Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hutch TVC on slashing of STD/ISD rates: A simple and beautiful advertisement

I am sure that all those who like watching TV commercial must have remembered the Pug which follows the kid with the sweet song “in this beautiful world” being played in the background. This TVC for Hutch created a big impact in marketing of Hutch mobile cards. Sadly, the advertising genius V. Mahesh who was crucial in making of this Ad is no more in this world.
The Hutch though have kept its legacy of good , simple and to the point advertising with its latest TVC on slashing of STD/ISD rates. The ad shows relatives and friends staying in different parts of the world such as “Canada walle Chacha jee,amrica walli mausi, benaras walle mausa jee and so on.. . It clearly satisfies the marketing objective that how the reductions in STD/ISD rates have reduced the distance and the users can connect with their dear ones more often at a much lesser rate. The last line says, “ab rishton ko millon mein napna chod do”. It’s a simple advertisement with no glamour and glitz but yet to the point and effective.
I rate it as one of the best Indian advertisements seen in recent time, and yes if one has seen the recent advertisement of Trump regarding the slashing of STD/ISD rates, can easily identify that it follows the same Hutch pattern but the way the message is conveyed in Hutch ad is simple and beautifully communicated .
The link for watching the Hutch ad is:
Open the Hutch TVC titled “STD/ISD rates dropped”.


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