Monday, February 13, 2006

How to use my time ?

hi all,

once again , I have plenty of time and I am not sure what all to do . I think this is happening with most of my batchmates and is creating a bit of stress . May be , its more for me as I dont like sitting idle and sleeping too much .
Another thing is for the first time in my life , I have started hating parties and just want to run away from it . Infact , I dont feel like enjoying parties on my brother weeding . Its not that I am turning away from materialism , but I think I have spent enough time partying all my life and I no more feel enjoying it . I feel its good as I dont enjoy drinking beer also any more , now I feel its time to quit .
The problem is that I want to run away from evil and do some thing good . I dont want to read any books right now , as I feel I want a break from the books as well.
The only option I think to utilize my time effectively is to do some career counselling in Udayan Care , atleast I will get to interact with some teenage people and guide them in their career . I am looking for a company to go to udayan care . I have talked to Manish and Inder . Inder is busy in his exams and Manish is sleeping in his home , huh... . Hope when I return from my bro weeding , some one accompanies me .
I am lately having a feeling that I may set up some innovative school for children in my 50's , a kind of which can be unique and succesfully commercially too .
But before that I want to prove myself succesful in my career and make a lot of money , drive my career and organisation to a greater height.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog, wish u ol the best in life especially in ur chosen career. U really have a cheerful heart willing to help without asking nothing in return. Now I know that ur heart are set in serving ur fellows. Congratulations and Good luck..