Saturday, December 03, 2011

Love with Goa - Sun , Sea and Sand ( A travel story)

This was my first holiday in Goa and indeed a special one as it was our honeymoon in Goa. Though, I have been to many Indian holiday destinations before , but I can vouch that the love that happened with Goa will always remain so and will always be the best holiday place for us.
After, taking a flight from Delhi to Goa, I checked in the resort" The Goan Heritage" in Goa. This resort is in the range of Rs. 4000 plus during the season and is one of the most accessible resort as it is right at the Calangute beach in North Goa. North Goa is more happening and lively whereas South Goa is more scenic and historical.

Staying at the beach resort makes life easier for you as one can keep their valuables and extra clothes in the room and enjoy the beach with your mind completely cut off from any concern.
I loved the resort, its ambience, food and the buzz happening in the resort near the pool, garden and the beach. So, if you want to stay at the beach in North Goa, I will recommend "The Goan Heritage" as an ideal resort for families and couples.
In Goa, the first shopping that I did was to buy tees, shorts, slippers, a cheap sun glass as I tend to forget it at the beach and a Goan hat. Also, we had rented a bike which cost us Rs. 300/day and is much cheaper compared to self drive car which cost 900Rs/day and with narrow roads and beach galis parking would be a nuisance.
This made life simpler for us as we zoomed across the city's different parts. I remember doing Pub hopping during my college days in Delhi and here we were doing Beach Hopping from Calangute to Baga to Anjuna to Candolim and also coupled with Shacks hopping from Pedro's cafe at Calangute to St. Anthony's, Brittos, Lucky Star at Baga to St. Lucia at Candolim.

I would highly recommend St. Lucia for its Italian Pasta and Lucky star beach shack at Baga for its Shark Sizzler with lemon rice.
I had heard a lot about Britto's and St. Anthony that they are great; in my opinion they are good but slightly over stated and one needs to explore beyond these famous beach shacks.
Some of the shacks like Lucky Star also play live music which is mostly rock music and you could see firangs and Indians dancing away on those songs with bottles in their hand.
The overall atmosphere becomes so much exhilarating that you feel just immersed in the trance of life.
If you are in Goa, try doing a lot of water sports. Like we did, Jet Ski, boat ride and para sailing. These sports are fun and adventure and also we were fortunate enough to do it as the rough sea makes it difficult some times.

Goa is infamous as a drinking and drug paradise. Well, I didn’t explore the latter but yes, there is only one law on drinking in Goa, that is "No Law". People are seen drinking in the streets at day, night and alcohol of all sort is sold at the cheapest rate at every corner and at any time of the day.
I was almost on staple diet of wine, beer and sea food everyday with lots of beach activities to burn the excess calories gained.

The food is excellent especially if you love sea foods like shark, lobster, crab, calamari, fish, mussels and prawns. I tasted all of them and really liked the shark and lobster among all of them.
The people in Goa are generally friendly and also expect the same from you. Transport is slightly expensive if you dont rent a bike, but if you can drive a bike than dont give a second thought and rent it from day 1 in Goa.
All, I can say about Goa is that its a different world altogether in India and you feel completely liberated and just chill and enjoy in the sun, sea and sand with liters of alcohal and best of sea foods with great lively music and lovely ambience.
Its not only a must visit destination but a place where you want to visit every year for your holidays.
Love you Goa !

