Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lawfull Lawless

I got up at 11 am in the morning today and as usual asked my roomie to hand over the newspaper to me with the usual morning romantic songs .
But , the romanticism lasted only till the moment I saw the front page of Times of India . The paper covered the verdict on Jessica Lal murder case . After going through the whole article I felt that the Judicial institutions in India are still under the clutches of corrupt cops, ministers and lawyers. It is not only a matter of agony for the families who have suffered such situations of lawless but for the whole nation . we often read the ruling party boasting of 7-8 % economic growth , rising disposable income , employment schemes but does all this can make India a developed nation . certainly not , the basic governance needs to be improved . I know its easy to say than practice , but strict actions needs to be taken in this regard .
After learning about the case , so many memories come to haunt - Sateyendra dubey , Priyadarshini Matoo case , hard to count .
I think the government should try making these basic pillars of democracy strong enough rather than just making noises about the growing economic focus because I feel for a nation to be strong , the growth and development needs to be focussed equally .
I wish my romanticism in morning doesnt end like this anymore !

Monday, February 13, 2006

How to use my time ?

hi all,

once again , I have plenty of time and I am not sure what all to do . I think this is happening with most of my batchmates and is creating a bit of stress . May be , its more for me as I dont like sitting idle and sleeping too much .
Another thing is for the first time in my life , I have started hating parties and just want to run away from it . Infact , I dont feel like enjoying parties on my brother weeding . Its not that I am turning away from materialism , but I think I have spent enough time partying all my life and I no more feel enjoying it . I feel its good as I dont enjoy drinking beer also any more , now I feel its time to quit .
The problem is that I want to run away from evil and do some thing good . I dont want to read any books right now , as I feel I want a break from the books as well.
The only option I think to utilize my time effectively is to do some career counselling in Udayan Care , atleast I will get to interact with some teenage people and guide them in their career . I am looking for a company to go to udayan care . I have talked to Manish and Inder . Inder is busy in his exams and Manish is sleeping in his home , huh... . Hope when I return from my bro weeding , some one accompanies me .
I am lately having a feeling that I may set up some innovative school for children in my 50's , a kind of which can be unique and succesfully commercially too .
But before that I want to prove myself succesful in my career and make a lot of money , drive my career and organisation to a greater height.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

my new journey!

yah , I am calling it a new journey , moving to a job , making new plans and most importantly making it big . I have often talked about leadership , but my real test begins now . We all have so many dreams in life , me too . I have a goal to reach the top of my organisation and add some real value to the organisation.
I am writing this today because I want to read it after 8-10 years and mark my words .
Yes , I do have multiple interests , rising professionally ,writing a successful book , helping people and life is so fast and short .
But , I hope all these achievements are due in my life and god will guide me to reach to my goals.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Rang De Basanti Movie Review

Rang De Basanti , a movie starting with fun , migrating back to the history , returning back to the present and finally inspiring the future of this country .
The direction is really good as it succesfully creates a linkage between the past and present with repeat dialogues such as "Mar Dalo". Allice Patten as Su, the filmmaker from UK is perfect and her hindi gells well with her acting . She comes back to India to make a film on the independence martyr , but finds that the fire of patriotism which she read about in her grandfathers dairy doesnt any exist any longer .
The patriotism has been replaced by the materialistc lost youth who thinks India as a poor ,corruption infected place and are completely pessimistic about the future .
But , not all youth are like that and Madhavan as a IAF Pilot portrays it very well , especially in the lounge bar scene when they discuss about the country and their responsivbilities .
The movie seems a bit streched in mid way especiallly during the shooting of the movie on martyr , but it was bit necessary also to express the message to the youths of today.
The songs are good , but one needs to hear it 2-3 times to really love the songs.
Aamir Khan looks old quite a time , but he still manages to portray the role very well because he is no doubt , one of the most talented actor of India.
Siddharth has done excellent role as the son of Anupam Kher and one of the friends of Aamir Khan , and also Kunal as Aslam .
Soha Ali looks beautiful, seems she can be really one of the leading ladies of the tinsel town in 1-2 years .
The cinematography is just amazing , Rakyesh mehra being and Ad film maker himself definately exploits his cinematography sense in the movie.
Overall, the movie is a must watch , but those who can resist a bit of lecture in the middle .

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Placement blues!!

The day have finally arrived when I have a job in my hand and I can write some things about my placement experience in IIFT. The placement season is the most important part in most of MBAs life and so for me also . My placement season started with Genpact , the first GD that I got through . I could'nt cracked the final interview but it made me aware of my weaknesses in the interviews.
The second and most important interview was of ITC . I again made through one of the toughest GD in my life which was a case discussion. Infact , I consider it as the best GD I have faced till date in life , as I almost ruled the entire GD without being aggresive at all.
ITC shortlisted four and finally selected two candidates. There were some job suitability issues as per the ITC , so I couldnt covert the interview again.
I faced some interviews more , but was unable to convert them , still dont know the reasons myself , as I faced them quite well.
Anyways , no regrets at last , as I made it finally to a good IT company. The most important thing that I considered was the profile I am looking for . I am happy with the profile of the job and the function in which I will be working .
I would like to quote a saying from Piyush Pandey interviews , a person whom I admire a lot " Mujhe Zindgi jahan le jaati gayi , Main wahan jaata gaya " .
I believe that at the end of my life I will be able to achieve my dues in life and create some impact in my professional and personal life which will be remembered by my workmates and my friends.

Republic day with children!!

Koshish , the social awareness club of IIFT , New Delhi celebrated the republic day with the children from Udayan care. A lot of effort was put by the first year ,especially gitika,inder,sandeep,ompriya and many others to invite the children from Udayan care and organise a movie show for them. Infact , the whole event was planned and executed by them.
The club organised the movie screnning "Hum hai rahi pyaar ke" on 26th Jan 2006 in the IIFT auditorium. The children were excited and enjoyed a lot . We also had a very good time interacting with the children and learning about their life ,education and watching their enthusiasim.
Mrs . Kiran modi from Udayan care appreciated a lot , and this is a big motivation for the members of Koshish , who despite their most hectic trimester in IIFT organised such an event.
The members have plans to teach the children and also take counselling sessions.
At last, I would sincerely like to thank Gitika and Inder , who were determined a lot to organise this event despite their hectic schedule. May be a bit exaggareted , but honestly they are some of the best persons I have seen in my life who are brilliant in so many things.