Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Woh Lamhe Woh Pal....

Hi frens! Writing after a long hiatus. Was just settling down in Chennai. I am sorry to all my blogger frens for missing them for so long.
Its almost a month in Chennai and still has not been able to love the life here. It all feels so different staying in Chennai with just one old friend and totally a new living environment. I am not discussing about the work environment, its good. I am enjoying the work, like the people with whom I am working, but just not have been able to live the social life I am used to. Missing my family very much and the old frens. I know , the family and the old frens are never going to be with you always , but yes till now the places I have stayed, I did had some good old frens settled there and also some members of my extended family. So, never felt that strange.
I was just thinking, how people go and settle down abroad. I always wanted to settle down in US, UK and enjoy the fast and jazzy lifestyle there. But, does one really love it…its a question for me now. I have realized, I don’t want to settle outside India at all. I am ok with spending some brief time, may be a year or two make some money and go for frequent visits, but trying to settle down there, it’s scary.
One of my batchmate, got a 65,000 $ job, but he had to stay in Nigeria. He quit it after 3 months, and came back to India to take a 7 Lakh salary. Living in countries like Nigeria, Uganda etc... Is so difficult, I can imagine. Money takes a backseat, when you don’t really feel happy living there, so much away from Ur country.
Chennai is not a bad city , and I have high regard for it…and I am enjoying my work and am not thinking of leaving it, but just came a thought, that how difficult it is for people who go to African countries for making money and settling there. I don’t criticize their decision, am not entitled to do that, but just a passé...
I am feeling, I enjoy working late in office than going home early and this is giving me more satisfaction than roaming outside. I know, it’s a good thing for my career as well.
But, for me I think I will never be able to settle outside India …
I am not able to write more, on this and just ending the writing with a friend comment.
You can take heart out of an Indian
But, can never take out India from the heart.
The title of this writing sound bit strange, it’s a favorite song of mine and dedicate it to all the people who are staying far from their family and friends to make a life of their own.


Keshi said...

Amit WB!

Good to hear ur settling down in Chennai and r busy with work. But dun work for long hours and miss out on life's other joys too. Go out..make new friends...have fun. Ok?? :)


sushmita said...

ditto my feelings exactly...i just never could make myself enthusiastic enough to relocate outside of India...i mean kind of lifestyle it would be to have all the money in the world but always having the feeling of living like and a foreigner.....nice post this one.....and keep blogging