Friday, September 02, 2011

Mumbai Diary II - Pictures Along the Arabian Sea

If there is a nature's gift to Mumbai which makes it really beautiful is the presence of Arabian Sea. The coast along the Arabian sea in Maximum Mumbai is surrounded by skyscrapers and boulders that’s gives a contrast to Mumbai's landscape which is depth and height.
I am not an ace photographer and not even a photographer but yes I did try to be one with my mobile camera Nokia E5 and let the pictures speak about this city.
The first set of Photographs which is here is taken from the window of cafe seaside restaurant at Bandra Band street. To to add to the beauty of the sea was a beautiful rainy day.
I love going to this restaurant often, not really for the food but to get a good view of the sea and the crowd from the restaurant's window.
So it was a beautiful day not raining initially and I was sipping a coffee in the cafe, when I saw a group of 3 young girls walk in the cafe with a middle aged dark and fat man.
One of the girl was I suppose in her late teens whereas other 2 girls seemed to be in their late twenties.
They were sitting just across my table and were talking to each other and the man was continuosly on the phone while they were also eating slices of chocolate cake.
They seemed to be waiting for someone when it suddenly started raining heavily. All my attention shifted to the rain when suddenly I got a call from one of my friend. I kept talking to him for around 10 mins or so and the call ended. I saw the table across and saw them missing from the table. I didnt gave a second thought about them and started looking at the rains falling in the sea. While moving my neck to get a complete view of the sea I suddenly saw these girls going to the bank of the sea in the rain.
It struck to me watch how they enjoyed the rain along the sea and look at the lively inhibitions less life of Mumbai.
Now let the pictures speak-

The second set of pictures were taken on the eve of Independence Day night in Marine Drive. Needless to say that beauty of Marine Drive in night with lights and tall skycrapers is simply mesmerising. There have been many photos taken of this unique Queen's Necklace in India.
I took these Marine Drive pictures while strolling after a good heavy dinner at the Bagdadi restaurant and some chilled beer at Leopold cafe.
All I can say, after a good dinner and drink a walk at Marine Drive is a deadly combination.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mumbai Diary I - Life at Mumbai Local

It’s been more than 6 months of stay in this most bustling city of India though have been here many times. But these 6 months have been a new experience altogether as I have seen this city closely ranging from strange experiences while traveling on trains, pub hopping, tasting food at different restaurants to going through the trauma of being in a city which has been a frequent and soft target of bomb blasts.
I intend to write a Mumbai diary, don’t know for how long I will be able to write on this but let me start at least.
If I break the time spent per day in Mumbai, I would say that I spend a minimum of 20% i.e. 2-3 hrs per day of my day in traveling by trains to reach to my office and other places in Mumbai. The scarcity of wide roads and affordability makes most of the Mumbaikars to travel by local trains to their work place on a daily basis.
People make friends on trains, even some become couples in love and share joy and crib about the government. It’s really surprising to see that people who take the same trains daily meet each other, talk among themselves but they don’t even remember each other’s name. That’s what is Mumbai‘s life; it is about being together but still maintaining each others privacy.
I am sharing few anecdotes from my travel by Mumbai local which would give a glimpse into the life and culture of Mumbai.
Anecdote 1
It was a tough evening for me as I reached Andheri station late and had to catch up an evening train going to Panvel, as I stay in Vashi. I boarded the train’s 1st class compartment just seconds before the train started and was sad to not to get a place to sit in the train.
Poor me, I have to travel one hour long journey by standing in the train. All, I could do was crib within myself. I stood just near to a sitting gentleman who seemed to be in his late forty’s and by looks, bag and clothing looked like a government servant. To drift my attention from the pain of standing in the train, I started to read his messages on his mobile phone screen. The man totally unaware of his invasion of privacy was busy in reading the messages and writing message to a recipient called “Kiran Vashi Train”.
By the name of the recipient, I could guess that the recipient seems to be a lady and this person must have met her on the vashi train.
What amused me later was they this person send an adult joke to the this lady on which the lady replied by the following message “ hahha..its good , but tu marwayega mere ko aazkal bacche bhi maa ka mobile dekhthe rehate hai” .
Well, the message meant that the lady said that the joke was good, but you will get me screwed as my kids also check my mobile”.
All, I could do was to smile and forget the pain of standing for long in the train.
Anecdote 2
I took a late morning train from Vashi to CST station and was sitting in a seat near to a gate. There were lots of people in the trains, but there was one couple who boarded the train from Vashi who seemed to be different.
The female was a young lady in her mid twenties with a healthy figure and the male was a middle aged guy in his early forties who was frail , had long curly hair , dark in complexion and truly unattractive though was wearing branded shirt and pants with no watches.
At first instance anyone would think them as may be father and daughter or may be two colleagues. Well, the cat didn’t hide for long as they soon started talking in frequent English and I could hear that she really had a great time at his house.
The lady soon took out a chocolate and gave it to the guy. The guy bit the chocolate by his lips, fed to the lady and then fed to himself.
The train was crossing the Vashi creek and it really becomes windy and romantic while passing the creek. The couple suddenly got themselves very cozy against each other with the guy touching her hair and holding her shoulders.
Yes, they were a couple in love who despite their age difference were very frank to flaunt their affection and love in full public view without thinking of what the on lookers would say about them.
And to the typical Mumbai style, no one really cared for what they were doing. This is the most liberal city, I could ever be in India; I thought.
Anecdote 3
Well this is the shortest of them, though I have so many to share but may be in the part II. I was crossing the foot over bridge to get on the other side of the platform at Dadar station when I had to suddenly cut my pace for few seconds.
I saw a young college going couple who seemed to be boarding different trains stopped on the foot bridge and kissed each other passionately for few seconds in the middle of the way.
It seemed really amazing, as from back I could see people passing by their sides and this couple standing in middle and kissing in full public view. I don’t know should I term it as obscenity or may be the free and liberal culture ; but all I can say is that after staying in so many cities in India, the culture and life in Mumbai is very unique compared to the all other cities.
Hoping to come out with more parts!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Singham – Bollywood masala that will taste good if you have a taste for it

