Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The flair for Marketing

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Marketing is something which I think I would be most satisfied to work in. I think a best marketing guy is who goes by the impulse of practical ground realities than just following Kotlers theoritical Principles. Kotler is no doubt a bible for marketing professionals , but the real flavour of marketing lies in catching the pulse of the consumers and then selling to them.
Marketing is something which many people understand as giving quick fundas , but I feel that its one of the toughest things , where the B-schools toppers have also failed.
I feel its one of the very dynamic sector where the change is fickle and one needs to constantly adept to the changing market scenario.
A marketing guy should be able to learn marketing from top notch marketing professionals as well as common man like the guy who delivers pizza at your doorstop.
They all can teach you marketing in some aspects and ofcourse one should have passion about marketing to perform in this highly challenging sector because the end result of any marketing is producing huge numbers for the company.

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