Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rajdeep Sardesai: The current face of Indian Journalism

I am very tired and it’s around 12.43 am, and my eyes are fixed on the CNN-IBN channel watching Rajdeep commenting on the Income tax deptt troubling Amitabh Bacchan. My eyes are burning because of lack of sleep due to soccer, India tour of West Indies and of course blogging. I am tired, but I am helpless. I am helpless because I just can’t stop myself writing about the fiery and the most talented of the lot of Indian journalists, Rajdeep Sardesai. I am sure all those who have watched Rajdeep, must be highly impressed with him. And, for all those who are missing this action, stay away from home land, Rajdeep is the chief editor of CNN-IBN channel and presently the best Indian TV journalist. Before joining CNN-IBN which is a joint venture between CNN and TV 18, he was hosting one of the most popular programmes of NDTV, “The Big Fight” and was equally impressive in that.
I hail from an economically backward but politically motivated state of India, and I remember watching Rajdeep during the Mandal and Kamandal (Ram Janmbhoomi) era. He was first seen on T.V, covering the Advani Rath Yatra and then the subsequent elections together with Pranoy Roy. I remember him as an average journalist at that point of time, and was more impressed with other journalists such as Pranoy Roy and Vinod Dua. But with the passage of time and wisdom of grey hair, he has become an ace journalist who has got a dynamic screen presence on the T.V medium. His choice of frequent phrases like; somewhere down the line, fair enough etc. keeps the viewers under a tight control and makes them guessing , that he is going to come up with some real exciting and valid argument. His choice of words, catching the politicians and the guilty on the wrong foot, passing witty remarks, believing in journalism with valid arguments rather than creating noises and scandals makes him the current face of emphatic and matured Indian journalism.
He is witty, has got a band of young vibrant team who seems like are following Rajdeep footsteps and all this makes a pleasure to watch the CNN-IBN news which is significantly different from other Indian news channels such as Star News, Zee News, NDTV etc.
Looking in his past, Rajdeep is the son of the former Indian Test cricketer Dilip Sardesai and Nandini Sardesai, an activist in Mumbai and head of the Dept of Sociology, St Xavier's College; He attended the Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, St. Xavier's College, Mumbai and Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. He also worked for the Times of India in various positions before joining television.
All those people , who want to read Rajdeep’s column , can visit the CNN-IBN blog on:
  • CNN-IBN blog

    sushmita said...

    Did ya know that rajdeep is quite a cool dude…next when u see him reading news or discussing serious issues on tv ..Remember beneath his formal sirt and suit he wears bermudas!!!!!! Yup its 100% true and from a source who saw him many times running around it his special attire in the newsroom

    amitsinha said...

    THX for such an interesting info. He is really a cool dude. I am sorry , I was travelling and did not had access to net , sp couldnt reply it fast.
    thx again

    Anonymous said...

    Enjoyed a lot!
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    Anonymous said...

    Rajdeep Desai was not a Rhodes scholar. Please check the Rhodes scholars director and get yourself rite.

    amitsinha said...


    You havent mentioned ur name buddy ! But I suggest yoy please check by typing Rajdeep Sardesai Rhodes scholar and also check out the link
    And yes please mention his correct name . He is Rajdeep Sardesai and not Rajdeep Desai. There is a huge difference between the two . Right!

    Anonymous said...

    did u manage to get sirji's attention? u didn't? poor you. and they told you there was no vacancy for psychophants, yeah?

    amitsinha said...

    dear anonymous,

    first find your name and tell me your name , if you are able to find it.then I would happily discuss with u Dude..if I got Sirji attention or not.
    Best of luck for discovering your name. hard comment but none the less you deserved it , as posting as anonymous is never a good idea and that too when you are making a personal comment on me.

    Still Regards,

    p.s - if you would have used your name and would have made a personal comment on me, I would have welcomed you and not had been rude. but dont post as anonymous , feel free to criticize me but do it boldly.

    nupur singh said...

    Hi! liked ur article about Rajdeep Sardesai.he is good no doubts about it and after reading what you have written one can easily make out that you are quite influenced by him.but its just that one needs to be a bit balanced even one praises somebody.Hope you got what i said.

    amitsinha said...

    Hi Nupur,

    thanx..ya lil biased when i praise someone.accepted in right from journalism background??/


    nupur said...

    thnx for considering my remarks sportingly...though m nt ny authority jst said wat i felt...m on my way to bcm a journalist..hope to read smthing new writtn by u.

    amitsinha said...

    hi Nupur,
    Best wishes..for ur future. kisi bhi journalist ya budding journalist se milkar bada achaa lagta hai.hv been struggling with demanding travel of my job 2 write..but will bounce back soon.
    I wld like 2 keep in touch with u. its always gr8 to know people with similar passion and interests.

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