Though, bit late in writing the review for Singham but it’s not that bad if you do a right thing a bit late, but you do it. So here, I go…
Bajirao Singham played by Ajay Devgan is a police inspector in a small village on the Goa Maharashtra border which accidentally is his own village where has grown with people and lived his life. He is tough cookie with large biceps, robust moustache and strong voice. But at the same time, he is nice, humble, emotional, and romantic and loves his people, country and job. All in all, Singham is an idealist cop and a perfect human being.
Jaykant Shirke played by Prakash Raj is a goon cum politician who is the king of Goa and has power, police and money to influence things and even lead to an honest police office do suicide.
The movie set in the backdrop of rural Maharashtra and Goa with many popular Marathi one liner used in the movie revolves around just these 2 characters and rest all of them are only supporting cast. Though Kajal Agarwal as the leading lady of the film looks good and acts reasonably well too.
Rohit Shetty, after his series of Golmaal comes out with a cat out of bag by bringing in action movie, but that doesn’t mean he is going to compromise on his dialogue style and the car blowing scenes. These are copyrights for Rohit shetty and not restricted to Golmaal.
The ill fate of Prakash Raj brings him in contact with Ajay Devgan and this starts the series of bull fight between the hero and the villain. What makes it exciting is that they both get chances to win over each other though the end as usual is won by the hero of the movie. This also makes it different from the hit movie Dabang where one character ruled the whole of movie and this makes Singham interesting too.
The verbal volleys, fight scenes between the two makes the movie exciting and doesn’t let you move away from the movie.The weak point of the movie are the songs which are not good enough to make you hear it and also extends the movie length by few meters. Also, the climax is a bit extended as the director tries to bring in some comedy into the climax scene which makes the movie spicy but it’s a bit long.
Overall, I liked the movie more because of excellent acting by the Villain Prakash Raj and Ajay Devgan and yes the dialogues are good though some time these sound senseless by literary terms. At the end, if you love bollywood masala flavored by some really good acting then go and watch Singham and you will like it.Not to forget to mention that I do like the end credit style by Rohit Shetty.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shaitan Movie Review – It’s a Dark chocolate which is bitter but tastes real good

