Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Taking a Break !

Hi all,

I am packing my things and leaving from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I am not really worried about relocating, as I have been staying away from home last 7-8 years and have managed quite well. The only blessing I seek from God and everyone is that I do well wherever I go.
Anyways, I wont be blogging for may be next 7-10 days. I will miss it, but I will miss more reading the unconventional thoughts by Keshi, the interesting stuff posted on WOW by Archana, Uday and other good authors, the inspirational lines from Ekta (Once upon a time). I really like this line as my favorite author Paulo Coelho Starts his book from the line, Once upon a time. I would also miss staring at the delicious cuisines discovered by Anna. Well, talking of food and drinks I recently tasted Bru cappuccino coffee which I really liked. There was no tea, in my home and I had to manage with coffee, which I generally dont prefer. But, I really liked it especially the Mocha flavor, though I had tasted the Cinnamon flavor which somehow didnt suited my taste.
Bru cappuccino Mocha is very easy to prepare, as its more like a readymade coffee. You dont need to add sugar, milk anything. Just put it in hot water and it is prepared.
I really recommend Bru Cappuccino especially the Mocha flavor, and since it is available in single serve packet costing only Rs 6 which is well suited for bachelors.
Well, now I take a pause from blogging for few days sipping the last drop of my Bru Mocha.

Lots of love to everyone,


Ekta said...

hey amit,
All the best and am sure u'll do well!:-)
Its yet another phase in your life and am sure it'll be a great experience!
So enjoy and make the most of every moment..

Leaving my favourite quote for u.."May u live in interesting times.."

archie said...

All the best with your move amit!
Hope you have a great time in Hyderabad, my birth place :) !

Keshi said...

take a break n be bakk soon mate!


*~AnnA~* said...

would miss u blogging..
well, if u can get some chocs, u can mix them into ur coffee, u'll get some mocha there.

take care & all the best..


Anonymous said...

best regards, nice info

Anonymous said...

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