Sunday, May 29, 2011

What Does Real Beauty Mean To You ?

“Real Beauty” to me is a form of life which is expressive, qualitative and quantitative. We all came to this world as a form of life and this makes all of us beautiful, hence making the world a beautiful place to stay.
For me, I believe nothing is ugly, its just less beautiful, beautiful or the most beautiful.
I have read this line many times that beauty lies in the beholder of the eyes and it’s true to the innermost core of one’s heart. Suppose everyone in the world starts looking at each other with affection, love and friendship, then the world will be the most beautiful place to stay in. The evils like hatred, enmity will be taken over by the “real beauty” of the universe which is expressive, can grow by leaps and bound and bear no boundaries to its qualitative limits.
Have we ever thought , that why a small child looks very beautiful to us irrespective of his lineage whether he belongs to a rich or a poor or its breed if the child is of a human being or an animal.

Just, yesterday I was driving on the roads of Mumbai and I saw a family , mostly women and kids who had made their home under a flyover and were sewing lemons and green chilli into a thread for selling it on roads to save people from bad vibes. I was quick to notice a young lady of the family holding a month or two months old baby in her lap and cuddling her. The baby was wearing old clothes, but to me he looked the most beautiful baby at that moment. The reason is very simple as this baby is innocent and is unaware of any social division like gender, ethnicity, social and economic hierarchy and is like raw clay which can be molded as per the way the world wants. The child amuses us , is very expressive who smiles at even the slightest fun he gets, cries at being minimal uncomforting situations and loves everyone who wants to get associated with him. This is the real beauty which is expressive to the highest level and everyone wants to get associated with him.
I also believe that real beauty is qualitative and without quality it would cease to exist. If we don’t make real beauty as a qualitative parameter , then how we will transform this world from a less beautiful place to the most beautiful place to stay in. We all should look at perfection to our best possible level we can, thus bringing in the real beauty in our life. Constraints and problems are part of our every day’s life and it’s up to us to hug those constraints and problems in life and make them an advantage or a source of strength for us rather than only shrugging of the negativity.
Last but not the least, for me real beauty is also quantitative which we can always measure. The world is a perfect example of this form of real beauty as we have traveled so many years from the dark ages to the modern era where in we have grown in technology, innovation and have transformed our way of social living. Look at an embryo which transforms into a one second old child, then to a thirteen year old kid and again to a youth who is capable of bringing the form of life again and finally an old age person who slowly recedes to his exit. This is the growth which everyone goes in his/her life making this a real beauty.
Hence, we should always strive for growth in our life but not compromising on the quality and also be positively expressive to everyone in this world and we all would be able to understand the true meaning of real beauty and make this world the most beautiful place to stay ever.
Few Lines from my heart on real beauty, I believe in
When I look in your eyes,
I see my eyes,
When I listen to your heartbeat,
I can feel my heart beating,
When I see you happy,
Tears of joy flow from my eyes,
When I see you grow,
I become taller,
This is real beauty,
Lying in the beholder of one’s eyes,
Expressive, Qualitative and Quantitative,
Filled with purity, love and affection,
Though disguised and yet visible,
Ready to exhibit itself every moment,
Bringing more joy and peace
To the world we live in
And celebrate the true joy of
Real Beauty we believe in!
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