecting the singers in the preliminary round.
    I was watching the program Sare Gama on T.V and found that the talent coming in Sare Gama sounded classically much better than the Indian Idol. Though I don’t have any knowledge about classical music, but I feel even a lay man can identify a good singer and you don’t need to be a Nigam or Malik or Khan to judge them. After all it’s the masses that make RD or Kishore or Lata or Asha and not a bunch of band master.
    I hope if any Indian Idol III takes place, it will make some changes in its preliminary selection process and look at parameters which truly identifies great singers , as the anchor says Indian Idol is the “Betaz Badshah” of Indian Music .
    I have no concerns about what goes behind the talent search, as the anchors were once discussing, sorry gossiping in front of camera that how this so called music composer gives breaks to most of the ladies participant and how the choreographer turned director searches for the AXE effect.
    Best wishes to the Indian Idol participant and hope to see a better structured transparent part III next time.

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    A tribute to Rajkumar

    I had only heard the name of the Kannada icon Anna vuru aka Rajkumar before witnessing his greatness. The day he died I was in airport and my brother informed me to reach home ASAP. I never thought that within 15 minutes of his dying there would be a huge traffic jam. I was lucky enough to reach home before the mega jam , but not all the public. Many BPO employees had to stay in their office itself. The situation was such that not even a small paan shop was opened on that day. Seemed as if the city had seized. The cable walla stopped all the entertainment channels except news; thank god they spared the news channel.
    The day when he was cremated saw a huge sea of people, of which few were creating violence, which I am sure Dr. Rajkumar would have never liked if he saw that.
    The policemen were not spared either and a footage was shown in which a constable was beaten badly by the public on CNN IBN. Infact CNN IBN made very good coverage after the local channels.
    At last , I would like to say that in south India the actors are considered god like figure and its amazing to see the public affection .
    I also express my tribute to the icon and am impressed by his humbleness throughout his life which made him such a big icon.

    Friday, April 14, 2006

    coming back to my blog

    hi frens, i had a pause in my writings on the blog . I had been to my home town in Bihar and was away from this communication medium for a while.
    I am now in banglore and back to my fav. passtime of surfing net . will be writing my experience about the atmosphere after the death of kannada icon Dr. Rajkumar soon and also some comments on indian idol -II .

    Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    Lawfull Lawless

    I got up at 11 am in the morning today and as usual asked my roomie to hand over the newspaper to me with the usual morning romantic songs .
    But , the romanticism lasted only till the moment I saw the front page of Times of India . The paper covered the verdict on Jessica Lal murder case . After going through the whole article I felt that the Judicial institutions in India are still under the clutches of corrupt cops, ministers and lawyers. It is not only a matter of agony for the families who have suffered such situations of lawless but for the whole nation . we often read the ruling party boasting of 7-8 % economic growth , rising disposable income , employment schemes but does all this can make India a developed nation . certainly not , the basic governance needs to be improved . I know its easy to say than practice , but strict actions needs to be taken in this regard .
    After learning about the case , so many memories come to haunt - Sateyendra dubey , Priyadarshini Matoo case , hard to count .
    I think the government should try making these basic pillars of democracy strong enough rather than just making noises about the growing economic focus because I feel for a nation to be strong , the growth and development needs to be focussed equally .
    I wish my romanticism in morning doesnt end like this anymore !

    Monday, February 13, 2006

    How to use my time ?

    hi all,

    once again , I have plenty of time and I am not sure what all to do . I think this is happening with most of my batchmates and is creating a bit of stress . May be , its more for me as I dont like sitting idle and sleeping too much .
    Another thing is for the first time in my life , I have started hating parties and just want to run away from it . Infact , I dont feel like enjoying parties on my brother weeding . Its not that I am turning away from materialism , but I think I have spent enough time partying all my life and I no more feel enjoying it . I feel its good as I dont enjoy drinking beer also any more , now I feel its time to quit .
    The problem is that I want to run away from evil and do some thing good . I dont want to read any books right now , as I feel I want a break from the books as well.
    The only option I think to utilize my time effectively is to do some career counselling in Udayan Care , atleast I will get to interact with some teenage people and guide them in their career . I am looking for a company to go to udayan care . I have talked to Manish and Inder . Inder is busy in his exams and Manish is sleeping in his home , huh... . Hope when I return from my bro weeding , some one accompanies me .
    I am lately having a feeling that I may set up some innovative school for children in my 50's , a kind of which can be unique and succesfully commercially too .
    But before that I want to prove myself succesful in my career and make a lot of money , drive my career and organisation to a greater height.

