Friday, February 10, 2006

Rang De Basanti Movie Review

Rang De Basanti , a movie starting with fun , migrating back to the history , returning back to the present and finally inspiring the future of this country .
The direction is really good as it succesfully creates a linkage between the past and present with repeat dialogues such as "Mar Dalo". Allice Patten as Su, the filmmaker from UK is perfect and her hindi gells well with her acting . She comes back to India to make a film on the independence martyr , but finds that the fire of patriotism which she read about in her grandfathers dairy doesnt any exist any longer .
The patriotism has been replaced by the materialistc lost youth who thinks India as a poor ,corruption infected place and are completely pessimistic about the future .
But , not all youth are like that and Madhavan as a IAF Pilot portrays it very well , especially in the lounge bar scene when they discuss about the country and their responsivbilities .
The movie seems a bit streched in mid way especiallly during the shooting of the movie on martyr , but it was bit necessary also to express the message to the youths of today.
The songs are good , but one needs to hear it 2-3 times to really love the songs.
Aamir Khan looks old quite a time , but he still manages to portray the role very well because he is no doubt , one of the most talented actor of India.
Siddharth has done excellent role as the son of Anupam Kher and one of the friends of Aamir Khan , and also Kunal as Aslam .
Soha Ali looks beautiful, seems she can be really one of the leading ladies of the tinsel town in 1-2 years .
The cinematography is just amazing , Rakyesh mehra being and Ad film maker himself definately exploits his cinematography sense in the movie.
Overall, the movie is a must watch , but those who can resist a bit of lecture in the middle .

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