Thursday, June 18, 2015

#SniffSniff Meet – Ban Body Odour

It was a truly an eye opener meet and a wonderful Saturday, where there was lot of fun and knowledge sharing about preventing and controlling body odour. The venue was the majestic Four Seasons Hotel and the occasion was the #SniffSniff Blogger meet organized by Blogadda and Nivea India.The event started with a presentation on what is a body odour, what are the causes of body odour and how can we prevent and control bad body odour.

The bloggers took part in a blind folded game where in they were exposed to smell of different kinds and they were asked to relate the smell to a person they know. There was lots of discussion and fun by the participants.
The presenter who had done a lot of research on body odour discussed about the social stigma on body odour. Many people in India who suffer from body odour are reluctant to accept the fact that they suffer with bad body odour and hence they continue to suffer. Even their friends & families are not comfortable in making them realize about their sufferings. We discussed different ways in which we can approach people suffering with bad body odour and let them know that how they can control the body odour.

There was a surprise package for all of us as the National award winning actor and one of the most handsome stars in Bollywood, the one and only Arjun Rampal arrived in the meet. He shared his secrets of maintaining a good hygiene and body odour. The bloggers asked him some serious and some not so serious questions to which he answered patiently.

Post this, a fabulous lunch was in waiting for all the bloggers where the bloggers informally chatted with each other and how they can influence people. The #BanBodyOdour was trending all day on twitter and we realized that how important it is for all of us to tell people suffering with body odour and make it a nationwide movement.

Nivea Men which has some of the best product offerings like face wash, moisturizing cream has recent launched the new Nivea Men Deodorizer. The Nivea Men Deodorizer is an excellent product which not only controls body odour but also kills germs and bacteria.
The CEO of Nivea India and Arjun Rampal, the Brand Ambassador of Nivea Men launched this unique product at a press conference post the lunch session.
Nivea Men Deodorizer is unique in terms of its product and positioning. It doesn’t position itself as a product which will attract lots of females running after the guy. This product promises preventing bad odour and this is what it does best.
Arjun Rampal also cleared the myth that the deodorant should be used on clothes as well. This is what most of the deodorant ad shows which is simply not valid.

Overall, it was one of the best meet that I attended by Blogadda in recent times and I do feel like a Man with a changed belief about maintaining good body odour and work towards banning the body odour.
I am signing off a pic from the SniffSniff blogger meet. A day well spent which was fun, informative and truly rewarding.
Thank you Blogaada for inviting me to this event and thank you Nivea for coming up with such good products.

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea

Monday, June 08, 2015

My Nose Knows!

People say that ‘Love knows no boundaries’, but I say that my ‘Nose knows no boundaries’. Recall the experience, when you were in a lift desperately trying to reach your floor as quickly as you can. Suddenly, a beautiful girl or a handsome boy enters in the lift and you say “Oh My God” !

The fragrance, their mesmerizing body odour makes you travel into a fantasy world and you forget that you have to get out of lift at your floor. The boy or the girl goes out of the lift but lingering behind their fragrance. You take a pause, gather some breath, stabilize your heart and mind and then close your eyes dreaming that why the hell the lift didn’t got stuck so that you could have spent some more time with the amazing fragrance.

Wait, life is not always rosy; it sucks sometime too and that’s what happened with one of my female friend.
One evening, as usual like a regular Monday, she was back from my office tired and jaded. She pressed the lift button quite few times hoping that this will make the lift arrive faster at the ground floor.

As she entered the lift and the door was about to close, someone pressed the lift button from outside. It was her tall, dark, handsome, sexy neighbor, a man in his early twenties. She had never spoken to him and now she was going to travel with him till 20th floor. That was enough time for her to make an impression. The man was having a laptop sling on his right shoulder and was carrying the latest phone model of an expensive brand.

While her eyes were secretly appreciating his beauty, her nose was behaving just opposite. His fragrance smelled sweat mixed with some strange chemical laden body deodorant.
My friend wanted to speak to him, but she could not speak as she had to put a handkerchief in front of our mouth and nose to avoid the dingy, foul smell.

Her ordeal was not over as there was a power cut and the lift was halted for 30 seconds. Those 30 seconds were the most important 30 seconds of her life. The man of her dream had turned into man of her nightmare.
She decided that she is never going on a date with this person.
She just ran out as soon as the lift opened at 20th floor and didn’t look back.

Love is important but Nose is important too. So, while kissing it’s the nose that meets the nose first, then the eyes and the lips.

“I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.”