Ohh.. What a day yesterday, I had few tight sales meetings with the customers and was running between locals, auto and taxis across Mumbai. Also, it was raining heavily and I regretted not carrying an umbrella as I got drenched in rain and reached home by 9.30 pm.
Back home , I badly wanted to refresh my mind from the day’s events and decided to go for Shaitan, night 10.15 show and it turned out to be a perfect decision to wind myself from work and enjoy the time.
Well, Shaitan opens up with Kalki Koechlin as Amy meeting Gulshan Devaiya as KC in a party. KC is a rich industrialist son and have 3 other friends – a struggling actress played by Kirti Kulhari , a sex obsessed computer geek Parsi played by Neil Bhopalam and a restaurant waiter cum drug peddler played by Shiv Pandit.
Amy who had a tough childhood and has traits of mental disturbance becomes friends with these four characters and here starts the event of being naughty, being evil, being wrong but right in their own terms
Their adventures and mischief’s finally lands them in a trouble one fine Mumbai night when they accidentally run their Hummer over two scooter riders while flying high on speed and drugs.
They try to forget it when a corrupt cop approaches them and asks them for 25 Lacs bribe to shut the case. These young kids don’t want to go to their parents for certain reasons and plans the fake kidnapping of Amy.
This brings in the entry of an honest but a very aggressive police officer Rajeev Khandelwal who is given the charge to solve this high profile kidnapping case.
The direction by debutant Bejoy Nambiar is really good. The way the events are created in the movie matching with real life incidents are the some of the best moments of the movie.
There is one shot of gun fight battle between the cop and underworld agents in a chawl amidst the attempted rape of one of the friends and a dead body of a German tourist with “Khoya Khoya Chand” remixed version being played in the background. This scene is so well crafted and the screen play is mind boggling and is one the finest shots in the recent Hindi cinema.
The song “Fareeda” which often plays in the background after the second half gives the pace to the movie and keeps you on your seats, if ever you feel too much violence and dark events. The only time the movie makes you feel boring is few sequences when Amy remembers her mother quite often.
Rajeev Khandelwal as a tough cop makes his statement that he is such a fine actor and his talent is still unutilized by the industry. All the other actors have also played their role well.
I can say that this is an out and out a Director’s cut and kudos the debutant Bejoy Nambiar , who had assisted Maniratnam in Guru as he lives up to the expectations from an Anurag Kashyap’s production.
Go and watch Shaitan because it’s dark and bitter but yet gripping and you will like it if you are not only an emotional drama lover and like watching different genre.
Rating – 3.5/5

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Spring of Life - A short story

I am delighted to write and publish my 100th blog post as a short story titled "Spring of Life".
I have written this story for "ARTREE" Scribble e1 2011 contest which encourages people who love arts in any form to come and share the platform.
So here it goes....

“Few steps below, I could feel the restlessness in the wind and long wait for midnight stars….” There is a complete blackout in Mumbai today owing to some crunch power shortage by the terror sabotage a day back that has crippled the city’s lifeline that is power. Mumbai runs on power and no power means no running trains, no work and just restlessness in all the Mumbaikars.
Manu and Meera the two kids whose abode is the Pali Hill street and for them lamppost is their lifeline as they study in night under the lamp post. Manu works as a delivery boy who delivers newspapers to houses, milks and food items to the restaurants and Meera is a girl who was brought from Nepal to be sold in Mumbai but than destiny saved her as she was quick to realize her relative’s intention and ran away from their clutches.
Manu gave Meera a shelter to live in and currently she is working as a maid in a ladies beauty parlor.
Both Manu and Meera have enrolled themselves for an open school run by an NGO and want to study further. While Manu wants to become an engineer, Meera wants to become a beauty expert. They both compliment each other as Manu protects Meera from bad eyes and Meera cooks for Manu.
Manu and Meera are just walking on the streets under the dim light of the stars and discussing about the life they want, the dreams they are chasing when suddenly a big white BMW car stops near them.
Hey Kids, come inside; we will drop you says a man with red eyes and a beard. Manu looks inside and sees 3 persons including the driver sitting inside the car. In the back, a Man in his forty’s and is probably the owner of the car. He is wearing thick gold bracelet and gold chains which are shining more than the headlight of the car.
No, thank you Uncle, we are ok answers Manu.
The man with the red eyes suddenly gets down and is staring at Meera. Meera gets scared and so is Manu. The time it seems have just stopped. The man sitting in the behind takes out a bundle of Rs.100 notes and hands it over to Meera.
Meera hands starts trembling with fear of what these men really wants. Meera tries to cover her torn top with her hands. Manu’s face becomes red with anger and takes the money from Meera’s hands and gives it back to the man.
The Man not getting angry at this says to Manu “Son, don’t take me wrong I am just trying to help you out. “It’s dangerous to stroll late in a dark Mumbai night like this hence I asked my driver to stop the car. I am giving you the money because I saw books in your hand when we stopped the car.
The man added, “Son I used to study on the same street 30 years ago and I made my life on this street. I am an engineer, I worked abroad and I have my own company. I see my glimpse in you.
Manu and Meera seemed totally surprised by his words and feel happy. They smile and suddenly the harsh wind that was blowing has slowed down and also the stars are slowly coming in the stars to mark their presence.
Thank you uncle, but we can’t keep this money with us. We will work hard and will make our destiny bright like you.
All the three strangers in the car smiled and the driver started the car. The owner of the car said to his men, “God Bless them”! And the car moved on the streets.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What Does Real Beauty Mean To You ?

