Sunday, July 31, 2011

Singham – Bollywood masala that will taste good if you have a taste for it

Though, bit late in writing the review for Singham but it’s not that bad if you do a right thing a bit late, but you do it. So here, I go…
Bajirao Singham played by Ajay Devgan is a police inspector in a small village on the Goa Maharashtra border which accidentally is his own village where has grown with people and lived his life. He is tough cookie with large biceps, robust moustache and strong voice. But at the same time, he is nice, humble, emotional, and romantic and loves his people, country and job. All in all, Singham is an idealist cop and a perfect human being.
Jaykant Shirke played by Prakash Raj is a goon cum politician who is the king of Goa and has power, police and money to influence things and even lead to an honest police office do suicide.
The movie set in the backdrop of rural Maharashtra and Goa with many popular Marathi one liner used in the movie revolves around just these 2 characters and rest all of them are only supporting cast. Though Kajal Agarwal as the leading lady of the film looks good and acts reasonably well too.
Rohit Shetty, after his series of Golmaal comes out with a cat out of bag by bringing in action movie, but that doesn’t mean he is going to compromise on his dialogue style and the car blowing scenes. These are copyrights for Rohit shetty and not restricted to Golmaal.
The ill fate of Prakash Raj brings him in contact with Ajay Devgan and this starts the series of bull fight between the hero and the villain. What makes it exciting is that they both get chances to win over each other though the end as usual is won by the hero of the movie. This also makes it different from the hit movie Dabang where one character ruled the whole of movie and this makes Singham interesting too.
The verbal volleys, fight scenes between the two makes the movie exciting and doesn’t let you move away from the movie.The weak point of the movie are the songs which are not good enough to make you hear it and also extends the movie length by few meters. Also, the climax is a bit extended as the director tries to bring in some comedy into the climax scene which makes the movie spicy but it’s a bit long.
Overall, I liked the movie more because of excellent acting by the Villain Prakash Raj and Ajay Devgan and yes the dialogues are good though some time these sound senseless by literary terms. At the end, if you love bollywood masala flavored by some really good acting then go and watch Singham and you will like it.Not to forget to mention that I do like the end credit style by Rohit Shetty.