Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A tribute to Rajkumar

I had only heard the name of the Kannada icon Anna vuru aka Rajkumar before witnessing his greatness. The day he died I was in airport and my brother informed me to reach home ASAP. I never thought that within 15 minutes of his dying there would be a huge traffic jam. I was lucky enough to reach home before the mega jam , but not all the public. Many BPO employees had to stay in their office itself. The situation was such that not even a small paan shop was opened on that day. Seemed as if the city had seized. The cable walla stopped all the entertainment channels except news; thank god they spared the news channel.
The day when he was cremated saw a huge sea of people, of which few were creating violence, which I am sure Dr. Rajkumar would have never liked if he saw that.
The policemen were not spared either and a footage was shown in which a constable was beaten badly by the public on CNN IBN. Infact CNN IBN made very good coverage after the local channels.
At last , I would like to say that in south India the actors are considered god like figure and its amazing to see the public affection .
I also express my tribute to the icon and am impressed by his humbleness throughout his life which made him such a big icon.

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