    Saturday, February 11, 2006

    my new journey!

    yah , I am calling it a new journey , moving to a job , making new plans and most importantly making it big . I have often talked about leadership , but my real test begins now . We all have so many dreams in life , me too . I have a goal to reach the top of my organisation and add some real value to the organisation.
    I am writing this today because I want to read it after 8-10 years and mark my words .
    Yes , I do have multiple interests , rising professionally ,writing a successful book , helping people and life is so fast and short .
    But , I hope all these achievements are due in my life and god will guide me to reach to my goals.

    Friday, February 10, 2006

    Rang De Basanti Movie Review

    Rang De Basanti , a movie starting with fun , migrating back to the history , returning back to the present and finally inspiring the future of this country .
    The direction is really good as it succesfully creates a linkage between the past and present with repeat dialogues such as "Mar Dalo". Allice Patten as Su, the filmmaker from UK is perfect and her hindi gells well with her acting . She comes back to India to make a film on the independence martyr , but finds that the fire of patriotism which she read about in her grandfathers dairy doesnt any exist any longer .
    The patriotism has been replaced by the materialistc lost youth who thinks India as a poor ,corruption infected place and are completely pessimistic about the future .
    But , not all youth are like that and Madhavan as a IAF Pilot portrays it very well , especially in the lounge bar scene when they discuss about the country and their responsivbilities .
    The movie seems a bit streched in mid way especiallly during the shooting of the movie on martyr , but it was bit necessary also to express the message to the youths of today.
    The songs are good , but one needs to hear it 2-3 times to really love the songs.
    Aamir Khan looks old quite a time , but he still manages to portray the role very well because he is no doubt , one of the most talented actor of India.
    Siddharth has done excellent role as the son of Anupam Kher and one of the friends of Aamir Khan , and also Kunal as Aslam .
    Soha Ali looks beautiful, seems she can be really one of the leading ladies of the tinsel town in 1-2 years .
    The cinematography is just amazing , Rakyesh mehra being and Ad film maker himself definately exploits his cinematography sense in the movie.
    Overall, the movie is a must watch , but those who can resist a bit of lecture in the middle .

    Sunday, February 05, 2006

    Placement blues!!

    The day have finally arrived when I have a job in my hand and I can write some things about my placement experience in IIFT. The placement season is the most important part in most of MBAs life and so for me also . My placement season started with Genpact , the first GD that I got through . I could'nt cracked the final interview but it made me aware of my weaknesses in the interviews.
    The second and most important interview was of ITC . I again made through one of the toughest GD in my life which was a case discussion. Infact , I consider it as the best GD I have faced till date in life , as I almost ruled the entire GD without being aggresive at all.
    ITC shortlisted four and finally selected two candidates. There were some job suitability issues as per the ITC , so I couldnt covert the interview again.
    I faced some interviews more , but was unable to convert them , still dont know the reasons myself , as I faced them quite well.
    Anyways , no regrets at last , as I made it finally to a good IT company. The most important thing that I considered was the profile I am looking for . I am happy with the profile of the job and the function in which I will be working .
    I would like to quote a saying from Piyush Pandey interviews , a person whom I admire a lot " Mujhe Zindgi jahan le jaati gayi , Main wahan jaata gaya " .
    I believe that at the end of my life I will be able to achieve my dues in life and create some impact in my professional and personal life which will be remembered by my workmates and my friends.

    Republic day with children!!

    Koshish , the social awareness club of IIFT , New Delhi celebrated the republic day with the children from Udayan care. A lot of effort was put by the first year ,especially gitika,inder,sandeep,ompriya and many others to invite the children from Udayan care and organise a movie show for them. Infact , the whole event was planned and executed by them.
    The club organised the movie screnning "Hum hai rahi pyaar ke" on 26th Jan 2006 in the IIFT auditorium. The children were excited and enjoyed a lot . We also had a very good time interacting with the children and learning about their life ,education and watching their enthusiasim.
    Mrs . Kiran modi from Udayan care appreciated a lot , and this is a big motivation for the members of Koshish , who despite their most hectic trimester in IIFT organised such an event.
    The members have plans to teach the children and also take counselling sessions.
    At last, I would sincerely like to thank Gitika and Inder , who were determined a lot to organise this event despite their hectic schedule. May be a bit exaggareted , but honestly they are some of the best persons I have seen in my life who are brilliant in so many things.

