Saturday, January 20, 2007

Can U make it BIG! Guru

Heard so many success stories, watched people making fortunes out of penny, have you ever thought that can you make it big?
I am sure; you must have thought may be just for moments, but that moment remained as beautiful history, right! The one thing which can give me maximum high making it big, and not the beautiful and famous ladies of the world sitting legs apart for me, or the choicest wines of the world or exotic food, and seriously nothing except the divine power and family in which I truly believe.
It’s another thing, I dont have access to any of these yet, and I acknowledge it without any fear, but certainly I am free to express what I feel. It may be liked by most, hated by few.
The dream of making it big, vision had caught me from childhood itself, but it was lost in the fun of teenage and then struggle with life in making a stand in the 350 million middle class Indian household. I know people rate success based on their own parameter, but that’s not logically correct. It’s a myopic view, and I too was suffering with, till I met some of the people who are making good money in the corporate world. When, I completed my MBA, I wanted a good paying corporate job in hand. I got a decent one, and my family and friends think that I will definitely make good money in life. But hey, is earning 30-35 lakhs or may be 50 lakhs per annum for at age of 40 in corporate world, is really enough.
I am not being greedy, but what if you earn 50 lakhs, who knows you, who identifies you, may be some here and there a picture once in business column. No doubt, people like CEOs or very senior corporate czars as successful, because they influence life. But speaking generally, the world is very big and only few people leave their footprint behind, when they go. I have great respect and admiration for people who have earn millions in corporate world, because it’s a big achievement, no doubt. Please, be clear that I am not talking about achievements in general, but achievement which can influence lives, the world, that is what success is for me. I don’t differentiate between a Honda city and Mercedes; they can afford same comfort, though the latter may be marginally better. Also, this post is not all about money, as well. For me and many of people whom I asked, Ira Bhatt of Sewa (a famous NGO in India) is more successful than any other person who is earning 50 lakhs, but is lost in this big crowd. So guys, money is not the only parameter. But influencing life is making it big. Some do it as Ira, some as DhiruBhai, some as BigB, and some as Naina Kidwai. I am writing this post today, may be I will be lost in the crowd like most of them, but will definitely try once, what I always wanted to do in my life.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Journey on the Nostalgia track

This weekend has been special for me, as I celebrated my new year on this Friday with a friend, from IIFT. Though, we were just Hi hello frens in college, but lately I have known him a lot and also started respecting more than what I used to. He is known as Bali, more by his Nickname than Abhishek.
Well, I am here to discuss what binds between me and Bali. Its the memories... we share which transcends further to the reality today. Though, we didnt used to roam together in IIFT, but we still love discussing the gossips and the debate goes on.
The train of memory started on Friday night and its still moving into flashback with random selection of scenes. It started from my MBA College, moved to my undergraduate college and now I am in my high school surfing through the profiles of lost friends in high school on Orkut and remembering them. I suddenly remember, the naughty activities, the pranks I used to play with my classmates, numerous experimentation with the smoke and Whiskey...watching movies, bursting crackers in classroom and bathroom.
And suddenly, a scene flashes in my mind, and I have deepest regret for that. I had a fight with a girl(Miss M.) during my school days and I had spoken with her badly, which was totally immature on my part. I don’t know why, it seems a small thing in such a long life, but it still haunts and hurt me and hope to come over it someday in my life.
May be, this incident has helped me in respecting women more than what I used to do initially.
I remember , my MBA preparation days, when I literally transformed myself into a studious person, going home at the earliest from the college , increased intake of tea, quitting my favorite old monk and dreaming about my life and goals. And, the day I started getting calls from good colleges, I felt so elated like a winner. Its the passion which drive me towards success and which keeps me kicking.
How, can I forget my most recent beautiful memories which are fresh and live in Hyderabad, where I made a completely different set of friends and had a total different and great form of joyful experience with some of the best people, I have met in my whole life. Those countless games of carom, midnight walks, cribbing about the training schedules still and always linger in my brain and heart.
There are memories which make me embarrassed, but there are memories which also keep my head high. Setting up of the first CSR club Koshish in IIFT is one such achievement. I thank to the strong team of Koshish, which contributed so much for the cause and without them, it would have been impossible.
Let me halt my travel in the memories for some time........and join you in your travel.

Monday, January 01, 2007

31st Dec... The most hyped day of a year!

There are Xmas Parties, Diwali and so on ….but it seems that 31st Dec. is the most hyped day in any year. People rush to parties like anything, all the hotels, guest houses, resorts are packed especially in coastal areas, and there is a huge rush for getting the spirits high on whiskey, Rum, Beer, Wine and Champagne...
Everyone will ask each other that what you are doing on New Year Eve, where are you going, etc. It’s like People want an excuse to just run away from all the past year troubles for that one day, when they can let loose themselves without any tension and just plain chill out.
I shifted recently to Chennai and doesn’t have much of a circle here, so on a contradictory note; I celebrated it with bit sober attitude, but couldn’t stop myself having one bottle of beer. But, there are people I know who have celebrated New Year day in a much more sober and spiritual way. I met two persons working in my company, while traveling in the bus one day. Pasha, is a 24 year old guy from Russia and Eva is a 23 year old girl from Macedonia, I hope I have spelled her country properly. Sorry, if I haven’t. They all celebrated New Year in an Ashram without a single drop of alcohol. Its, so tough if you drink generally and you are not drinking on the most hyped day of the year.
I went to but Beer, and I was amazed to see the huge rush in the liquor shop. People were getting over each other to buy spirit like they are hungry from ages. It seemed, so irritating, but can’t blame as I was also part of the mad rush, though surely was not that desperate to buy the Beer like them.
I wanted to visit Pondicherry, with my friends but all the places were booked 1- 15 days in advance. Forget, about Goa, where the places are booked 1 month in Advance. I just want to go into the deeper sense, of 31st Dec. night. Why people flock away from their existing home to celebrate outside, is it the advent of a coming year, a high degree of optimism, or to burn out the bad events of going year or to celebrate the good events of the going year. People may say, Oh... we just want to chill out because everyone is doing so, but there must be some underlying psychology which can be explored. May be, the answer lies in growing consumerism, with all those appealing offers from the Marketers.
But, there is something other than the chill out factor which keeps it the most hyped day.
Can it be explained logically, with something like game theory, or in the marketing sense or may be in the human behavior patterns. Just keeping the decision open....
Hey a last question?
So, how did you celebrate your New Year Eve??????

And Have a great 2007......