Sunday, October 15, 2006

Living her son's dream: A story of courage and determination

I came across an article in Times of India, Sunday 15th October on K.Sujata which really caught my attention and I couldnt stop writing about this iron lady.
She is a mother, and like all the other mothers of this world, loved her son very much.
Her son, Venkatesh who is no more in this world was suffering with a rare disease of muscular dystrophy which weakens all the muscles of the body and gradually makes one completely immobile. Venkatesh, who was suffering with this disease, became almost immobile at the age of 11 and died at the age of 25.But, he lived his life with all the strength of his mother, who constantly motivated him to come out of the harsh reality of his life. She made him pass his tenth examination, learn keyboard and used to play chess with him, to keep him busy. And, she did all this as a single parent as she had a divorce with her husband as her husband was unable to cope up with the stress of her son.
Though lost her son, she has still not lost the battle and is living her sons dream by forming
Venkatesh Muscular Dystrophy foundation
for the patients suffering with this rare disease and their families who suffer equally when they see their loved ones in pain.
I respect and admire this only tenth standard pass lady for the grit and determination shown and pray to god for the success of her foundation.


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Good one pal....Very good one....Keep on discovering the things, which r becoming null nowaydays.......

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