Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ruchika Gehrotra – A Victim 19 years back and a Victim today

I would have never known about a 14 year old girl, Ruchika Gehrotre from Chandigarh , and am sure even most of the Indians would have not known her.
Thanks , to the Indian Judiciary system which kept the case in trial for 19 years , and sincere thanks to the Indian Media especially the electronic media like CNN IBN , NDTV, Star News which highlighted this lazy ness and sleeping investigative and judiciary system of India.
I suddenly asked myself, do I live in India where economy is growing at 7% per annum, when most of the globe is struggling with the economy. My readers would ask me why I am correlating with the economy growth, and my answer is that good economic growth leads to a creation of a more egalitarian society.
Ohhh..But don’t we know India always throws exceptions, and this case is one of them. Sorry, no comments as most of the Indians understand these exceptions very well.
My rage is not only towards the EX DGP, respected Mr. Rathore and his bubbling lawyer wife who came out of the court smilingly , but towards the investigative agency, the then state government and the judiciary system. Rathore and his wife were not making mockery of the CBI and the judiciary system or the poor soul of Ruchika or her friend Aradhana, or her family, but he made mockery of the belief of 100 Crores of Indians.
I always get hurt, when I had to hear the rich and powerful getting away with the law, and I often keep my patience not to write about them on my blog, but this time my patience gave away. This is also another dark incident about Chandigarh, the place where Manu Sharma stays and parties on Parole.
I have always loved Chandigarh a lot, and have spent some wonderful time working there, but this really sad that the girls are not safe there and the rich and mighty lobby works more than the law and order.
I just pray that the electronic media keeps up the case lighting and public pressure continues, with the politician’s like Renuka Chowdhary, Brinda karat sincere support and the case gets resolved quickly and Ruchika gets justice.
Remember, the old saying “ Justice delayed is Justice denied” , but lets give the CBI and Indian Judiciary one more chance to finally bring Rathore to books for his misdeeds who snatched away a budding life and affected a family for the whole life.
And, a final request that lets not be the victim who stays quiet , but a true warrior who fights against the odds. Warriors like Neelam katara, Sabrina lal, Aradhana Gupta have done that, and so can we.


Anonymous said...

the school & tennis club who quickly expelled Ruchika should also get punishment--hansa tripathi

amitsinha said...

absoloutly correct Hansa, there should be an example for the school also to set up the ethics and integrity standrads for our education system and not act under pressure of rich and powerful

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.