Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Malena: A tale of Beauty,Sex and Pain!

I have seen this movie by Giuseppe Torantaro so many times and always thought about writing on this movie but was not able to appreciate the movie completely. The reason I think is I always looked at the beauty of Malena (Monica Belluci)and the sizzling sex scenes. But, I have always tried atleast to look beyond beauty and sex if I am watching such hard hitting and painful movies. And, I am writing about it today , because I have been somewhat succesful in looking it beyond beauty and sex.
The movie is in Italian language and had to watch without subtitles, but still it is one of the best thoughtful movie I have watched in my life.
The brief of the movie is that Malena is a young and most beautiful lady who lives in a war torn village in Italy.She is an object of desire for every male there from teenage to people who have their one feet in grave.At the same time she is also the most hated woman among the jealous females.Some circumstances forces her to take up prostitution and sleep with the German soldiers.The ladies of the village label her as whore and beat up mercilessly in front of the whole crowd.She leaves the village , but then returns back with her lost husband again. This time , she is treated gracefully and the same ladies treat her well . May be they remorse for their behavior or are happy on seeing her with her husband.
The scene where she is mercilessly beaten up reminds me of the old days of World War when women were the victims of atrocrices By the soldiers.But , I dont think the world has changed . I was reading an article by Keshi on her blog about the 573 rape and murder in one year in Guatomalo city and that too in the most heinous manner.
I was reading some other reviews on Malena and they raised points on the character of Malena, but I dont agree with the pain she was subjected to. Well, the movie is good and it leaves with many questions about the situations of women worldwide.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Babies day out!!!

Babies , I think the most cutest word in the world dictionary . I never thought I would be writing about babies on my blog , but I came around a pair of babies(twin)and couldnt stop myself writing.
I was having my dinner with my frens in my company cafeteria and saw a group of people having their dinner on the table in front of me. There was a pretty lady trying to handle the babies , as the babies were very restless.hooo!!! but the most interesting part was that in a span of 5 minutes around 4-5 young ladies sitting on different tables came to the mother and started asking for the babies. the glow on the face of these ladies was so bright , as if the babies had 4-5 mothers. Me and my frens were amazed, that such is the magnetism of babies that it attracts everyone and never repels.
I have always loved watching discovery and NGC showing animals loving their babies and this makes me think that the world is so beautiful. I wish someday that it could have been so good , if "babies remained babies"....
love to all the babies of this world !!!