Sunday, February 05, 2006

Placement blues!!

The day have finally arrived when I have a job in my hand and I can write some things about my placement experience in IIFT. The placement season is the most important part in most of MBAs life and so for me also . My placement season started with Genpact , the first GD that I got through . I could'nt cracked the final interview but it made me aware of my weaknesses in the interviews.
The second and most important interview was of ITC . I again made through one of the toughest GD in my life which was a case discussion. Infact , I consider it as the best GD I have faced till date in life , as I almost ruled the entire GD without being aggresive at all.
ITC shortlisted four and finally selected two candidates. There were some job suitability issues as per the ITC , so I couldnt covert the interview again.
I faced some interviews more , but was unable to convert them , still dont know the reasons myself , as I faced them quite well.
Anyways , no regrets at last , as I made it finally to a good IT company. The most important thing that I considered was the profile I am looking for . I am happy with the profile of the job and the function in which I will be working .
I would like to quote a saying from Piyush Pandey interviews , a person whom I admire a lot " Mujhe Zindgi jahan le jaati gayi , Main wahan jaata gaya " .
I believe that at the end of my life I will be able to achieve my dues in life and create some impact in my professional and personal life which will be remembered by my workmates and my friends.


amitsinha said...

I would also like to mention the support of my frens Manish and Deepak and many others who constantly helped me in keeping my spirits high and never get into any serious pressure.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amit,
If do not select your choice, the path goes to ramesvaram and after that sea before come colombo.
be care ful..

a friend

amitsinha said...

hi, thx for the concern buddy , i agree with u , im really happy with my choice , but i feel that sm time u start with new avenues and make it succesful .i will be succesful , by gods grace and one thing , i really like ur comments

dhakkan said...

well i do not know much of philosophy but anyways "if u do not get what u love then love what u get and life main chillax karneka bhidu" also evaluate ur job on the basis of what challenges it offers to u not by what package.