Tuesday, September 20, 2005

hazaroon kwhaisheen aisi.....

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another of my fav. movie , but more so beacuse of its sensuous actress chitragandha singh. well she is another smita patil in making .hard to aceept it , but she is talented and beautiful and sexy.
infact she is the USP of movie. and the songs are gud , typically bihari ... (there is even a mention of my home town , bhagalpur in the film). if i am not wrong sudhir mishra also belongs to that place..
nice movie...

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I really fell in love with this movie and saw it daily for 3 dayz . the first time i saw this movie in chankaya was a pleasure unlimited. konkana sen is as usual good in this movie. but the real sensation is sandhya mridul . she is just terrific and so natural, and the climax scene when tara sharma is partying with same bollywood guys who exploited her and she meets konkana . the film is dark , but still enjoyable just like madhur's other film - chandni bar .
guys do post comment on this movie...
kitne azeeb rishte hai yahan par....

Monday, September 05, 2005

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about the blog

welcome to my blog, sorry our blog. The happenings on this blog are going to be a collective effort so the credits will be shared by everyone , while bricks will be shared by me only.
Well , dont reflect it as a selfless gesture guyz, but the great leaders always take the responsibility of failure and share success with all.
and when we all took the decision of joining management , we never thought to become managers , but as a leader, I guess 100% I am right frens.
The blog will be the database of all my happenings in life and unlike the Hutch ad which claims to follow u everywhere , this will definitely follow.
So , anyone who visits here please post few lines for this blog.
At last guys, only 1 thing i would like 2 say :
I love u all !!!! D o love me ?