Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ramayana The Game Of Life : Shattered Dreams - Book Review

Name: Ramayana: The Game of Life – Shattered dreams
Author: Shubha Vilas
Publisher: Jaico
My Rating: 3.5/5

It takes courage to write a mythological book and that too on Ramayana, a story which every Indian has read or watched it on Indian Television.
But, to my surprise The Game of Life - Shattered Dreams, the second book in the series by spiritual author Shubha Vilas keeps it interesting and propels you to read it further.

It’s a story which is still relevant in the modern content of life. There are a lot of questions in Ramayana, which as a reader or an audience would have never questioned like - why 14 years of exile and not 13 years or 15 years? What was going around in Dasratha's mind? How do the people of the kingdom react to the parting of their beloved prince, Rama?
The author does not shy away from taking cues from the Valmaki Ramayana but the best part is that the author tries to present his own logical thinking and in that attempt it also encourages the readers to apply their own thinking while reading the book.
The book has got a lot of depth and because of that it requires patience to read such a book on mythology. The writing style makes a reader visualize the scenes, which is a comforting factor while reading the book.
Shubha Vilas puts a strong case through this book, that the story of Ramayana is still relevant to our lives and that to adopt its teaching is the ideal way to lead our lives. He is considered to be the greatest Dharma King of all times and we as a nation still believe, follow him and worship him.

The book emphasizes the role of Dharma in our life and why we must stick to our Dharma.
The book teaches us to handle adverse situations, manage complex relationships in our life, to curb unnecessary temptations and be positive all our life.
It teaches us sacrifice for our loved ones.
I have not read Shubha Vilas first book in this series ' Rise of the Sun Prince' but after reading this book, I want to read the first book in the series as well.

Though, as part of the story its not required to read the two books in chronological order, but I want to read it because of the way the author has presented the whole story and the idea behind important decisions and actions taken by the characters in the book.
I strongly recommend everyone who likes mythological stories, philosophy and tries to inculcate principles from ancient stories into their present day life to read this book. This book is a spiritual healer and can work as an antidote for today’s modern stressed lifestyle.

My sincere gratitude to the author and heartiest congratulations for writing such a beautiful story with right explanations and forcing us to critically evaluate the actions in the story.
My rating for this book is 3.5/5 and is a good read for book lovers.

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