Saturday, January 15, 2011

IPL -4 Auction – Ganda hai par dhanda hai yeh…

Disclaimer – I love watching IPL and this article is just trying to make a humor out of the whole IPL hoopla…nothing personal against anyone and no sentiments attached. Your feedback is welcome whether it’s a dash of sweet or is a pinch of salt. I love them both!

There was a lot of excitement to watch the IPL-4 Auction live on TV, courtesy SET MAX. I was getting restless to watch the whole thing and to get myself prepared to watch the whole bidding process live, I got a can of diet coke (sorry,oh-la-la-lu-le-loo..argh..), masala peanuts and a friend who has an amazing knowledge about cricket statistics.
However, my excitement soon fused out after watching the expressionless face of the host who was facilitating the bidding process. His pronunciation of Indian names like Mur-a-lli Kart-ick was good enough to make one’s head bang. With due respect to his credentials as I am sure he must have been a good qualified host and would have done many bidding processes in past but I just found him a bit boring.
I wonder why they didn’t hired Mandira Barbadi for handling the auction process as she might have created some waves in the bidding with her “Top” comments.
In between the chit chat, there was our very own Desi Paaji passing his expert comments and analysis on the cricketers bid and at the same time thinking of “I wish I would have played IPL”.
But we all know that once the “pulp is squeezed from mango” there is no fun in buying that mango. One of the prominent disciple of this fundamental adage is “Tees maar Khan” not the Punjabi Munda but the very own KKKK….Kolkata Badshah who didn’t retained Dada in his team.
Effigies burnt, my Bengal friend got emotional on FB, sports journalists treating this as “shocking” and what not. Lately, it is also doing round that CBI is going to conduct an enquiry as why the fiery Dada was not taken by KKR…
I just hope that rising onion prices is at least not linked to this :)
My friends suggested that Kochi ka Ghochi should bid for fiery Dada and appoint him as the captain but they seemed to be busier with acquiring wicket keepers and bowlers in their team than Batsman. Anyways, it’s their money and their mind and we are just spectators watching the mega event.
To keep the strong tie between Bollywood and Criket going there was this yogini Shilpa with her business associate cum hubby, Raj, and Priety with Ness looking at print outs and staring at laptops as analyzing spread sheets or they might have been looking at some interesting screen saver running there. With all these bollywood tadka, I regret why the sultry nagin “Hissss” is not part of any IPL team ; may be next season we might get to see her revealing her cricket brains if we get a Haryanavi team...Ke hon lag raha Tau…
After the auction ended, I became really happy that the drama is over and I will not be forced to discuss who is going to which team and so on and finally I would get to hear and read some good cricket news other than the IPL auction. Unfortunately this happiness remained really short as tug of war for poaching uncapped players has started now. These players who were performers in IPL but didn’t get a chance to be in the national side seemed to be loosing on the money front and are heard singing this song to their franchisee-
Auction to gaya , Millions chala gaya,
Ek baar to ab humein khelne do…
Give me more money,
Give me more perks,
I want to play up once again...
Let’s see what unfolds of this IPL saga this year…minus the Modi and lovable Dada…and now all of us including our cricketers get out of this IPL bug and focus on the World Cup solely.
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