Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kingfisher versus Deccan

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I think that this is going to be an interesting fight that who can beat each other in taking the charge of aviation industry. Well let us forget the old players in aviation sector who are having the major chunk of the market and concentrate on these two new airlines. These two airlines are different and unique that one offers a cheap way of flying and the other offers a royal way of flying.
The target consumers may be different but the end result is the market share and the financials profitability.
Kingfishers offers value based services such as entertainment, flying models who are always ready to smile while deccan offers cheap flights with minimum services.
Deccan aim is to bring in as much new customers in its fold it can , whereas Kingfisher is relying on shifting customers from other airlines.
Well, the fight between these flights will be interesting as we will see the Indian customers deciding their fate , that they prefer value based services or they just want to reach the sky first and then aim for the stars later.

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