Saturday, April 22, 2006

Page 3 :Indian idol II - Behind the talent

Indian Idol II: what’s behind the talent hunt?

I wanted to write about Indian Idol few days back , but its good that I am writing it today after the so called much publicized glamour stricken finale. Well, does it really searches talent, seems a bit cynical.
I have full confidence in public and if public feel that Sandeep is the Indian Idol, I respect their sentiments though my wishes were with Karunay.
Without raising any finger on the singers who participated in so called talent search, I feel that there is some fundamental flaw with the talent search process. The Judges seems to look at some other perspective as more important while selecting the singers in the preliminary round.
I was watching the program Sare Gama on T.V and found that the talent coming in Sare Gama sounded classically much better than the Indian Idol. Though I don’t have any knowledge about classical music, but I feel even a lay man can identify a good singer and you don’t need to be a Nigam or Malik or Khan to judge them. After all it’s the masses that make RD or Kishore or Lata or Asha and not a bunch of band master.
I hope if any Indian Idol III takes place, it will make some changes in its preliminary selection process and look at parameters which truly identifies great singers , as the anchor says Indian Idol is the “Betaz Badshah” of Indian Music .
I have no concerns about what goes behind the talent search, as the anchors were once discussing, sorry gossiping in front of camera that how this so called music composer gives breaks to most of the ladies participant and how the choreographer turned director searches for the AXE effect.
Best wishes to the Indian Idol participant and hope to see a better structured transparent part III next time.

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