Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sathyam Multiplex in Chennai : A pleasure to watch movie

I have watched many movies in multiplexes spread across different cities like Delhi’s PVR, Noida’s Waves, and Bangalore’s Inox, Innovative etc. However, my favorite is Sathyam multiplex in Chennai, located near to Mount Road. The difference lies in its simplicity though using latest technology in sound system, (RDX). Real Digital Experience or RDX together with DLP Cinema™ technology from Texas Instruments is for the first time in India to its Chennai complex.
Unlike other Multiplexes which believe in grandeur and lot of glitz, Sathyam is relatively simple from outside. However, once you enter inside, you feel like you are in a movie world with lots of posters of upcoming movies.
Sathyam has a total of six theaters named: Sathyam, Santham, Subham, Sree and Studio-5 and Six degrees which host an array of films in Tamil, English, Hindi and, occasionally, other south Indian languages. The sound system with picture quality is excellent and the sitting is comfortable with proper leg space. The crowd is mix of simple and hippest public of Chennai, with maximum rush observed during the evening and night show.
I would like to mention one thing that the show timing for movies are planned in such a way that people generally get the time of their choice, which I didn’t experienced in any other multiplex than Sathyam. One can also book the tickets online, with their choice of seating. The moviegoers can also mention their choice of seat while booking physically and most of the time it is accommodated. You can do that in Sathyam, through Additional Rs.10 is charged for this. Not just this. There's more you can also order your snacks, even at the time of booking. These food items will be delivered right at your seats, during the interval time. No need to wait in the Queue for that expensive pop-corn.
Sathyam launches many innovative schemes such as lucky draw for 3 seats in a screen that will get certain gifts such as Airtel Sim card, etc. Apart from this, they show trailers of new coming movies, which bind the audience to their seats. Not to forget the beautiful advertisement of Nalli saris and Gokul Jewelers, this makes the interval enjoyable also.
I have watched 5 movies in Sathyam till date, and had a good watching experience all the time.
At last, I would highly recommend this theatre for watching movies in Chennai, so next time you are traveling to Chennai and want to watch a movie, just go to Sathyam multiplex, you are most likely to get the movie of your choice.
The distance to Sathyam from Spencer Plaza is around 5 minutes from Auto Rickshaw and is close to Mount Road.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Tom Dick and Harry: Film review

Oops, I did it again!!!

The Friday, 12th May 2006 will go as perhaps the black day in Indian Cinema. This is the day when Deepak Tijori, who earlier also made bad films like Oopss, Khamosh-Khauff ki ek Raat released the worst ever film in Indian cinema. I am worried that this is such a pathetic movie, that its record may not be broken for coming many years, until Deepak produces another such movie.
I won�t boar you with the story line as the film is loosely scripted. But please bear few lines. Deaf Tom (Dino Morea), blind Dick (Anuj Sawhney) and mute Harry (Jimmy Shergill) stay together as paying guest and keep doing funless, sarcastic comedy between them. They portray the disability in such an insensitive manner, that one feel to literally abuse the director and the actors. They all try to woo Celina jetly, the neighbor and also try to save her from bad man, Gulshan grover who calls Tom,Dick and Harry as defective pieces. Funny, is it; certainly not.
It would not be fair to say more about this movie, as it doesn�t deserve even a review.
I would also like to comment on Nikhat Kajmi, the film critic of Times of India, that why she gave 2.5 out of 5 to Tom,Dick and Harry. I have been observing TOI film reviews for some time, and find that it gives a very biased approach and is just ridiculous.
I will now stop reading the film reviews by Nikhat Kajmi, as it doesn�t reflect an unbiased approach or may be she even doesn�t watch the movies before writing its review. Sorry, no offence meant, but the reviews standard have certainly degraded, I feel.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Bangalore to Tirupati by KSRTC, APSRTC, ITDC-Detailed Information by a Darshan Visitor

