Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year Gone by and Year to Come

Hi All,

I have been writing recently on social issues and was missing on the creative side. But, yesterday I made a point to write a poem, and fortunately I didn’t have to think long about the topic. My last year has been filled with lot of emotions, fear, and has been happening on the personal and professional front.
But there is always a ray of hope, wave of optimism and a continuous passion and urge to succeed in personal and professional front. And there are always well wishers, friends and family who continuously support you and are angel for you.
This poem reflects the support and the light of hope in the coming year ….
Signing off with my last poem of this year and a happy new year of course 2010….

Year Gone by and Year to Come

I sit back today, and look at the year gone by
With a glass in my hand, trying to recollect
The good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful,
Masks and faces, which were part of my life
Some were haunting, few were daunting
Scaring the hell out of me,
But there was an angel too,
Wiping my sweat and fanning me with her hair,
Cuddling with her finger strokes,
And flaunting me like a child in her lap
Making my days beautiful and the year memorable
She is also gone by the year gone,
But the angel always remains an angel,
She takes care from the distance,
And makes you see the ray of hope,
Promising the coming year
To be free of evil and full of joy,
And a memorable year to come by,
The angel slowly whispers from a distant,
But still I can hear the voice so loud
Wishing me a “Happy New year”



shooting star said...

wish u a happy new year!!
reading ur reminded of a writing i saw many years back in a diffucult circumstance, which brought laughter to read....hope is a bitch we all bet our lives upon!!!

medamiracle said...


This one s Aay-May-Zing... I never thought you could write so good...

Keep writing... Guess these angels most of the time come in the form of FRIENDS... wishing you the best of life all the time...

Happy new year...

God bless you.


Dreamcatcher said...

just came upon ur profile... ur words makes me see a beautiful mind inside U.... u got to nurture it to bring out the hidden talent of it..... trust me.... u have it in U (mind!!)

I pray that the new year doesnt cradle ur dreams and aspirations anymore..... rather make u get into it full time....

take care and stand out for what u believe.....

amitsinha said...

Thanks Sushma, Sushmita and Dream Catcher for ur wishes.
Sushma , u hv been fren for 9 years and I cherish it..
Sushmita u have made me write on blog..when I had almost stopped writing..thanks for the strong motivation..
Dreamcatcher..The day i fulfill my dream..will tank you personally for making me feel strong with ur words..I am sure I will catch my dream..
I have always taken learning from the people I met in my life..and god has been kind enough to make me meet some really good and talented people..
Wishing again for 2010..
catch u all with my post in 2010 and love to see amazing photographs with substance on Sushmita and dreamcatcher blog

indermohan said...

Hi dear Amit, Its great to see a person u admire and respect tread on the path his heart itself guided to pursue. Man I congratulate u for having enough strength & courage to follow ur dreams.
Its true we always do have some angel watching over us,
Guiding us,
Soothing our hearts,
driving away the pains,
giving us memories so golden like grains.
May we always have the wisdom to cherish the sunshine
to enjoy the rains.

Dear here & now u have rekindled even in me the desire to give words to my thoughts and views.
I thank u for the same and on this great note wish a dream year ahead.... Happy new year dear friend.

amitsinha said...

Hey Inder,

thanks buddy.. I heard about you , remember you had discussed your plans with me on higher studies sitting in cafe coffee day and I am happy youu are following it..
Dude you are special to me..we had struck a chord so fast ...
best wishes..

rahul said...

Hey Amitji,
good to see that u have started writing blogs again after such long time..well AS alwyAs this one also something different and interesting ... yup waiting to see much more stuff ..

keep rocking ..
hAppy nEw yEar!!!!!!!!!!!


SID said...

Amit Bhai....May all your wishes come true in the new year...-- Sid

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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

amitsinha said...

Thanks Rahul and Sid!
@ Anonymous..thanks for the feedback on my writing.. U have tracked my blog from previous articles also shows ur a serious reader.. I am happy to see you on my blog.keep posting will help me..!
Follow ur dreams.....

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