Thursday, June 02, 2011

Spring of Life - A short story

I am delighted to write and publish my 100th blog post as a short story titled "Spring of Life".
I have written this story for "ARTREE" Scribble e1 2011 contest which encourages people who love arts in any form to come and share the platform.
So here it goes....

“Few steps below, I could feel the restlessness in the wind and long wait for midnight stars….” There is a complete blackout in Mumbai today owing to some crunch power shortage by the terror sabotage a day back that has crippled the city’s lifeline that is power. Mumbai runs on power and no power means no running trains, no work and just restlessness in all the Mumbaikars.
Manu and Meera the two kids whose abode is the Pali Hill street and for them lamppost is their lifeline as they study in night under the lamp post. Manu works as a delivery boy who delivers newspapers to houses, milks and food items to the restaurants and Meera is a girl who was brought from Nepal to be sold in Mumbai but than destiny saved her as she was quick to realize her relative’s intention and ran away from their clutches.
Manu gave Meera a shelter to live in and currently she is working as a maid in a ladies beauty parlor.
Both Manu and Meera have enrolled themselves for an open school run by an NGO and want to study further. While Manu wants to become an engineer, Meera wants to become a beauty expert. They both compliment each other as Manu protects Meera from bad eyes and Meera cooks for Manu.
Manu and Meera are just walking on the streets under the dim light of the stars and discussing about the life they want, the dreams they are chasing when suddenly a big white BMW car stops near them.
Hey Kids, come inside; we will drop you says a man with red eyes and a beard. Manu looks inside and sees 3 persons including the driver sitting inside the car. In the back, a Man in his forty’s and is probably the owner of the car. He is wearing thick gold bracelet and gold chains which are shining more than the headlight of the car.
No, thank you Uncle, we are ok answers Manu.
The man with the red eyes suddenly gets down and is staring at Meera. Meera gets scared and so is Manu. The time it seems have just stopped. The man sitting in the behind takes out a bundle of Rs.100 notes and hands it over to Meera.
Meera hands starts trembling with fear of what these men really wants. Meera tries to cover her torn top with her hands. Manu’s face becomes red with anger and takes the money from Meera’s hands and gives it back to the man.
The Man not getting angry at this says to Manu “Son, don’t take me wrong I am just trying to help you out. “It’s dangerous to stroll late in a dark Mumbai night like this hence I asked my driver to stop the car. I am giving you the money because I saw books in your hand when we stopped the car.
The man added, “Son I used to study on the same street 30 years ago and I made my life on this street. I am an engineer, I worked abroad and I have my own company. I see my glimpse in you.
Manu and Meera seemed totally surprised by his words and feel happy. They smile and suddenly the harsh wind that was blowing has slowed down and also the stars are slowly coming in the stars to mark their presence.
Thank you uncle, but we can’t keep this money with us. We will work hard and will make our destiny bright like you.
All the three strangers in the car smiled and the driver started the car. The owner of the car said to his men, “God Bless them”! And the car moved on the streets.

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