Sunday, June 21, 2009

Racism,Ethnicity,Dicrimination-check the mirror

We all read so much about Indians being beaten up in Australia and Austrialns are being termed as racist. No doubt, I hated it , as an Indian citizen. Some prominent sociologist also termed it as ethnicity and not racial.
Whatever, it is theoretically, but they all are in same family of exploitation, where the attacks are made by a stronger group on a weaker group.
But are we as Indians doesn’t discriminate in day to day life. I was reading on net - and learnt some horrifying stories on how the North east people are being exploited and attacked in India. The incident pertains to an incident of molestation of two girls from Manipur, where the landlord molested the two girls along with a group of hooligans in wee hours of night. And, to my surprise, the women in the landlord family also supported it.
Is it not a form of discrimination against people from other states?
I also read another article where there was gender discrimination and that too within the same state. How, the rich North east men are abandoning their wives. Another, incident was, when the migrants from other Hindi speaking states were treated badly in Mizoram.
There are so many, that the incidents cannot be counted, but we as an Indian, that means truly Indian which says "Unity in Diversity" can raise ourselves beyond the race, statehood, gender, caste and creed and money.
Can we be an egalitarian society ourselves before we preach the Australians.
Do we treat the foreigners, the way we want ourselves to be treated. If that, is the case why the foreigners are being raped in Goa, Himachal and Rajasthan.
Its time to look in the mirror and realize ourselves before pointing a finger to others. Remember, when you point a finger, the other four fingers points towards yourselves.
Its justified to protest against the crimes towards Indians, but at the same time we should change ourselves and set an example to others.
I am leaving some pictures taken from net, to keep thinking on the attacks,protest and the harmony we need.
Don’t Kick off Guys, Embrace people!