Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rape, Shame and Lame

We feel ashamed as the brave heart girl Nirbhaya who had fought for her life leaves us for the better world, today on 29th Dec after fighting for her life.

We are sad but more anguished at how a handful of criminals can brutally rape a girl in Delhi, our Nation’s capital City.

Nirbhaya has not died for me today, in fact the Society, the Police and the whole of India has been beaten to death today!

Lets ask each other today, that will the Nation and the society wake up to respect women in our country?

These are the words of emotions written by me and my wife Puja as we wait for the day when the Nation and Society takes real measures to combat the menace of Rapes in our country.

A life is not just lost
Lost is a Nation’s right to fight
To the handful of evils
Who butcher the Nation?
On their will and wish
Making our heads fall in pain
As India battles with
Rape, Shame and Lame!

Yes, it’s all screwed up
The society limps
To protect her dignity
From being crushed by the
Wheels of evils
But all effort goes in vain
As India battles with
Rape, shame and Lame!

A life is not just lost
The right to be democratic
Has been snatched from the Nation
By the handful of evils
The nation meekly surrenders
To these brutal barbarians
As India struggles with
Rape, Shame and Lame!

The death has pierced
Our heart and sole
Our minds have Freezed
And we have lost our limbs
To these handful of cannibals
Who eat every inch of our Nation?
And the Nation bleeds,
As the country dies down
With Rape, Shame and Lame!


fgfgfgfgdhs said...

Unfortunate but true, that this is the state of a nation which boasts of being the second largest defence power in the world, cant defend its women and democracy...

Tomichan Matheikal said...

I share your feelings.

I share your concern.