Friday, September 02, 2011

Mumbai Diary II - Pictures Along the Arabian Sea

If there is a nature's gift to Mumbai which makes it really beautiful is the presence of Arabian Sea. The coast along the Arabian sea in Maximum Mumbai is surrounded by skyscrapers and boulders that’s gives a contrast to Mumbai's landscape which is depth and height.
I am not an ace photographer and not even a photographer but yes I did try to be one with my mobile camera Nokia E5 and let the pictures speak about this city.
The first set of Photographs which is here is taken from the window of cafe seaside restaurant at Bandra Band street. To to add to the beauty of the sea was a beautiful rainy day.
I love going to this restaurant often, not really for the food but to get a good view of the sea and the crowd from the restaurant's window.
So it was a beautiful day not raining initially and I was sipping a coffee in the cafe, when I saw a group of 3 young girls walk in the cafe with a middle aged dark and fat man.
One of the girl was I suppose in her late teens whereas other 2 girls seemed to be in their late twenties.
They were sitting just across my table and were talking to each other and the man was continuosly on the phone while they were also eating slices of chocolate cake.
They seemed to be waiting for someone when it suddenly started raining heavily. All my attention shifted to the rain when suddenly I got a call from one of my friend. I kept talking to him for around 10 mins or so and the call ended. I saw the table across and saw them missing from the table. I didnt gave a second thought about them and started looking at the rains falling in the sea. While moving my neck to get a complete view of the sea I suddenly saw these girls going to the bank of the sea in the rain.
It struck to me watch how they enjoyed the rain along the sea and look at the lively inhibitions less life of Mumbai.
Now let the pictures speak-

The second set of pictures were taken on the eve of Independence Day night in Marine Drive. Needless to say that beauty of Marine Drive in night with lights and tall skycrapers is simply mesmerising. There have been many photos taken of this unique Queen's Necklace in India.
I took these Marine Drive pictures while strolling after a good heavy dinner at the Bagdadi restaurant and some chilled beer at Leopold cafe.
All I can say, after a good dinner and drink a walk at Marine Drive is a deadly combination.


Kanchan Verma said...

great thoughts, keep putting them on ur blog :)

amitsinha said...

Thanx Kanchan

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