Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cheering the Cheerleaders at IPL

I got a chance to watch two IPL matched at Mohali, first on 23rd may and the second one on 28th may, thanks to my company and my Boss. The matches were good with Kings XI Punjab being the winning side and some good sixes and fours. However, there is something in IPL T20, which sets it apart. The S Quotient. S or Stars have been a critical factor in the success of the IPL Bonanza or product. I remember the matches I watched in stadium. Though, being an ardent cricket believer, I liked watching Preity Zinta and the sexy and sleek cheerleaders equally or may be more than Yuvraj Singh or Shane Warne. And, truly speaking that was the sentiment in the stadium. I know many people , who were not in stadium wont agree to me , but the TV camera were not showing the crazy spectators who were watching Preity more than the cricket. It was like the chant of “ Preeto – Match jeeto” and continuous. Thankfully, Preity obliged the spectators with her waving, dancing and yeah some flying kisses.
Yeah, so coming back again to IPL beauties minus Preity, Katrina were the white cheerleaders. I got a chance to watch CL’s of Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI and Deccan chargers. My favorites were the Rajasthan Royals. Not just because of their short skirts, but because of being more appealing to the public. The CL’s of Kings XI and Deccan chargers used to face towards the ground whereas CL’s of Rajasthan Royals used to face towards the public and also dance some 15-20 seconds longer than other CL’s.
Its like a better reach to customer and more customer friendly attitude.
Well, though Cheerleaders have been talk of town, media and the ministers, but still cricket rules and has not been overshadowed. People, who criticize IPL, should watch in future and mark my opinion like many for its success. People, want to see entertainment, and this is what IPL is “Manoranjan ka Baap”.
I am posting some pics taken from my websites....Waiting for some test matches now..


rinzu said...

yeah... this ipl cheerleaders thingy was tooo much...

nice one on the issue...!!!


shooting star said...

i found preity and cheerleaders more interesting than cricket at IPL!!!

amitsinha said...

Thanks Rinzu and Sushmita,
yeah I think everyone enjoyed Cheerleaders in doubt they were good ..and yeah the way cricket is watched is changing..

SKY said...


Everone enjoyed the cheerleaders and it should be part of next IPL.

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