Friday, January 06, 2006

Mumbai Matinee

hi all, I saw this movie few dayz back, though it was released in 2003. Was really hooked to this movie because of its name , as Mumbai is my favourate city.
well , just a small review about the Movie . Rahul bose is as usual good in this movie and the best character is of sourav shukla who is a flop film producer. The subject of the film is interesting about an attempt by rahul bose to loose his viginity. Rahul is very frustrated that he is still a virgin at age of 32 , and goes from pillar to post to loose his virginity. here the flaw appears , He is working in an advertising agency , and advertising guys are very smart but he acts like an uneducated fool which is too much to digest. And , his boss is artificially loud , same is the case with bengali cop who is also like an artificial bengali. These characters pull the movie down and make it long and boring. The direction seems awful at this stage .
I was infact getting so frustrated with Pritish Nandy communication as I had recently seen their movie, Shabd Which was one of the worst experimental movie ever made that I literally started putting all the blame on Pritish Nandy productions.
But , there was a sense of fresh air in the movie with the advent of gracious beauty Sonali verma ( Perizaad Zorabien). she really formed good pair with rahul and they together gave a good romantic ambience to the movie. Add to this , some good acting by saurav and Vijaraaj(monsoon weeding fame) and the movie starts to pick up again.
The songs are good and overall movie can be watched if you want to spend some light time and can afford some lousy ,artificial scenes in the movie.
I know this blog is becoming like a movie review site , but be sure that I am going 2 come out some really interesting stuff after Feb 1st week and will also be updating regularly as there are so many thoughts culminating and there are so many things to write

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