Saturday, January 30, 2010

RANN – Watch it for Amitabh Bacchan Outstanding Performance

I had been waiting for
, to watch a good movie from Ram Gopal verma’s factory after the highly unforgettable bad film
. I was a die hard Ramu’s fan which has been subdued now after watching many ordinary movies from him post Sarkar.
Well, He doesn’t delight me this time as well, but doesn’t disappoint me also. He comes back with his style, though not with cinematic charisma, he posses and has the ability to deliver.
The script is ordinary with Amitabh Bacchan , the owner of India 24*7 , a man who believes that the objective of media is not to make money or create news, but to present the truth . He is a highly respected figure as a journalist in the whole country and his word commands respect of truth. A role of such a stature could have been played only by Mr. Bacchan or Mr. Dilip Kumar.
On, the other side is the sensationalism journalism card played by Headline 24*7 , a news channel owned by Mohnish Behl , who was an ex employee of India 24*7 and now heads the no. 1 News channel in the country.
While , Amitabh follows his ideology, his son wants to change the way India 24*7 works and this leads to a political, media and industrialist conspiracy with the powerful and corrupt politician , Paresh rawal and industrial Rajat kapoor, who also happens to be Mr. Bacchan’s son in law.
Though, the movie shows most of the Journalist character as opportunist and playable, there is one more journalist like Amitabh, played by Ritesh Deshmukh, who follows his heart and cracks the political, industrialist and media conspiracy.
Well, I am not going deep into the story as the script is average and predictable, but would definitely like to applaud the performances by the whole star cast which is really good, and that makes the film gripping and watchable.
Ritesh deshmukh, playing a serious role for the first time creates a good impact with his eyes and soft voice and his lady love Gul Panag , who looks extremely beautiful in the movie is also a good actress .
Neetu Chandra, as the beautiful girlfriend of Suddep ( Amitabh Bacchan son ) looks sensuous and does justice to her small role .
But, the movie is to be watched for Mr. Bacchan’s outstanding performance once again after “Paa”. The climax scene where he presents himself to the whole country and tells the real story behind the conspiracy involving his own son and his son in law, could have been delivered so strongly only by him and no one else.
Also, the last scene when his son kills himself and everyone is mourning near his body, and you see the tears in Mr. Bacchan eyes is just amazing. He is no doubt a gifted actor whose eyes tells as much as his voice.
Well, hope to see much more Bacchan Saab performances like this and I am waiting for “Teen Patti” now.
Go and watch it, only for Mr. Amitabh Bacchan powerful performance.
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