Monday, May 15, 2006

Tom Dick and Harry: Film review

Oops, I did it again!!!

The Friday, 12th May 2006 will go as perhaps the black day in Indian Cinema. This is the day when Deepak Tijori, who earlier also made bad films like Oopss, Khamosh-Khauff ki ek Raat released the worst ever film in Indian cinema. I am worried that this is such a pathetic movie, that its record may not be broken for coming many years, until Deepak produces another such movie.
I won�t boar you with the story line as the film is loosely scripted. But please bear few lines. Deaf Tom (Dino Morea), blind Dick (Anuj Sawhney) and mute Harry (Jimmy Shergill) stay together as paying guest and keep doing funless, sarcastic comedy between them. They portray the disability in such an insensitive manner, that one feel to literally abuse the director and the actors. They all try to woo Celina jetly, the neighbor and also try to save her from bad man, Gulshan grover who calls Tom,Dick and Harry as defective pieces. Funny, is it; certainly not.
It would not be fair to say more about this movie, as it doesn�t deserve even a review.
I would also like to comment on Nikhat Kajmi, the film critic of Times of India, that why she gave 2.5 out of 5 to Tom,Dick and Harry. I have been observing TOI film reviews for some time, and find that it gives a very biased approach and is just ridiculous.
I will now stop reading the film reviews by Nikhat Kajmi, as it doesn�t reflect an unbiased approach or may be she even doesn�t watch the movies before writing its review. Sorry, no offence meant, but the reviews standard have certainly degraded, I feel.

Posted by Amit


Jaskaran_Singh said...

hmm........Showing disabilty of a person in a poor vein is a n abuse to the human race.Referring them to as "Defective Pieces" is degrading i think. Rahter than censor board making popular moves like deleting scenes 4m movies like RDB It should look ban movies like these which r not only abusive bt they also make mockery of the human ability to rise despte diabilities
Kudos to you mr. for highlighting such stupid movies

amitsinha said...

thanx Jas , for dropping on my blog and commenting on the topic. I am happy to hear ur views regarding the movie.

ElizaG said...

Hey! Great review...Ive never heard of or seen this movie but I was interested anyway right from the "The Friday, 12th May 2006 will go as perhaps the black day in Indian Cinema.."

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