Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Year has Come Calling

A December morning looking misty and foggy
I look back, at what I achieved and what not
As I measure statistically the gains and loss
not only the sum of the paper with the golden line
but also the trading of tears and smiles
People, the year has come calling!
A December night, chilling and windy,
I am glued to the Plasma on the wall,
As I am drinking Whiskey and having a ball
I look back; to how many miles I traveled
And how many ages I went past
Folks, the year has come calling!
Numbers and parameters reveal only half the story
As it sets the base for the other half
When priorities are set and objectives are planned
To better my report card and achieve what I want
And I know it’s not going to be a cake walk as usual
Guys, the year has come calling!
Waiting for the sunshine on a fresh new January day
Out of the hangover and nightmares of the past
But guided by the beautiful memories
Enticed with fresh found optimism
And heavy doses of enthusiasm
I look ahead to better days and a better year
Friends, the year has come calling!

Wishing All my friends, bloggers and readers "A great 2011"