I recently made a trip to Tirupati from Bangalore few weeks ago. I am writing this to help people get information who want to travel from Bangalore to Tirupati for Darshan.
There are three major bus services from Bangalore to Tirupati:
ITDC: 1155 Rs
KSRTC: 1155 Rs
APSRTC: 1100 Rs.
All these buses start from Racecourse Road and are generally around night between 8.30 to 10.30 pm. The buses are Volvo air-conditioned but not that comfortable. The leg space is less and it�s hard to sleep in the bus. The bus will stop at regular intervals of around 2 hr. The total travel time is around 6.30 hrs. My bus started at 9.30 pm and at 3 am it reached Tirupati. The temple is another 30-45 mins. from this place. Once one reaches Tirupati, the Darshan visitors are taken to a guest house. The accommodation will be provided for 1.5 hrs during which one has to take bath and relax if he or she wants to. The accommodation will be one room per family or per group. After that the bus will move to visit the temple of Lord Balaji�s wife and one can pay Darshan in that temple. The ticket will cost 25 Rs.
After this Darshan, the bus will stop at a hotel and one can take breakfast in that hotel. All those people who want to get their head tonsured are taken into different vehicles to the temple. The head are tonsured free at the public head tonsuring hall inside the temple. It is advised to take an extra set of clothing as one has to take bath after getting his head tonsured.
After this, they can have their breakfast and submit their belongings at one of the shop which have a tie up with the travel guide. It is advised not to take mobile or cameras, as they are strictly not allowed inside the temple.
After submitting the belongings, a line will be formed and one has to move in line. The Darshan process will take around 2-3 hrs depending upon the rush level. After the Darshan, the visitors are given one complimentary Ladoo by the travel guide.
After another 1 hour, the bus will start the journey back to Bangalore. In between the journey they will stop the bus for lunch at a hotel. The special thali is around 55 Rs. , but it�s a buffet system and I tell you , that the lunch is really good.
The bus will be back to Bangalore by around 7.30 pm.
This is very good information for people who are willing to go to Balaji�s Darshan from Bangalore by ITDC, KSRTC, APSRTC.
Going to Tirupati is like rejuvenation and I feel blessed by Lord Balaji.
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Information on Reliance Petroleum IPO Refund and Allotment status

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This information is for all those who want to know about their refund process of Reliance Petroleum IPO and also to check their allotment status.

This is the Link :

To know more about the refund , refer the website :

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dance Bars: Let the Music Play

A lot have been said and lot of been showed on all the TV channels, be it Star News, CNN-IBN or AAZ TAK or NDTV. There have been common sentiments among all the media channels that let the dance bars continue.
Dance Bars, which has been the pulse of Mumbai nightlife, an employment for lakhs of bar girls, waiters, a place for some easy money for the cops, a good amount of revenue for the government and a sore for the Maharashtra government ; more importantly for few of the ministers.
I think we as Indians are growing up and don’t need moral policing from people who themselves are corrupt and characterless. Before applying ban to these dance bars, they should stop the high class sex racket breeding in the shining suites of five star hotels and cities up market discos. There have been arguments by the government that these bars are more of brothel. I ask that is the government such impotent that they can’t identify the bars which are acting as brothels and cancel their license. The government should understand that not all dance bars, hotels, discos act as brothels. The solution is to strictly identify those places and put a ban on them.
The government never thought about rehabilitating these bar girls, yes they did gave statement once or two but that was more of because of public pressure. Lately our highest place of justice have been giving some good decision like re-trial in Jessica lal case , but the decision of continued ban on dance bar is bit disappointing. Well, the case may be that the Court is taking its own time to look into the matter in an intricate manner, before lifting up the ban.
At last, I want to say that I am not advocating the dance bars, but I am being practical and sensitive to the whole issues. The government should make a complete rehabilitation programme for bar girls before even thinking of putting a lock on dance bars.
Grow up Guys, and Let the Music Play!

Madhur Bhandarkar and Preeti Jain : Ek Choti Si Page 3 Story

A sexy sweet model from Delhi reaches the city of dreams, Mumbai with aspirations of “Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti hoon” . She meets a young talented director among the many who asks her “Degi Kya?”. Remember the scene from Page 3 movie. The model is smart and not dumb like Tara sharma of Page 3 movie who refuses to this proposal in the beginning. But, the Director is even smarter; who spends some good time with the model and in lieu of that offers her tit and bit roles in his movies.
The model turned struggling actress feels betrayed and hence gives birth to scandals. Legal spats starts between the director and the actor with the later accusing the director of rapes. Media finds a masala and so the people. The news flashes in TVs, newspapers and the actor becomes famous, though for wrong reasons.
The actor also tries to take help of a local goon, but finds herself into more trouble and also spends some time in the Jail. She meets a famous bar girl turned bookie Tabbasum who becomes her friend. The media gets another masala.
The recent story is that a Delhi based Photographer who once claimed to have nude pics of the model and stated earlier that the model harassed her, has turned to court again and also turned from his statement offering public apology to the model.
A news channel makes a very good episode of the whole affair and increases its TRP rating.
We all don’t know what would be its end, but I am sure the media are wishing that this story never ends and only the sequels are made.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pug licking ur monitor screen saver link:
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Page 3

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