Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rape, Shame and Lame

We feel ashamed as the brave heart girl Nirbhaya who had fought for her life leaves us for the better world, today on 29th Dec after fighting for her life.

We are sad but more anguished at how a handful of criminals can brutally rape a girl in Delhi, our Nation’s capital City.

Nirbhaya has not died for me today, in fact the Society, the Police and the whole of India has been beaten to death today!

Lets ask each other today, that will the Nation and the society wake up to respect women in our country?

These are the words of emotions written by me and my wife Puja as we wait for the day when the Nation and Society takes real measures to combat the menace of Rapes in our country.

A life is not just lost
Lost is a Nation’s right to fight
To the handful of evils
Who butcher the Nation?
On their will and wish
Making our heads fall in pain
As India battles with
Rape, Shame and Lame!

Yes, it’s all screwed up
The society limps
To protect her dignity
From being crushed by the
Wheels of evils
But all effort goes in vain
As India battles with
Rape, shame and Lame!

A life is not just lost
The right to be democratic
Has been snatched from the Nation
By the handful of evils
The nation meekly surrenders
To these brutal barbarians
As India struggles with
Rape, Shame and Lame!

The death has pierced
Our heart and sole
Our minds have Freezed
And we have lost our limbs
To these handful of cannibals
Who eat every inch of our Nation?
And the Nation bleeds,
As the country dies down
With Rape, Shame and Lame!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shave or Crave – How I Made my Husband Crave for Shave

This blog post is written by my wife, Puja Rai who literally used to make me crave every time she used to see my evening stubble. She has posted this article on my, sorry our blog as I being a dedicated husband can’t overrule my loving wife’s order
So it’s all hers now -

My man is a nice husband, a good friend and a passionate person about his interests, but what I hate the most in him is his evening stubble that he brings along with him when he reaches home after battling the Mumbai traffic.

I am sure that many women like me would be suffering from this “Stubbleomania”. I don’t know whether this word exists in the dictionary or not, but that’s what my husband says that I suffer with this syndrome.

I decided to make him understand the importance of being a clean shaven guy in a woman’s life.
And why not, doesn’t he want me to be nicely dressed and look hot and sexy.

I prepared a 3 rule chart on what all he has to sacrifice for not shaving his evening stubble and handed over to him, as he came back home from work.

Husband – What is this piece of paper?
I – Ohh...You are an Architect and an MBA and working in an MNC…I guess you understand English better than me.
My husband who is used to my weird sense of humor didn’t seemed puzzled at this sarcasm as he knew I would be having much more surprises for him.
Husband – Ya, it’s fine...I can read it but I am asking what does this mean.
I – It means “Shave or Crave”
Husband – Ok...The first line reads “Bedroom lights will be switched off at 10 pm”; He seemed to be really happy on reading this ( must have thought more romance in the bedroom now) Sweetheart, Does it want more and winked at me ?
I – No...YOu dirty mind. This doesnt mean "everything is Rosy and we will be getting Cozy". This means we will sleep at 10 PM. There will be No Love and No book reading for you in the night. Do you understand ?
‘What’! He seemed surprised at this but he understood that he will miss reading stories before going to bed.

Husband – Ok…but what is this second rule…that we will order our food from the restaurant at least 3 days a week. You know honey’, its so expensive to order food from the restaurant these days. I have to pay for our monthly EMI, household budget and so many other expenses. And even if you still want, we can go for a romantic dinner on weekend. Main aur Tum aur Mumbai ka Samunder....
I made a sorry face and said to him.I can go out with you but not with your stubble.
Do you know “Your clean shaved look is the more expensive than this food from restaurant. Why don’t you take care of this...Huh?

Husband – Ok...No bedtime kisses...I mean don’t you think we will miss this most ?
I – I don’t know but at least I will be saved from your unshaved bruises.
He must be thinking that I have gone crazy, but I am feeling sharper today. I think I will be able to nail him to remove his evening stubble every day.
Husband – Yeah...I think I will manage with all three rules as I don’t want to waste my time shaving my evening stubble as I shave this piece of hair every morning. You women will never understand that how much it pains.

I – Don’t worry, I have got a surprise for you and she gave me a packet.
He opened the packet and found a Gillette Fusion Razor for Men, one of his close up photograph with an evening stubble and a card with a poem written inside.

Can I read this card for you and I snatched the card from him while he was appreciating the new Razor he got as a gift.

My Dear Husband,
You are the most important man in my life,
I am your only Wife, and I guess I am right!
So why don’t you listen to me,
When I say I hate your stubble,
As this pinches my palm,
When I touch your cheeks,
And bruises my face,
When I try to kiss!
I hate your stubble,
So please listen to me,
If you don’t shave,
I will make you Crave,
for love, hunger and wisdom,
When you are back home,
After finishing your work,
And beating the traffic,
You will miss my smile,
If you still don’t want to shave,
Then don’t crib but just crave
as I will still love you,
But you will miss something….
Your’s loving Wife

After reading this, I could see the color of my husband's face changing. He straight away went to the bathroom and closed the door. He had taken inside the Gillette Fusion Razor that I had gifted to him and came outside after 5 minutes sporting a prefect clean shaved Gentleman look.

I smiled at him.
He came to me, made my palms touch his smooth cheeks and he said:

My Dearest Wife,
I know you and I can’t resist you,
So I promise……………………………
That I will shave
Every morning and evening
Till I live with you
Because I don’t want to crave
Till I go to my grave,
And keep you happy
And smiling till we live forever....

We both hugged each other and now he is a happy husband without an evening stubble.

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with

"Sound of Love" - my entry to the GetPublished contest"

I fell in love umpteen times, from a kindergarten girl, had teenage crush on my class teacher to the hottest girl in my college and at my work place.

