Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Sound of Love" - my entry to the GetPublished contest"

I fell in love umpteen times, from a kindergarten girl, had teenage crush on my class teacher to the hottest girl in my college and at my work place.

I always believed that love is expressed and communicated through words. However, extremely shy of expressing my love, I never proposed to any of them.

The Idea Description:

10th March 2012, Bakers Street, Pondicherry

I was sitting with my wife having my breakfast and was staring at the road just outside the café.
Hey, I think you are lost somewhere…. you seem to be tired too; Puja asked me?
Yeah,and we stood up and went to the counter to pay the bill.
Puja handed me a card that was kept at the bill counter, which read Merlyn Ayurvedic Massage Centre, MG road, Pondicherry.

I reached the address and was greeted by a 5 ft 8 inches tall, dark muscular guy.
He took me upstairs and gave me one of the best massage, I ever had. After the massage, I met a tall and beautiful lady at his house.

Hi! would you like to have some tea…she asked, to which I happily agreed.

At that time, I never knew that I am going to spend 9 hours with them listening to one of the most touching love story, which made me weep after ages.

24th Feb 2005, Anna International Airport, Chennai

A group of volunteers from an International NGO comes out of the airport and boards a Toyota Innova which was headed to Pondicherry.
Merlyn Flangiano, a girl in her late 20’s is sitting and listening to music on her ipod.
The car reached Pondicherry and after getting fresh, they split in groups and move towards the fisherman villages along the coast.

Its 2 months, since Tsunami had strike the Indian Ocean.

Merlyn was a social scientist and was working for rehabilitation of Tsunami victims.
The group met the head of the fisherman village to understand the Tsunami damage.
Some fisherman were watching the meeting and among them was a guy who was concentrating on Merlyn.

Merlyn smiled at him and waived her hand to say hello. The guy smiled too.
After the meeting, she went and asked his name.
He took out a piece of paper from his shorts and handed over to her.
She was surprised, but then another guy who was watching all this, came over to them.
Autograph Madam…Autograph… He tried explaining her in his broken English.
Ahh....I understand; she said and signed the blank paper in her beautiful writing.
But, what’s his name, she asked again.
Aaa…..Aaaaaa..…and she could understand now that he can’t speak.
Madam….he can’t speak and listen.
Oh...I am sorry. She said and went away.

What happened between the French girl and the fisherman in all these years is a tale of breaking many myths about love; we see everyday in our lives.
Why this story inspires me till today and I live with it everyday?

This is my entry for the HarperCollins-IndiBlogger Get Published Contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

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Anonymous said...

Life would have surprises and teachings for you in the most simplest yet uncommon ways...a beautiful short story by amit which would leave you respecting life a bit more !

amitsinha said...

Thanks for the kind words..hope this makes it to the shortlist level. its a real touching story

Prasanna Rao said...

Wow, the story sounds so incredible, would love to read the whole of it. Voted :)

amitsinha said...

Thanks Prasanna for the kind encouragement..hope I get to see it published.

Prasannakumary Raghavan said...

@ amitsinha
thanks a lot for your encouragement. I liked your story idea and liked it to get it published .
if you like mine please like them as well

Jasmeet Kukreja said...

an intesreting read :)
I liked your entry....please visit mine and caste your valuable vote and feedback

Good Luck!

amitsinha said...

Thanks Jasmeet

Jay Singh said...

Hi Amit,

A french lady and a fisherman, hmm, this looks like an interesting tale.
You seem to have quite an experience in matters relating to the heart :p

My vote goes to you, wish you luck :):):)

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Jasmeet Kukreja said...

Concept is really nice and interesting:) looking forward to read full story
All the Best :)

rinzu rajan said...

I liked the miniscule detailing within it.

Voted for you. Please read mine and see if it rings a bell in your head and kindly vote.