“Real Beauty” to me is a form of life which is expressive, qualitative and quantitative. We all came to this world as a form of life and this makes all of us beautiful, hence making the world a beautiful place to stay.
For me, I believe nothing is ugly, its just less beautiful, beautiful or the most beautiful.
I have read this line many times that beauty lies in the beholder of the eyes and it’s true to the innermost core of one’s heart. Suppose everyone in the world starts looking at each other with affection, love and friendship, then the world will be the most beautiful place to stay in. The evils like hatred, enmity will be taken over by the “real beauty” of the universe which is expressive, can grow by leaps and bound and bear no boundaries to its qualitative limits.
Have we ever thought , that why a small child looks very beautiful to us irrespective of his lineage whether he belongs to a rich or a poor or its breed if the child is of a human being or an animal.

Just, yesterday I was driving on the roads of Mumbai and I saw a family , mostly women and kids who had made their home under a flyover and were sewing lemons and green chilli into a thread for selling it on roads to save people from bad vibes. I was quick to notice a young lady of the family holding a month or two months old baby in her lap and cuddling her. The baby was wearing old clothes, but to me he looked the most beautiful baby at that moment. The reason is very simple as this baby is innocent and is unaware of any social division like gender, ethnicity, social and economic hierarchy and is like raw clay which can be molded as per the way the world wants. The child amuses us , is very expressive who smiles at even the slightest fun he gets, cries at being minimal uncomforting situations and loves everyone who wants to get associated with him. This is the real beauty which is expressive to the highest level and everyone wants to get associated with him.
I also believe that real beauty is qualitative and without quality it would cease to exist. If we don’t make real beauty as a qualitative parameter , then how we will transform this world from a less beautiful place to the most beautiful place to stay in. We all should look at perfection to our best possible level we can, thus bringing in the real beauty in our life. Constraints and problems are part of our every day’s life and it’s up to us to hug those constraints and problems in life and make them an advantage or a source of strength for us rather than only shrugging of the negativity.
Last but not the least, for me real beauty is also quantitative which we can always measure. The world is a perfect example of this form of real beauty as we have traveled so many years from the dark ages to the modern era where in we have grown in technology, innovation and have transformed our way of social living. Look at an embryo which transforms into a one second old child, then to a thirteen year old kid and again to a youth who is capable of bringing the form of life again and finally an old age person who slowly recedes to his exit. This is the growth which everyone goes in his/her life making this a real beauty.
Hence, we should always strive for growth in our life but not compromising on the quality and also be positively expressive to everyone in this world and we all would be able to understand the true meaning of real beauty and make this world the most beautiful place to stay ever.
Few Lines from my heart on real beauty, I believe in
When I look in your eyes,
I see my eyes,
When I listen to your heartbeat,
I can feel my heart beating,
When I see you happy,
Tears of joy flow from my eyes,
When I see you grow,
I become taller,
This is real beauty,
Lying in the beholder of one’s eyes,
Expressive, Qualitative and Quantitative,
Filled with purity, love and affection,
Though disguised and yet visible,
Ready to exhibit itself every moment,
Bringing more joy and peace
To the world we live in
And celebrate the true joy of
Real Beauty we believe in!
This is my entry for Yahoo Real Beauty contest on Indiblogger and if you like my post , do visit the link of Indiblogger and promote my post.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Poonam , Poonam ki Jawani , I am from Venus , Main Tere Haath Nahin Aani !!!

