Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tata Lit Festival – Unwinding with Reading, Writing and Listening

My first ever visit to a Literature festival and I am happy that I made for the event though for less time, but still loved spending my time there.
I wished that I could have spent more time there, but none the less I would love to share my experiences.

I really liked 2 sessions which were my favourite – “The changing idea of Romance” which was chaired by Aastha Atray Banan, Sathnam Sanghera and Ashish Shakya.

I being a story lover and especially interested in humour that the actual literature, this session worked really well for me.
Especially Ashish Shakya is one of the wittiest people; I have listened to in live.

The other session I enjoyed was “Making your debut book a winner”. I have always admired Rashmi Bansal and have read most of her books. This was a very informative session and the audience seemed to be many first time or wannabe writers.

This session worked out to be a good know each platform as well as I met many of the aspiring writers as well as authors who have already made their debut.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at the Lit fest and would love to go there again and again.

I also thank Blogadda for their support in getting to attend Tata Lit Fest.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

5 Must Watch Hindi Offbeat Movies

Thank You Blogadda for inspiring me to write again on my blog with your amazing topic of 5 offbeat films that are must watch.

So, here goes my list.

1. The LunchboxA simple story can be a great story. Every story doesn't need to have highs and lows, action and drama, romance and comedy. There are some stories which don’t have any of these but they are great stories. The Lunchbox is one such rare piece in the world of cinema.

Hats off to Director Ritesh Batra for giving us such a movie which taste will linger over so many years. The film never forces itself on the viewers and it never stretches away or makes your heart full of emotions. It just teases you with right proportion of human emotions like the best lunch you can ever have.

2. Ship of Theseus - The masterpiece by debutant director Anand Gandhi which ranges between philosophy, theology, socialism and economic. An intellectual film that will be remembered even after decades of its release.

3. Peepli Live - This one from the perfectionist Aamir Khan's production and directed by debutant Anusha Rizvi. The film picks up the socially relevant concept of migration of the farmers from their villages to the cities because of economic compulsion. Rarely, this kind of black comedy comes on the screen.

4. Shaitan - A dark chocolate that is bitter but tastes real good!

I can say that this is an out and out a Director’s cut and kudos the debutant Bejoy Nambiar , who had assisted Maniratnam in Guru as he lives up to the expectations from an Anurag Kashyap’s production.
Go and watch Shaitan because it’s dark and bitter but yet gripping and you will like it if you are not only an emotional drama lover and like watching different genre.

5. Gulaal - Though, the director Anurag Kashyap may not agree that this is his best movie till date; but for me of all the Kashyap's movie; this is the cherry. A brutal political and caste based drama in Rajasthan University with soulful lyrics and amazing acting; this red art dominated screenplay is a terrific offbeat cinema. 

The Bollywood has matured from its chocolate faced actor and cute actress drama to real men and women. The past few years have been amazing ride for the industry. The films have become real and the characters have become AAM. 

I am eagerly waiting for 17th Jan, when I will watch Miss Lovely. I am sure one of my favorite actor  Nawazuddin Siddiqui has done terrific acting and the subject of C grade cinema industry has been presented well.

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