Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hi all,

I am relocating myself to Hyderabad after spending some wonderful time in my home town Jamalpur, Benaras and Delhi. I made some great friends in my life though few in numbers. We all must have made such frens, or may be fallen in love and then loose them, though not exactly.
I have made an amateurish attempt to convey the feeling of making great frens and loosing touch with them through the words.

Naam Gum jayega ....???

Remember the day we first met,
I asked who you are,
And you said your name.
I dont see you any more,
but your name lives with me forever.
We met once, twice, thrice
Many times,
knowing each other more,
Chasing dreams together,
giving each other a helping hand
while walking together on the rough sand.
The journey changed, the names changed
but still, your name lives with me forever.
Today, I again saw you,
playing colors on the road,
drenched in red, green and black.
I also saw myself,
calling yourname, sitting along the side of the river,
walking hand in hand,
as your name lives with me forever.
The Night has fallen,
the sun has set forever for me
as the days are going to rise never for me.
I am on the journey to my final destination
and I can hear from far and slowly receding,
people recalling my name,
though trying to forget,
but I can never forget you,
as your name lives with me ...

Amit sinha

P.s: ignore grammer mistakes; I never scored high marks in languages. However, suggestions are most welcome, even if it is related to grammer mistakes.


Keshi said...

**The Night has fallen,
the sun has set forever for me

nice one.

Good luck Amit!

amitsinha said...

hi keshi, thx !

I am happy you liked some lines of it. and also for the gud luk also.
god bless u and i keep on reading ur unconventional and great writing.

Ekta said...

thats a beautiful piece...grammer aint important..the emotion is!:-)
All the best for the new phase..u'll have a blast and am sure u'll find some lovely people there too!

sushmita said...

"I dont see you any more,
but your name lives with me forever"....i can identify with the feeling......people come and go in our lives...but with some we share special,bindaas,magical moments that when we are not in contact with them anyomre ..we remember those times with glee......and most of all mention of their names instantly brings those memories flooding and leave us nostalgic