Monday, October 23, 2006

How to manage the relationships ?

Relationships, the bond between persons which makes them interact, make them spend time together, have fun, share sorrows and know each other.
Its not about blood, its not about love, it’s not about friendship. Its about being practical. The moment the relationship looses its practicality, the strain comes. And believe me, its true. The relations based on pure emotions never lives and even if it lives, it hurts, gives pain. The irony is that People dont accept it, until they experience it. And, no moral boosting gyan and fundas by author like Robin Sharma is going to help in this.
Also, what you do, once your relation gets over is very important. Learn from it, but more importantly be ready to forget it. No need, to remember the beautiful past every time. Just move on in life. Yes, I am talking about being practical. I am not ignoring the importance of emotions in a relation, but just being emotional and sensitive is going to ruin your life. I have seen my best friend, who had a very long affair with another of my best friend. They broke up, but they continued being friends, only because they became practical. They did not have a spontaneous breakup; they broke after a long discussion. They both are happy and meet each other. Also, never hurt your family because of that one particular person. Doing that is never going to make the persons being in relationship happy.
I know many people may not agree to this , because they are on a high when they are in relationship, but trust me …be a bit cool minded….ponder over yourself ….think about the people who form the links in that relationship. And you will understand. If one is not able to understand this, than go ahead. I am not advocating that people should not take their relation seriously, but they should not take at the cost of their family, their other friends. Because, if a relationship affects one’s family and other friends, than there is some basic fundamental flaw in the relation with that special one.
I know I am being hard, and will be hated by people who are very sensitive and emotional, but I am being very sincere in this writing. Also, it might be mistaken by being total insensitive towards the emotional part, but that’s not true. I respect emotions, and accept that emotions have been instrumental in keeping my relationship intact with many closed ones, but also there is a lot of practicality involved. And, I have seen relations just based on emotions dying again and again. Experienced many times and observed many times.
Oh my god, I am being repetitive, cant write like Keshi, one of my favorite blogger who write a lot on relationships. But, just wanted to put one message across. Be sensitive, but more importantly be practical. You can have the real fun of relationship then.
This thread is dedicated to one of my best friend, with whom I spent some really wonderful time but could not manage the relationship any more. Hope, we can be practical and be friends again.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

India Awakens: Justice Delayed but Delivered

Living more than 6 long years in Delhi, the hot bed of Indian politics, power, money and the best place in India for getting educated has made me sensitive towards many social issues. I remember how upset we used to get and also charged up, when we used to hear so many crimes against women. I don’t want to repeat the cases, as there are so many and remembering them makes me angry and upset.
But, today I felt a sense of satisfaction, hearing the TV news, that the culprit of Priyadarshini Matto case has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the high court. Priyadarshini was raped and murdered in January 1996 at her residence in the Vasant Kunj, South Delhi by the son of an influential IPS officer. “The people were infact loosing hope in this case, when the trial court acquitted the killer of Priyadarshini. But, the credit goes to the family, the responsible citizens of this nation and the law who left no stone unturned in getting the justice I am thankful to all the youths who made a tremendous effort to keep the struggle alive and contributed in getting the justice delivered, though delayed. There have been communities on Orkut regarding Priyadarshini and Jessica which kept the youths motivated to conduct candle walks and kept the light burning in the minds of the people and the law. Beside, these all the people who used their blogs to write on such issues have definitely contributed in the “Rang de Basanti” effect.
Now, we are eagerly waiting for justice to be delivered in Jessica case and hope the law keeps itself flying high like the Matto case.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Living her son's dream: A story of courage and determination

I came across an article in Times of India, Sunday 15th October on K.Sujata which really caught my attention and I couldnt stop writing about this iron lady.
She is a mother, and like all the other mothers of this world, loved her son very much.
Her son, Venkatesh who is no more in this world was suffering with a rare disease of muscular dystrophy which weakens all the muscles of the body and gradually makes one completely immobile. Venkatesh, who was suffering with this disease, became almost immobile at the age of 11 and died at the age of 25.But, he lived his life with all the strength of his mother, who constantly motivated him to come out of the harsh reality of his life. She made him pass his tenth examination, learn keyboard and used to play chess with him, to keep him busy. And, she did all this as a single parent as she had a divorce with her husband as her husband was unable to cope up with the stress of her son.
Though lost her son, she has still not lost the battle and is living her sons dream by forming
Venkatesh Muscular Dystrophy foundation
for the patients suffering with this rare disease and their families who suffer equally when they see their loved ones in pain.
I respect and admire this only tenth standard pass lady for the grit and determination shown and pray to god for the success of her foundation.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A lot can happen over coffee

One thing which I really enjoy in Hyderabad is sipping coffee, Masala Chai and eating apple pie in Café coffee day with my friends and sometimes even alone. Its not that the café coffee day of Hyderabad is unique or the best among all the coffee chains in other cities, but more because I dont have much hangout options in Hyderabad, other than the EAT Street in Necklace Road.
I generally like going to the café coffee day in S.P Road, near the Pizza Hut. Though, there is a café coffee day in lifestyle mall also, but my friend told me, that its small and very crowded. Well, the one in S.P Road is quite ok in terms of space, but in evening it becomes very crowded. I enjoy going more in the afternoon when I can get a Sofa to sit and have coffee with relaxation as there are not many people around that time. I feel, they should put more Sofas in their outlet and increase their space too.
Hmmm…. My idea of discussing coffee with you all is to share some of the observations that I made during my visits which I found it quite interesting.
It was a lazy afternoon for me, as I was sitting on the Sofa in one of the corner of cafe coffee day, and making calls to property dealers for getting a house in Hyderabad. Somehow, I really like sitting in the corner than in the center as sitting in the center makes me feel like I am sitting in a restaurant and I feel a coffee bar should not give the impression of being a restaurant.
Well, in the other corner a middle aged lady, wearing glasses and going through the in house magazine of café coffee day was sitting and seemed waiting for someone. Soon a college couple arrived and sat near to me with T-scales in their hand. I am sure that they were Architecture students, as I myself have been an Architect and T-scales are used by Architects for drawing purpose. Soon after a man in his 40’s came and sat with the middle aged lady. The man appeared strange in his fashion statement wearing all black with lots of pockets in his pants, but he seemed a rich person as he was wearing a lot of gold and holding a car key in his hand and a flashy Nokia mobile.
Meanwhile, the girl and the boy caught my attention, as they started discussing about some other girl a bit loudly. I think they were suffering with normal college romance syndrome.
The lady was showing some photographs to the man and was giving some numbers from her mobile to the man. The man after few minutes called up from his mobile and was talking like fixing a deal. It all seemed to me suspicious, and I think that I guessed it right, same like you all.
The coffee bar has become a place for discussing romance, making deals, meeting friends, proposing someone, sitting lazily in afternoon like me and making observations rather than having coffee. Infact, the biggest coffee chain of the world STARBUCKS started on the same concept of sitting and meeting people. That is the reason that the coffee bars are not being positioned as a place for having great, tasty, delicious coffee but more as a place for meeting and hanging out, fixing deals and spending idle time as a loner.
I was just thinking , is there a possibility of coming out with a better concept for the coffee bars in terms of positioning or may be a coffee bar with difference . Just a thought……