I always believed that love is expressed and communicated through words. However, extremely shy of expressing my love, I never proposed to any of them.

The Idea Description:

10th March 2012, Bakers Street, Pondicherry

I was sitting with my wife having my breakfast and was staring at the road just outside the café.
Hey, I think you are lost somewhere…. you seem to be tired too; Puja asked me?
Yeah,and we stood up and went to the counter to pay the bill.
Puja handed me a card that was kept at the bill counter, which read Merlyn Ayurvedic Massage Centre, MG road, Pondicherry.

I reached the address and was greeted by a 5 ft 8 inches tall, dark muscular guy.
He took me upstairs and gave me one of the best massage, I ever had. After the massage, I met a tall and beautiful lady at his house.

Hi! would you like to have some tea…she asked, to which I happily agreed.

At that time, I never knew that I am going to spend 9 hours with them listening to one of the most touching love story, which made me weep after ages.

24th Feb 2005, Anna International Airport, Chennai

A group of volunteers from an International NGO comes out of the airport and boards a Toyota Innova which was headed to Pondicherry.
Merlyn Flangiano, a girl in her late 20’s is sitting and listening to music on her ipod.
The car reached Pondicherry and after getting fresh, they split in groups and move towards the fisherman villages along the coast.

Its 2 months, since Tsunami had strike the Indian Ocean.

Merlyn was a social scientist and was working for rehabilitation of Tsunami victims.
The group met the head of the fisherman village to understand the Tsunami damage.
Some fisherman were watching the meeting and among them was a guy who was concentrating on Merlyn.

Merlyn smiled at him and waived her hand to say hello. The guy smiled too.
After the meeting, she went and asked his name.
He took out a piece of paper from his shorts and handed over to her.
She was surprised, but then another guy who was watching all this, came over to them.
Autograph Madam…Autograph… He tried explaining her in his broken English.
Ahh....I understand; she said and signed the blank paper in her beautiful writing.
But, what’s his name, she asked again.
Aaa…..Aaaaaa..…and she could understand now that he can’t speak.
Madam….he can’t speak and listen.
Oh...I am sorry. She said and went away.

What happened between the French girl and the fisherman in all these years is a tale of breaking many myths about love; we see everyday in our lives.
Why this story inspires me till today and I live with it everyday?

This is my entry for the HarperCollins-IndiBlogger Get Published Contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Talaash....Answer to Different Cinema lies in this

I am writing this review after 15 days of the movie being released, but I have still not been able to get over this movie; even though I have watched it twice.
Many readers would think me crazy that why Talaash has impressed me so much?

I would not have been able to answer this question correctly; if had I not seen this movie for the second time.

Talaash starts with the dirty yet beautiful screenplay showing the underbelly of Mumbai. The scene where a man is shown walking with a guitar in the night, pimp, customers and prostitutes are standing outside the neon lit shady bars and an old lady sitting on the footpath and just staring are mixed together to show the dark side of Mumbai in the night.
The story is good and the screenplay is such that this can be used as an example to teach the students of cinema.

All the actors in Talaash have played their role close to reality. Aamir Khan is a normal cop who is as puzzled with the case as all the other cops is the beauty of his character. I doubt that any other current star could have done justice to this role. Rani Mukherjee as the Aamir Khan's wife and Kareena Kapoor as a prostitute are other examples of perfect casting in the movie.

I would love to make Special mention for the two other actors - Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Rajkumar Yadav. They are the new breed of class actors and they both leave their mark even in a small role.

Talaash is not an out and out suspense thriller, in fact it’s a Suspense and Emotional drama with paranormal angle attached to the whole film.
Can you think of any other Bollywood cinema where emotional scenes are as strong as the suspense of the movie?

Aamir Khan is a grief stricken father who has lost his 8 year old kid and is a restless human being. He is investigating the accidental death of a young Film star and is in the search of the answers to his death. He meets a prostitute named Rosy, played by Kareena Kapoor who not only provides him information about the case but also soothes his grief and pain.

Rani Mukherjee plays the role of the disturbed wife of Aamir Khan and they as a couple are not able to bring joy to their life because of their child's death in an accident. The emotional scenes between the couple take you to another level in the film.

However, when the film ends, you will find that the answer to the death of the Film star is not as important as the answers to Aamir Khan's grief and guilt.
That's where the story scores points; also I feel that the pace of the movie has been deliberately kept a bit slow, as increasing the pace of the movie could have confused the audience.

All the characters in the movie have been carefully moulded and there is a very line between them being an evil and good. The simple love and friendship story between the pimp Nawazuddin and an age past prostitute looks real and keeps you thinking even after you have walked out of the theater.

The music is good and I have started respecting Ram Sampath even more after Satyamev Jayate music. I love the background scores especially Muskanein jhoothi hai and Jiya lage Na; though all the other songs are good too. The best parts of these songs are that they are not forced upon you, but they help you to get in the rhythm of the movie.
Talaash is not a perfect movie and I would also not say it’s a cult movie.
I would say that this movie should be watched because of the story, screenplay, background music by Ram Sampath, class acting by all the actors and a bringing in a perfect mix of mainstream and art treatment.

I didn’t like the suspense of Talaash in the end and I wished that Reema Kagti and Zoya Akthar could have written a slightly different climax. But No movie is perfect and you can ignore this deficiency to watch a good cinema.
However, if you are bogged down by the climax, than I doubt that you will like the movie. Also, don’t hope for an edge of the seat thriller; as I guess it was never meant to be made like that.
So go and watch Talaash; enjoy the cinema which is set in the dark but will show light to the different kind of cinema.
My rating is 3.5 out of 5