Friday, June 09, 2006

eleven minutes…….

“eleven minutes” is the latest book, I read of my favorite author PAULO COELHO. I am not writing the book review, because I am not qualified enough to assess his books.
All those who haven’t read the book, I would like to give a brief that the story revolves around a Brazilian prostitute and her journey to real love in this not so beautiful or the most fascinating world.
However, I was not able to relate myself to the outward subject line of book which revolves around the pleasure of sex and real love (the name eleven minutes is adopted from the pleasure of sex which takes around roughly eleven minutes, as per the author, neways this is not the soul of the book).
But, the thing which I want to relate myself is the adventures the central character takes, her faith in the fate, her quest for worldly knowledge, and her struggles in life, rising from the constraints and achieving what she deserved. This is what makes it quite similar to “The Alchemist” and makes it worth reading.
I have always loved philosophy in my life, though never studied in its pure form; but these are the books which helps one understand the cycle of life. And, I don’t mind learning from a shepherd or a prostitute.
I am not able to write much on this, but would like to share a quote from the prostitute diary in the book which caught my attention and has a great meaning.
“I am the Soul and Body is my visible part”.

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