Monday, May 07, 2007

Ta ra rum pum !!! A simple and beautiful family

My last and current weekend has been really good after a really hectic week and weekend of work . I saw a good family movie and to some extent inspiring as well after a long time. Ta ra rum pum ..Ta ra rum pum..
The movie revolves around a family which faces the joys and sorrows together and always give each other the required support , the family members need at the time of the crisis.
Saif Ali Khan is a flashy car racer , who loves spending money and beleives in today and Rani, a rich girl with a typical middle class values , who wants to save moeny for the future.
They fall in love , get married ,live happily with kids in the posh Manhatten area in New York City . But , the cirumstances change and they have to move to a cab driver locality.They become poor , but they still have the love of esch other which keeps their wheels of optmism rolling and being each other support.
The love between the family has been so fantastically directed , that it never seems unreal or unpractical.
At , the end of the movie the good happens and they get back to their prosperity and sucess, but Saif becoming more responsible and starts beleiving in saving for the future.
The movie story is simple , but the direction is good . The film never seems to be going heavy , no crying fundas even while the family is in crisis.
I surely recommend everyone to watch this movie , to be reminded of the inspiration and support a family provides...
tumhein pata to hoga ...shona ...