Saturday, April 19, 2008

U Me Aur Hum - Falling in Love Everyday

After a long time I saw a good positive movie, and now I regret not watching Tare Zameen Par. Last time, I had a watched a positive movie was BLACK, and it was accidentally, but no doubt I loved that movie.
What do we mean by a positive movie? A movie which can inspire you, can help the society to develop and be more mature, and at the same time not a boring documentary.
Just to give a short brief on the movie, for all those who haven’t seen the movie –
Ajay is a doctor who is enjoying holidays on cruise with his 4 frens, two of them are married couple who are a mismatch couple fighting with each other. The two other frens are Boyfriend and Girlfriend looking for making a life together. Ajay is single, but no more when he finds Kajol, one of the waitresses in the cruise and falls in love with her.
He tries to woo her, fails initially, but makes his day one day. The two get married, enjoying every day of their marital bliss, till suddenly a strange incidence happen.
He discovers that Kajol is behaving strangely, forgetting things, because she is suffering with a rare, but a tough disease called Alzheimer’s.
Meanwhile, his married couple friends get separated, though they all still form a circle of common friends and are seen hanging together.
Ajay who tries to manage the things, suddenly finds him helpless and gets Kajol admitted to a hospital, so that she can be take care of. Things turn really hard for Ajay, thinking about her every moment, and missing her. The situation can become so tough for a family whose one of their member is suffering from Alzheimer is shown in a much matured way.
One fine day, he realizes that he should take a strong step, and bring back Kajol home and take care of her himself, rather than leaving her. Seeing, this decisions his married frens who were separated feel the importance of living together and get united again.
But, what will Ajay do, because Kajol has forgotten Ajay. Its simple, Ajay manages to win heart of Kajol every few days, by telling her their old stories and in turn he gets some bonus days, when Kajol remembers him for few days. Hence, the film is about falling in love with your loved ones everyday.
Whether, someone is well, unwell, suffering with a rare disease, the strength lies in not running away from it, but facing it bravely and winning over it. I am sure movies, like this, tare Zameen par and black is going to help in changing the society.
Some take on Ajay devgan’s direction – I think he has done a fairly good job, though not excellent. The first half of the movie is light, with some double meaning lines as well and decent comedy. The second half highlight is Kajol’s power packed performance. No doubt, she is still the best actress around. The movie seems to drag a little in the end , but when you leave your seat finally, the positive energy created by the film keeps you upbeat. Guys watch it, it will help the society.


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shooting star said...

hey there!!!
its been long time since i checked out you blog..and much longer time since you been to mine!!! know "my unfinished life" blog completed two years...and you were one of the first bloggers to comment on it!!!
now i got many readers...but you are missing!!..anyways im sure you have your reasons!!!...
coming to this post...yes the movie is nice!!.....the importance of having an understanding partner is something we dont give thought to.....

amitsinha said...

Thanks Sushmita,

ya..feel sad, that I miss ur post due to my travelling schedule , thanks to my sales job...but I have kept this sunday for reading all the good blogs that I am used to..
yes, loved the movie, and happy that u liked it too..

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