Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lawfull Lawless

I got up at 11 am in the morning today and as usual asked my roomie to hand over the newspaper to me with the usual morning romantic songs .
But , the romanticism lasted only till the moment I saw the front page of Times of India . The paper covered the verdict on Jessica Lal murder case . After going through the whole article I felt that the Judicial institutions in India are still under the clutches of corrupt cops, ministers and lawyers. It is not only a matter of agony for the families who have suffered such situations of lawless but for the whole nation . we often read the ruling party boasting of 7-8 % economic growth , rising disposable income , employment schemes but does all this can make India a developed nation . certainly not , the basic governance needs to be improved . I know its easy to say than practice , but strict actions needs to be taken in this regard .
After learning about the case , so many memories come to haunt - Sateyendra dubey , Priyadarshini Matoo case , hard to count .
I think the government should try making these basic pillars of democracy strong enough rather than just making noises about the growing economic focus because I feel for a nation to be strong , the growth and development needs to be focussed equally .
I wish my romanticism in morning doesnt end like this anymore !


Anonymous said...


That was an interesting post. Keep it coming

Though I may NOT agree to all what your said, your blog brought back lots of old memories and thoughts about OUR COUNTRY, our society, friends and relatives, Jessica Lall et all

While we as world citizens think that Justice and equality are the most important cornertones of a civil society, does the ground reality reflect that ?

We feel that friendship, love, affection and above all our family is very important in shaping our lives and thoughts. To most of us, a mother, the epitome of love and sacrifice, plays and important role

But what happens when the same mother is denied justice in her own family ?

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amitsinha said...

thx vinayak for such thoughtful comments . I agree that justice and equality should start from home and I personally would like to remember it all throughout my life.