It’s been a great World Cup for all of us, a memorable year for all the Indians. Celebrations are on and on with celebrities on the road basking in the new found glory after a gap of almost 3 decades.
Lately, I always want to practice writing humour, sarcasm and try to tickle the funny bones of myself. Sometimes I succeed and many times I fail, but who cares till the time I enjoy experimenting it.
And, I think the 20 something model from Mumbai enjoyed it too. After all she is young, sexy and bit of crazy too.
So, who the hell is Poonam Pandey, where does she hail from and what are her missions and objectives. I gathered some information about her with the aid of CBI which I would love to share with the readers.
I can assure you guys that CBI really worked this time 
She is an alien from the neighboring planet Venus and is on long term leisure cum business trip to the Earth. She was supposed to land in Antarctica but her space ship fuel had got finished and she had to land in India a year back.
She quickly realized that in spite of her awkward style, no one was noticing her. She had this feeling that she is more beautiful than any other women on earth but still people aren’t noticing her.
She was fond of Indian Cinema and actors and was also researching on the topic “Who is hotter – Munni or Sheila?
Since she had already done some modeling with Queen Fisher, now she was keen to meet the Indian stars and work with them. She started going around studios, Bandra Band Stand and Juhu every morning and evening looking for an opportunity to catch with the stars. Once a funny incident, she was chased away by Salman Khan’s dogs as she was star gazing in the night at Bandra.
One day, she was having her dinner at a local dhaba and she was watching the TV program “The Big Toss” on India Tv. She really enjoyed watching Rakhi Aatank and Veena Mallika playing the big toss like finding the bat and ball and analyzing the game of cricket.
She had heard so much about Rakhi , that she was her idol. She thought that why not I become a Rakhi Aatank. Well, but I don’t understand even “C” of the Cricket so what can I do now.
Then there is also this 6 Pack Women “Madira Bedi” shouting and yelling on Times Now every time the Indian team wins the cricket match. So, she thought that there is a lot of scope for females like her to do well in cricket and World Cup is a big platform.
She was thinking hard, but still her brain was not working, well for obvious reasons that she doesn’t have it. One day, while she was taking a stroll on the Alibaug beach, she met a thin guy who looked like a monkey and was acting like a monkey too, jumping and showing his yellow teeth.
She realized that he was none other than her friend from Pluto whom she had met during one of the Intra planetary Film festival in Jupiter.
Ohh...No Tinku, how are you, it’s so long...Remember last time we had met, but where the hell is your tail, dear?
They exchanged pleasantries and the monkey, sorry the actor told her that he is a big star now in the film industry and now people now him as Tinku Pandey. He also informed her that a song has been very popular on his name “Na Mane re Tinku jia” from the movie “Yamla Pagla Dewaana”.
She told him about her concern that she wants to get popular and is not finding any ways to do so.
Bhakti Kappor who was also shooting with Tinku Pandey over heard their conversation and chirped in with his idea. Well, you don’t need to do anything to become popular, it’s so damn easy!
Just make an announcement that you are going to do a full bare show for the Indian Cricket team, if they go on winning the world cup.
We will have two benefits out of this, you will not only become popular but will also help Dhoni and Team does well in the tournament. You will become the darling of whole nation. Just imagine, you are there on every TV channels, every movie director is queuing to sign you for their movies, AAOOO.
Even Rakhi Aatank will fear you, you will become the next Big Boss, you can also even replace the most irritating anchor Manchali Puri Singh whose teeth weighs more than your weight from “The Comedy Circus”, added Tinku.
Poonam Pandey acted on this idea and suddenly she became the most searched girl on the internet. She was there on every TV channels sharing her noble idea of doing ‘the in thing”.
India finally went on to win the World Cup, but Poonam Pandey was not seen anywhere, not traced to where she was hiding. But our very own CBI finally tracked her whereabouts and came to know that she was airlifted from her house on 2nd of April by the aliens.
She was engaged to an angry man from Neptune, who is also now a flop actor in the TV reality shows and is popularly known as none other than Rahul Gajanan.
Rahul though now married couldn’t accept her doing the bare act in front of the Indian team and this jealousy led to her being taken away by the aliens and finally deported to her own planet “Venus”.
Those who all missed her adventures in the Indian team are now heard singing “Poonam Poonam ki Jawani , I am from Venus , Main Tere Haath Nahin Aani!!
Apologies, if I hurt any one’s sentiments through this mindless piece of humor and thanks for bearing it with your patience.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

