Sunday, July 23, 2006

Melodies of Life !!!

Hi frens,

Finally I am writing something ,feeling hard to write as I am trying to regain whatever writing skills I possess .The break saw lot of events , my process of settling in Hyderabad, trying to learn the IT sector, the serial bomb blast in Mumbai which created a lot of rage inside me against terrorism and government inabilities ,watching Krish(the first Bollywood Super Man, worth watching it!)and getting back to listening FM radio.
One thing in life which has consistently kept me alive is the music.I like listening to all kinda music , country,rock,bollywood and surprisingly I have also started appreciating Telgu and Tamil songs. I prefer listening the songs on FM radio than on my laptop , as I like the unpredictability of the song sequence.
In time of stress, in period of joy , the FM channels have remained my companion. My favourate are the FM channels of Mumbai. The energy , the topics the RJs of FM channels in Mumbai discuss is very exciting and the songs selection are the best.However, one programme that is telecast all over India and is best according to me is "love Guru" on Radio city. If , I am not wrong, the RJ is Karan, with a very groovy voice.The callers discuss their interesting love life , which is sometime funny and sometime really sentimental. But , hey I like this programme not because of the discussion on love or personal life , but more so because of the unpredictable best romantic songs it plays from Hindi Music.
I would like to end this with one of my favourate song of Kishore da , dont know the name of the movie though listening it from last 3 years on the same channel , but really like the song !
"raju chal raju, masti mein chal"

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*~AnnA~* said...

glad to hear from u again.
take care & all the best!