Saturday, August 05, 2006

Babies day out!!!

Babies , I think the most cutest word in the world dictionary . I never thought I would be writing about babies on my blog , but I came around a pair of babies(twin)and couldnt stop myself writing.
I was having my dinner with my frens in my company cafeteria and saw a group of people having their dinner on the table in front of me. There was a pretty lady trying to handle the babies , as the babies were very restless.hooo!!! but the most interesting part was that in a span of 5 minutes around 4-5 young ladies sitting on different tables came to the mother and started asking for the babies. the glow on the face of these ladies was so bright , as if the babies had 4-5 mothers. Me and my frens were amazed, that such is the magnetism of babies that it attracts everyone and never repels.
I have always loved watching discovery and NGC showing animals loving their babies and this makes me think that the world is so beautiful. I wish someday that it could have been so good , if "babies remained babies"....
love to all the babies of this world !!!


Keshi said...

I so wanna be a mum whenever I see a baby!


Ekta said...

aww..i loovve babies...even I get attracted like a magnet every time I see a little baby!
Guess its the innocence and purity of an infact that attracts all of us to it!

Omni said...

What a cutie!! :-)

anand said...

Hey I think its the opposite for me!
I have a baby phobia...somehow babies just seem to start crying ard me!

Neha said...

lol..cute!!babies have all the luck :)