IPL -4 Auction – Ganda hai par dhanda hai yeh…

Disclaimer – I love watching IPL and this article is just trying to make a humor out of the whole IPL hoopla…nothing personal against anyone and no sentiments attached. Your feedback is welcome whether it’s a dash of sweet or is a pinch of salt. I love them both!

There was a lot of excitement to watch the IPL-4 Auction live on TV, courtesy SET MAX. I was getting restless to watch the whole thing and to get myself prepared to watch the whole bidding process live, I got a can of diet coke (sorry,oh-la-la-lu-le-loo..argh..), masala peanuts and a friend who has an amazing knowledge about cricket statistics.
However, my excitement soon fused out after watching the expressionless face of the host who was facilitating the bidding process. His pronunciation of Indian names like Mur-a-lli Kart-ick was good enough to make one’s head bang. With due respect to his credentials as I am sure he must have been a good qualified host and would have done many bidding processes in past but I just found him a bit boring.
I wonder why they didn’t hired Mandira Barbadi for handling the auction process as she might have created some waves in the bidding with her “Top” comments.
In between the chit chat, there was our very own Desi Paaji passing his expert comments and analysis on the cricketers bid and at the same time thinking of “I wish I would have played IPL”.
But we all know that once the “pulp is squeezed from mango” there is no fun in buying that mango. One of the prominent disciple of this fundamental adage is “Tees maar Khan” not the Punjabi Munda but the very own KKKK….Kolkata Badshah who didn’t retained Dada in his team.
Effigies burnt, my Bengal friend got emotional on FB, sports journalists treating this as “shocking” and what not. Lately, it is also doing round that CBI is going to conduct an enquiry as why the fiery Dada was not taken by KKR…
I just hope that rising onion prices is at least not linked to this :)
My friends suggested that Kochi ka Ghochi should bid for fiery Dada and appoint him as the captain but they seemed to be busier with acquiring wicket keepers and bowlers in their team than Batsman. Anyways, it’s their money and their mind and we are just spectators watching the mega event.
To keep the strong tie between Bollywood and Criket going there was this yogini Shilpa with her business associate cum hubby, Raj, and Priety with Ness looking at print outs and staring at laptops as analyzing spread sheets or they might have been looking at some interesting screen saver running there. With all these bollywood tadka, I regret why the sultry nagin “Hissss” is not part of any IPL team ; may be next season we might get to see her revealing her cricket brains if we get a Haryanavi team...Ke hon lag raha Tau…
After the auction ended, I became really happy that the drama is over and I will not be forced to discuss who is going to which team and so on and finally I would get to hear and read some good cricket news other than the IPL auction. Unfortunately this happiness remained really short as tug of war for poaching uncapped players has started now. These players who were performers in IPL but didn’t get a chance to be in the national side seemed to be loosing on the money front and are heard singing this song to their franchisee-
Auction to gaya , Millions chala gaya,
Ek baar to ab humein khelne do…
Give me more money,
Give me more perks,
I want to play up once again...
Let’s see what unfolds of this IPL saga this year…minus the Modi and lovable Dada…and now all of us including our cricketers get out of this IPL bug and focus on the World Cup solely.
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