Monday, January 16, 2006

My experience at IIM Ahmedabad Amaethon 2006

The place called as Mecca of Business education in India , IIM Ahmedabad was blazing with people from all parts of country and corporates from 13-15th Jan 2006. The occasion was Annual agribusiness summit Amaethon 2006 . I was part of few selected teams for the most coveted contest of the event Khoj which had got some mouth watering Vitamin M ( Total Prize money of 1 lakh) .
Well, honestly we were not prepared well and we knew we have less chances of making it to top 3 , but nonetheless we tried our best sales pitch to leave a mark on the event . however, the other teams had done more quantum of work . We had the best idea, and even the panel also believed it , but due to exam schedule in IIFT and Placement scene and depleted team strength ; we were not able to do huge quantum of work required to win the event. We were in the top 7 teams out of many teams , thats also a matter to be proud of .
Well, moving slightly away from the Khoj , the event was so well organised that I just cant hold myself from applauding the Amaethon team. They were one of the most hospitable host I have visited among the B-schools. The scale was grand , as the moolah thrown by the sponsers was huge . But apart from that the spirit shown by IIM agribusiness guys was just great. They really looked after the comfort of their guest , with quick response to every query and problems. I would like to mention a name, Chitra Mishra if I remember accurately from Istyr PGPABM , she was terrific in managing the guest and hospitality team. She was very quick, energetic , witty and never felt irritated. The other people like Anukool , shilpi, neil , rimjhim , alok everyone was so cooperative and dedicated to making the event succesful. Though , I dont share a personal bond with any of them yet , but they deserve a big appreciation by all the participants from other B-schools.
The event was also a platform for meeting different people from sectors. I made an entreprenuer having a turnover of 150 crore agri business of sulphur who was staying with us in the Dorm 24 . I also met Lavanya , I am confused if she was V.lavanya or M.A Lavanya , as there were two lavanya from XIME banglore . really nice girl with voice of a seductress and crazy about Abhishek Bacchan. Myself and rohit had some good time with her during the garden party on 13th evening . could not meet her before leaving , so I dont have her no. or email id , and I dont intend to find and mail her also, because I didnt took the mail id or no. from her . So I am not trying to find her for future contact.
We also met some guys from NIAM , Jaipur , nice cool chaps and had some guys talks with them about chicks (sorry beautiful young ladies) from IIM A and other b-schools like K.J somayaa , Mumbai .
There is so much to write and write , but its hard to read so much.
will write about my experience of returning from Ahmedabad to delhi by rajdhani on 14th eve .
Meanwhile , I am happy that my article on "creating export infrastructure for new Agricultural challanges" was published in their Annual magazine Ankur and I feel a sense of pride in it.
I have a request that anyone who reads this writing and was part of Amatheon 2006 at IIM A , must write some comments .
Catch u all soon with some new exciting reading.


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Chitra Mishra said...

Well thanx a ton sir for the compliments.I've conveyed this to my team to go through ur blog.Motivation keeps us going u see.
looking forward to ur and ur college's active participation and support for Amaethon 2007 and Confluence 2006.
all the best for ur prospective career ahead.

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