Sunday, December 14, 2008

Liive Mumbai Live Mumbai

Mumbai has never been so live shown on TV across the world as it was during the 26th November battle. Yes, a battle between a handful of merciless fiyadeen and people of Mumbai.
And the Mumbaikars defeated not only the terrorists, but the Indian politicians as well. Politicians like Shivraj Patil our ex- home minister who spends time in changing clothes more often than caring about our motherland security, R R Patil who still believes that Mumbai attack was a small incident in the big city, Vilas Rao Deshmukh who seems to be making career into movies after politics and our very beloved Raj Thakrey , the Marathi Manush , who go on beating unarmed poor Biharis and Bhaiyaas on the streets of Mumbai. So Mr. Raj, where were you, when the incident happened. Why you didn’t thrashed the terrorist out of Mumbai. I hope, they are much bigger threat than poor North Indians, sorry Indians who come to Mumbai in search of Roti, Kapda and Jhopdi.
Its high time our politician friends get over the regions and boundaries and care about the country and its people.
Mumbai is back on track, with the same spirit but still the pain is left. They are angry for the first time. The aam aadmi, fillam wallahs , rich business mans have shed their religious lineage and are together fighting for Mumbai right, to let Mumbai live and not be live on the TV, the way it was.
There are some lines I have written on Mumbai Strive for their rights-

Let Bombay be like it was,
When peace was there and not pieces on street,
When everyone living there was a Bombaiyaa,
and not Manush, Bihari or Bhaiyaa.
Let Bombay be like it was,
When love was there,
and hatred miles away,
when people loved their life,
and not dying in trains or streets,
when netas looked it as a city,
and not a political battlefield.
Let Bombay Live and not be
Live on TV as on 26th Nov.

Jai Hind !



shooting star said...

its good that now people are questioning raj thackrey....but why dint these people get up and shout slogans against him when he and his goons were ging around doing such stuff....
he i a coward bully and we all know it...but why dint we raise our voice then.....
and why should umbai be on should never forget and let politicians forget its pain....until something is done...we should never come back on track...coz by being on track has got us here

amitsinha said...

Hi Sushmita,

gr8 2 see u bk on my blog..hv been missing frens like u all.
ryt.. said we deserve to be angry and remain angry , else these selfish breed of human called netas would keep manipulating our nation like these days..

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