Sunday, February 05, 2006

Republic day with children!!

Koshish , the social awareness club of IIFT , New Delhi celebrated the republic day with the children from Udayan care. A lot of effort was put by the first year ,especially gitika,inder,sandeep,ompriya and many others to invite the children from Udayan care and organise a movie show for them. Infact , the whole event was planned and executed by them.
The club organised the movie screnning "Hum hai rahi pyaar ke" on 26th Jan 2006 in the IIFT auditorium. The children were excited and enjoyed a lot . We also had a very good time interacting with the children and learning about their life ,education and watching their enthusiasim.
Mrs . Kiran modi from Udayan care appreciated a lot , and this is a big motivation for the members of Koshish , who despite their most hectic trimester in IIFT organised such an event.
The members have plans to teach the children and also take counselling sessions.
At last, I would sincerely like to thank Gitika and Inder , who were determined a lot to organise this event despite their hectic schedule. May be a bit exaggareted , but honestly they are some of the best persons I have seen in my life who are brilliant in so many things.

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