    Monday, January 16, 2006

    My experience at IIM Ahmedabad Amaethon 2006

    The place called as Mecca of Business education in India , IIM Ahmedabad was blazing with people from all parts of country and corporates from 13-15th Jan 2006. The occasion was Annual agribusiness summit Amaethon 2006 . I was part of few selected teams for the most coveted contest of the event Khoj which had got some mouth watering Vitamin M ( Total Prize money of 1 lakh) .
    Well, honestly we were not prepared well and we knew we have less chances of making it to top 3 , but nonetheless we tried our best sales pitch to leave a mark on the event . however, the other teams had done more quantum of work . We had the best idea, and even the panel also believed it , but due to exam schedule in IIFT and Placement scene and depleted team strength ; we were not able to do huge quantum of work required to win the event. We were in the top 7 teams out of many teams , thats also a matter to be proud of .
    Well, moving slightly away from the Khoj , the event was so well organised that I just cant hold myself from applauding the Amaethon team. They were one of the most hospitable host I have visited among the B-schools. The scale was grand , as the moolah thrown by the sponsers was huge . But apart from that the spirit shown by IIM agribusiness guys was just great. They really looked after the comfort of their guest , with quick response to every query and problems. I would like to mention a name, Chitra Mishra if I remember accurately from Istyr PGPABM , she was terrific in managing the guest and hospitality team. She was very quick, energetic , witty and never felt irritated. The other people like Anukool , shilpi, neil , rimjhim , alok everyone was so cooperative and dedicated to making the event succesful. Though , I dont share a personal bond with any of them yet , but they deserve a big appreciation by all the participants from other B-schools.
    The event was also a platform for meeting different people from sectors. I made an entreprenuer having a turnover of 150 crore agri business of sulphur who was staying with us in the Dorm 24 . I also met Lavanya , I am confused if she was V.lavanya or M.A Lavanya , as there were two lavanya from XIME banglore . really nice girl with voice of a seductress and crazy about Abhishek Bacchan. Myself and rohit had some good time with her during the garden party on 13th evening . could not meet her before leaving , so I dont have her no. or email id , and I dont intend to find and mail her also, because I didnt took the mail id or no. from her . So I am not trying to find her for future contact.
    We also met some guys from NIAM , Jaipur , nice cool chaps and had some guys talks with them about chicks (sorry beautiful young ladies) from IIM A and other b-schools like K.J somayaa , Mumbai .
    There is so much to write and write , but its hard to read so much.
    will write about my experience of returning from Ahmedabad to delhi by rajdhani on 14th eve .
    Meanwhile , I am happy that my article on "creating export infrastructure for new Agricultural challanges" was published in their Annual magazine Ankur and I feel a sense of pride in it.
    I have a request that anyone who reads this writing and was part of Amatheon 2006 at IIM A , must write some comments .
    Catch u all soon with some new exciting reading.

    Friday, January 06, 2006

    Mumbai Matinee

    hi all, I saw this movie few dayz back, though it was released in 2003. Was really hooked to this movie because of its name , as Mumbai is my favourate city.
    well , just a small review about the Movie . Rahul bose is as usual good in this movie and the best character is of sourav shukla who is a flop film producer. The subject of the film is interesting about an attempt by rahul bose to loose his viginity. Rahul is very frustrated that he is still a virgin at age of 32 , and goes from pillar to post to loose his virginity. here the flaw appears , He is working in an advertising agency , and advertising guys are very smart but he acts like an uneducated fool which is too much to digest. And , his boss is artificially loud , same is the case with bengali cop who is also like an artificial bengali. These characters pull the movie down and make it long and boring. The direction seems awful at this stage .
    I was infact getting so frustrated with Pritish Nandy communication as I had recently seen their movie, Shabd Which was one of the worst experimental movie ever made that I literally started putting all the blame on Pritish Nandy productions.
    But , there was a sense of fresh air in the movie with the advent of gracious beauty Sonali verma ( Perizaad Zorabien). she really formed good pair with rahul and they together gave a good romantic ambience to the movie. Add to this , some good acting by saurav and Vijaraaj(monsoon weeding fame) and the movie starts to pick up again.
    The songs are good and overall movie can be watched if you want to spend some light time and can afford some lousy ,artificial scenes in the movie.
    I know this blog is becoming like a movie review site , but be sure that I am going 2 come out some really interesting stuff after Feb 1st week and will also be updating regularly as there are so many thoughts culminating and there are so many things to write

    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    i think its one of my best pics and the best part was that it was taken without telling me, I think its real me .. do u share same views

    me(standing),manish(center), and other frens at Manish's placement party in RPM, defence colony

    me in nyt exploring internet

    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    happy new year

    happy new year to family, all my frens and all the guests who have visited my blog this year . May god bless us this year and the world doesnt face any more eathquakes, Tsunamis and War.