Friday, October 07, 2005

James-hardcore action movie

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I saw james with my friends in Sathyam cinema hall in chennai. The movie is experimental like many Ramu's film . Though the film is directed by a new director , but there is clear reflection of Ramu in the movie especially in songs and dances sequences. Nisha kothari is flabby but yet Ramu makes her hot and desirable. Mohit Ahlawat is no doubt can become a good action hero till he opens his mouth.
there is a usual chase and escape seen from building like the earlier ramu's movies such as Company , D and Sarkar.
well , I am a great fan of Ramu but want to sincerely suggest that if u make an experimental movie , please be innovative with the sequences and not repeat in every movie.
James is one such movie which I want to forget in my life as a failed experimentation.

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